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leogirl  Female  Essex 4-Nov-2019 18:38 Message #4761449
I am having my downstairs loo refurbished. About time too , as the tiles` colours scream !975 .
When the builder got the little hand wash basin off the wall a coin fell on the floor . A 2 shilling George the 6th coin.
dated 1950 . 5he house was build in 1936 so these coins were not around at that time . We bought the house in 1975 and my then husband started re- designing the downstairs pantry into a downstairs loo , with a door under the stairs, bricking? the door of the pantry . The hand washbasin was then installed and has not been replaced since .
So where could this coin come from? How much is this coin worth? it has been in circulation and shows signs of wear and tear.

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 4-Nov-2019 19:27 Message #4761456
He used it to do a bodge job?

Walls are not always flat, easier to stick a spacer in the gap.
Beach  Male  Somerset 4-Nov-2019 19:38 Message #4761457
1950 George VI florin in unremarkable condition?

Possibly worth between £2.50 - £5.00. (Might have been worth around £20 in mint condition.)

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