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Shock, Horror


Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 2-Nov-2019 16:53 Message #4761222
It's 1st November and I have just seen my first Ch..*.s lights (daren't say the dreaded word on here), decorating a garden. As I was inwardly digesting this outrage, there in front of me in a window (different house) was a TREE, all decorated and twinkling, while the house a couple of doors away was still sporting pumpkins. Heck, we've not even had bonfire night yet. Anyone else seen them - - - or even got them?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Nov-2019 17:05 Message #4761223
No although I doubt if it will be long, some the shops have got all their stuff out already
Aely  Female  Hampshire 2-Nov-2019 17:18 Message #4761227
Local Asda has it's fake trees in already for early birds.
Hantslady  Female  Hampshire 2-Nov-2019 18:06 Message #4761237
Our local argos has a decorated tree up and I have seen a woman serving in a charity shop with a Christmas hat on. Halloween bonfire night and Christmas seem to be all merging together its crazy.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 2-Nov-2019 20:50 Message #4761247
Local Poundstretcher was putting out X--s stuff in August and this doesn't surprise me, the shops are all in there early in fact I bought cards in September while in Norfolk, but in HOUSES --- already. Just makes me feel a bit sad.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 2-Nov-2019 21:03 Message #4761248
Had pupils in my Tutor group ask if we could start playing Christmas music. I went into 'bah humbug' mode and refused! Lol

Certainly not until December!
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 2-Nov-2019 21:14 Message #4761255
maybe people are just happy to be looking forward to something that will definitely happen...……
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 3-Nov-2019 09:30 Message #4761300
I passed a house yesterday that had coloured fairy lights strung across their front room window.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire 3-Nov-2019 10:00 Message #4761317
I visited a lady last year who absolutely loves c*s.
SORRY but still can't say it yet !!
Anyway she is disabled but as soon as it hits November 1st, her family rally around decorating her house, inside and out.

But she LOVES it, so if it makes you happy.....why not. :)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Nov-2019 11:55 Message #4761334
But does it have to be so public? Lots of people who love xmas have windows full of flashing lights and stuff, front gardens full of it. I must admit I don't know people stand flashing lights, it gives me migraines within a couple of minutes, how do they concentrate on anything?
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 3-Nov-2019 12:14 Message #4761342
A few houses near me had their lights up and on last week, but as the residents are Indian I think they'd done it for Diwali.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Nov-2019 16:14 Message #4761374
Local garden centres are full of living Christmas trees. Its only the first week in November FGS. I've gone right off the C'...mas thingie now.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 3-Nov-2019 16:23 Message #4761376
It's going to be a strange one for me this year, am normally on duty on the 24th, 25th and the 31st, this year won't be; am wondering what to do instead.
No one 'round here does decorations - including me - and haven't seen anything in the shops yet.
Sea  Female  Essex 3-Nov-2019 16:51 Message #4761381
Personally i think they had the right idea back when my mother was a child. She always told me that her parents put everything up on Christmas Eve. when she was tucked up in bed, so it made Christmas morning really special and magical. My mother and her brother would rush downstairs to see a wonderful transformaion for the first time and also discover that Father Chroistmas had paid a call. It somehow sounded like Christmas Day would seem more special and magical. And then everything was always left up for the twelve days of Christmas. I never quite left it that late when my children were growing up, as they liked to help but even then it was only a few days before Christmas. If too soon it seems like Christmas is never actully coming. and the waiting has gone on forever. Now, I usually wait until about a week before Christmas, before I think abou putting anything up. I really do not like the way shops have so much on display two or three months before the event and then if you decide to go shopping on Christmas Eve, to get into the Christmas spirit, you discover the shops are ripping everything down ready for the Boxing Day sales. Somehow seems all wrong; taking everything down before the first day of Christmas has arrived. And then out pop the Easter Eggs..........

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