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A very expensive cardigan.

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 27-Oct-2019 18:41 Message #4760641
Kurt Cobain’s ‘Unplugged’ Sweater Sells for Record $334,000 at Auction. How people spend their money is their own business and what is valuable to one may be worthless to another but it’s a lot of money.

Do you know of other items sold for a lot more than their face value?

Is there anything you would pay over the odds to purchase?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 27-Oct-2019 19:40 Message #4760644
Not really. Material goods don't mean much to me. Maybe I would if it were on travel to a destination that I particularly wanted to visit.

I like music, books and the outdoors, and whilst I usually buy the best quality that I can afford, I wouldn't see any reason to pay over the odds for any of those.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 27-Oct-2019 22:42 Message #4760657
What are you looking for Chiog?
NoSaint  Female  Devon 27-Oct-2019 23:00 Message #4760660
I don’t understand anyone paying so much for a cardigan although if it was Val Doonican’s cardigan it would be priceless.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 27-Oct-2019 23:34 Message #4760664
Would you believe it!
When I was born, one of the first people to hold me as a baby. was Val Doonican.
He gave the cardigan he was wearing to my mum, and it was passed on to me.

Now it means so much to me, it would take a very large offer, but I would be interested.
Its an Icelandic type cardigan, it is very warm, and still fashionable.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 28-Oct-2019 06:21 Message #4760673
My opening bid is £100,000 NotHermit. I hope you are just a little bit tempted.
Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 28-Oct-2019 12:15 Message #4760725
I've been looking for a new cardie recently and the selection on offer at most of the normal male clothing outlets is abysmal - so I think I'll just get one of my thick jumpers, cut it down the middle at the front and sew a few buttons on - most of the holes will be there already, it's just a case of sewing the buttons in the right place.

Aely  Female  Hampshire 28-Oct-2019 19:21 Message #4760773
I think that idea might unravel Argonaut, not to mention the cardigan...
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 28-Oct-2019 19:29 Message #4760776
Cardigans, Sweaters, Pullovers and Jumpers.......not much wonder I've grown up confused....

and where do Tank Tops come in to the mix?.....
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 28-Oct-2019 19:45 Message #4760779
I can just imagine Jason in his Starsky and Hutch cardi.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 28-Oct-2019 20:15 Message #4760783
I have spent a lifetime going to auctions, so I have seen a lot of things go for more than their worth. On the other hand, I have also seen many things which are worth a lot of money, go for peanuts.

Myself....... if I really wanted something, I would buy it. If I didnt have the money, I would either save for it, or go without. I have never really felt desperate for anything, so I consider myself very fortunate.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 28-Oct-2019 20:36 Message #4760785
Ha Ha Mr Quiet,
It may look like my cardigan is the ultimate made up story, but it is not.
So 100k would probably hit the spot.
Over the years, I have kept it, and consider it good luck.
So would probably not part with it. so you are going to be Mr Lucky. Its providence is backed up with a photo.

Can you imagine how lucky I was in 1965, it could have been Max Bygraves.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 28-Oct-2019 21:11 Message #4760810
Take his £100,000. You know it makes sense.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 31-Oct-2019 23:55 Message #4761085
Too late. I’ve spent it elsewhere.

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 1-Nov-2019 08:52 Message #4761089
I've heard there's a cardigan, handed down from Lord Cardigan, to Val Doonican, to Gyles Brandreth, to Kurt Cobain, to Compo..........It would suit me now.....

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