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terry  Male  West Yorkshire 5-Nov-2019 21:51 Message #4761614
Taking a friend on a walk around our town, admiring the buildings and decorative embellishments on them, I dragged teh poor lass into our local art gallery to show her a specific painting.
During our walk I'd been rabbiting on about painitngs from the industrial revolution, in particular, the paintings of John Martin. I know I've prattled on about him on these boards before and am equally sure you'll be totally bored hearing about him, but I mentioned also Philip de Loutherbourg and when she saw the paintings she was impressed.

Enough of that rubbish, are there any specific painters or paintings you like and would like to mention? Again, I know many have said on previous threads but hey, that was a while ago, let's re-open the conversation, what do you like and why?
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 5-Nov-2019 22:49 Message #4761623
I was very lucky to know a local artist called Graham Ashbee, not all that famous, but his paintings were fabulous.
One day his wife showed me the painting he did for her when they were married.
This was in the nineties, they would both be in their seventies.

About 2010, I saw a familiar painting at a car boot, it was that painting, I bought it for 4 pounds!
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 6-Nov-2019 09:43 Message #4761635
I like art and often visit galleries. I like portraits and landscapes and paintings by Dali which fascinate me.
My own very small personal collection has several by Ed Org. I particularly like his pencil drawings.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-Nov-2019 11:07 Message #4761647
I visit our local artists shop front/studio in the middle of Bangor whenever I go there some of it I like most I don't. I do like watercolour landscapes and seascapes, I like the slightly blurred lines and mistyness of watercolour giving an almost otherwordly feel, like you could be anywhen. I also like textile art its something I'm becoming more interested in and am attempting some of my own.

I love Peter Bruigel the Elder's works, they look like real windows into other worlds and Van Gogh, I love the swirlyness of them.

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