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Memories of childhood

Radio rogrammes

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 3-Nov-2019 09:27 Message #4761299
Spurred on by Topaz's thread about childhood TV programmes we didn't have a TV until I was about eleven but used to listen to the radio more so at the weekend. I remember the Clitheroe Kid and Rupert the Bear.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire 3-Nov-2019 09:42 Message #4761305
Well twinkle, as you'll probably remember that before "watch" with mother, there was " listen" with mother on the radio.
I loved sitting with my mum snuggled up sharing this special time together.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 3-Nov-2019 09:46 Message #4761308
Yes I do remember Listen with Mother - Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 3-Nov-2019 10:22 Message #4761320
Family Favourites Radio 4 and the excitement of "Puff, the Magic Dragon" who lived by the sea.

Was that before Ed Stewpot?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Nov-2019 11:49 Message #4761329
I remember Listen with Mother, and what was that saturday morning program with Ed Stewpot Stewart? I always listened to that.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 3-Nov-2019 12:04 Message #4761338
having been fostered to an "older " couple i can only remember a program called "sing something simple " and also something to do with dedications to our forces abroad.

no kid orientated programs for me :¬(
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 3-Nov-2019 12:11 Message #4761340
Think it was called "Junior Choice".
Tony Blackburn took it over from Ed "Stewpot" Stewart. Was it on that show that he used to play "Arnold" the dog.
Always had the top 40 on, on a Sunday afternoon/evening.
And would quite often tape it and try to avoid getting the DJ talking over the start or end of the song.
Woosey  Female  North Yorkshire 3-Nov-2019 12:52 Message #4761350
Children's favourites with Uncle Mac

Sundays were Two way family favourites with Jean Metcalf's and I can't remember the man's name
Wakey wakey...
Lol....the Billy Cotton Band Show I think there were programmes like
Hancock's Half Hour
Beyond our Ken
Have a go and in the evening Sing something simple.

They were my Sundays in my early to mid teens. We always had a radio on at home.

Woo xxx
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 3-Nov-2019 13:57 Message #4761356
I can only just remember what the radiogramme looked the eck do you lot remember so much!
RumBassiousPenguin  Male  Essex 3-Nov-2019 14:14 Message #4761357
Clitheroe Kid "Ooh me leg!"
Navy Lark
Sing Something Simple (Hated it but mum liked it!)
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again
Just A Minute

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 3-Nov-2019 14:24 Message #4761362
Some already mentioned....Jimmy Clitheroe and then Sing Something Simple...

Once I got a bit older, I got my own little transistor Radio as a present...The little oblong thing.....Brilliant....even though you could hardly hear it....and had to keep turning it around to get some reception...It was the bees knees...Listening to the Cricket with the great John Arlott commentating.....then Radio Luxembourg.....
leogirl  Female  Essex 3-Nov-2019 14:25 Message #4761363
The only British radio programme I remember well was " 20 questions" . We had no t.v. yet and I was lucky to have won a radio .
We listened to it when having our evening meal.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Nov-2019 15:49 Message #4761368
On Sundays the radio was always on while lunch was being cooked. It was Life with the Lyons, Educating Archie and a chap called Ken Horner whose programme (I think) was Horners Half Hour.
Then in the evening we had the Ovaltinies....... and yes, I was an Ovaltinies - I can still sing the tune even now. You had a special badge too.
Weekday evenings was Dick Barton.... very exciting and always discussions about it at school next day.
When a bit older we had ' Animal, Vegetable or Mineral' quiz programme.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 3-Nov-2019 18:07 Message #4761392
I only remember the top 20 on a sunday evening lol

Judance  Female  Berkshire 3-Nov-2019 22:56 Message #4761408
You're mixing up your Hancocks and your Hornes Vic!

It was Hhhh..Hancock's Half Hour and Round the Horne.

2 way Family Favourites .. was it Cliff Michelmore this end?
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 4-Nov-2019 16:27 Message #4761444
I too loved The Clitheroe Kid, (Its theme by Alan Roper has a very distinctive first chord.)
Jimmy often referred to his friend Ozzie Higginbottom, but I practically never heard him speak, then many years later I heard that he was a deliberately absent person, (like Captain Mainwaring's wife in Dad's Army).

Also I very much liked:-
- Life with the Lyons which had good family plots;
- Educating Archie whose teachers later became stars and whose fantastic harmonica Ronald Chesney much later co-wrote TV sitcoms such as On The Buses;
- Beyond our Ken which was very witty, and later Round the Horne which was much more suggestive;
- I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again, which later gave rise to the ever popular I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue.

Hancock's Half Hour was usually too silly for my liking, although some later Hancock episodes (e.g. The Blood Donor) are masterpieces.

Radio 4 Extra still re-broadcasts those series occasionally, then I record some of them them from its website and enjoy them again.

Schoolfriends imitated characters from The Goon Show, but I rarely heard it.

Two-way Family Favourites introduced me to lovely songs from High Society and Pal Joey (which I had to wait for many years to see on TV) and Calamity Jane.

I was never keen on The Billy Cotton Band Show and Sing Something Simple.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 4-Nov-2019 20:00 Message #4761468
Journey into Space kept me enthralled as a young child and a few years later Sunday afternoons weren't the same when Round the Horne went off air.

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