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Former posters


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NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 25-Oct-2019 19:20 Message #4760330
Was just thinking about former posters, Atomic Disaster does anyone remember him?

What about Brameld hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Anyone for a trip down memory lane?
Which former posters do you remember?

Any historical mse poster, not including G2B and Witheflow, although historical posters, they are still too recent.

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 25-Oct-2019 19:24 Message #4760332
Who was the guy who used to post a really interesting scientific thread every Sunday morning. He got banned. All I know is he lived in Frodsham and worked in a garden centre.

For some reason his picture was dark and dismal and in black and white and I always used to think of the song Lamplight.

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 25-Oct-2019 19:26 Message #4760333
And Magic Mike who sadly died who had his Kelvin Helmet Suit or whatever signature.
The Dim Reaper  Male  Devon 25-Oct-2019 20:08 Message #4760337
Kevlar helmet
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 25-Oct-2019 20:36 Message #4760338
Magic Mike, Kevlar hemet with foxglove lining?
Very popular was Magic.
Anyone remember Exmoor Lady? or Devon Wench?
Aely  Female  Hampshire 25-Oct-2019 21:30 Message #4760345
I do. Lambsey as well. Nurse (this is his old computer). It was nice to see Shergar back for a quick canter down the course a while back, although under a different name which I can't remember.
Clip clop, clip clop.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 25-Oct-2019 21:49 Message #4760348
MrRightGuy with his pork sword.
I miss Smiles360 (or was it 340?), Spacedust and Chocolat.
Aww the good old days, look at the crappy replacements we have to put up with the likes of michael and his brain dead lackeys...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 26-Oct-2019 00:17 Message #4760394
Yes I had forgotten Mr Right Guy, he was very witty.
I still remember his comments on dating.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 26-Oct-2019 00:41 Message #4760395
Was that MR alwaysright guy?
Hog  Male  Northamptonshire 26-Oct-2019 01:48 Message #4760399
I remember Nurse and Funnygirl and Orson and Gray and Madmax and Victoriana and Duncs and Hermit and Willow and Shamrock and Brightstar and Geordies girl and HelenBack....
joolsy  Female  Essex 26-Oct-2019 03:38 Message #4760401
I remembers me magic mike i miss him .ithe lovely smiles 360 .and blureyed jane. Sparticus .bopeep .the old wolf are married lol .aaaah and wheres stooo .
joolsy  Female  Essex 26-Oct-2019 03:41 Message #4760402
Ha ha .mr rightguy amd i got matched to go on a date .so funny he krpt señdin me weird chinese music .very lovrly funny guy lol ...
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Oct-2019 03:59 Message #4760403
Daydreamer, Cisca, Bo-nio, Colokat, Usualy Laura and many more.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 26-Oct-2019 06:30 Message #4760404
There was a melt...a celt....a pelt....ok, i think I made that last one up.....although I may change my name to I get pelted with stuff more often nowadays...

There was a man who was a bit controversial and a wind up....then he came out as a cross dresser...and maybe trans...although I can't quite remember....I think he got banned at some point though...

Then there were some political ones....wind ups maybe....something like primitivistic was one...and golightly....and something to do with scooby....

Then there was speedypete....who used to post all the time....I remember you could always count on speedy to add to your thread...

I expect some of the above have been other things as well....and maybe still are other id's....I wonder how many have changed into someone else the most.....some may be on their 10th change since the names above perhaps....

Jeff  Male  East Sussex 26-Oct-2019 07:14 Message #4760407
Chav was extremely popular, despite his sexist posts.
I think that Admin was persuaded to give him free membership, as he said he couldn't afford it.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 26-Oct-2019 07:49 Message #4760412
There have been a lot of good posters before my time on here. I wonder if the present ones will be remembered fondly in years to come. I think they probably will.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 26-Oct-2019 08:19 Message #4760416
sixyBopeep - wonderful stories
speedypete - great character
Fantussy, Lambsey, Sunny ,Steph , Skye, Buttercup and so many more whose names I forget
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 26-Oct-2019 09:46 Message #4760421
Hey Jude, Exl, wholelottakaren, Minnie the Minx, honeybun and shamrock were the first ladies I chatted to about 14 years ago and some of us are still here posting.
Hierophant was the first man so he’s knocking on a bit lol.

My first message was from Han and it was about the use of dots on my profile. Not sure what that was all about.

So many laughs in the forum and great private conversations .. not to mention meeting some lovely ladies in the real world too .. who I have to say all resembled their photos/profiles.
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire 26-Oct-2019 10:29 Message #4760429
The fiasco of room 101 caused much nastiness with the likes of Honda and his gang so a lot of good posters went away depressed with it all.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 26-Oct-2019 16:55 Message #4760460
Some of the names from the past that have been mentioned are still around, and look in occasionally
one was showing as online a few days ago, and another is showing as online at the moment.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 26-Oct-2019 21:37 Message #4760499
Trucker used to greatly promote the Bahai religion, (which has many good ideals).

He believed its factual falsehoods and self-contradictions, and he practically always sidestepped or ignored my numerous challenging questions about it.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 26-Oct-2019 22:25 Message #4760512
I remember when Gordon used to join in the threads, ask us for advice & opinions and listen to us.
Aurora1962  Female  Tyne and Wear 28-Oct-2019 11:17 Message #4760720
Does Gordon still own the site or has it been passed on to someone else?

I remember when the sister site, Mutual Friends, opened up - and closed down.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 28-Oct-2019 11:21 Message #4760721
Having delved into it a bit....MSE, as a company no longer was dissolved in 2017....but it now comes under a company called UKcentric....and Gordon works for UKcentric...
zodiac1  Male  Flintshire 28-Oct-2019 15:10 Message #4760743
tumble, strange isn't it , that UKcentric was formed in the same year that MSE was, so maybe Gordon is still in charge of his so called new business from 20 years ago.

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