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tears, literally

infinitely appreciate n thank you soul

Rikco  Male  central London 24-Oct-2019 01:35 Message #4760087
And jus like that shit changes
Finding true Love in freakin strangers
These flows these shows it shows to blows
We sing like muvvafuppiin rainbows
To blows
Light up the world
Yes we are
Connected all over
We are that shining star
Of your thought
What you thinking
Some people seen our plot n so they drinking
Try to wash away this truth
I came to dance n enhance every aspect of you
For fk sake you are my truth
My truth it should be yours too
But you keep choosing losing
Why da fk don't ya choose improving
I'm at a halt
Question mark
Of the soul
Why these muvvafuppas won't dance to this soul
Let be
Let's see
The remedy is in the melody
Effortlessly I LOVE YOU
I Love you me
I am you are me literally actually
Subtly empowers
Any time any hour
That's what I came here fior
My Love to pour
On ALL of yooouuuuuuuuuuu
As I siiiiiiiiing
String n bring
This positive chi of me
This immortal Fab-Rik of entity
Can you believe
My god I adore you
I really do
I reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyy dooooooooooooo
And appreciate
My goodness
Thank you
Thank u so much everybody ??
For this experience
This reality
This fact
This contract
I singed n signed
Now aligned heart n mind
Muvvafuppin soul
This goal this soul
In all ways unfolding
Look I'm beholding
This gold of this cup I am holding
Thank you n please
Take a picture
I be da muvva fuppin beezz freakin kneeszz
Wid ma thank you n please
A gentleman swag won't brag but still I Love ma trees
So please oh yes pretty please
Get down wid da funk
Cos life is what u want you are free ??
Rikco  Male  central London 24-Oct-2019 01:37 Message #4760088
those question marks are kisses
kiss kiss kiss no homo haahaaaa
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 25-Oct-2019 00:46 Message #4760223
Get down wid de funk?
I am so old I used to be a punk
All your fancy lingo logo
Just do the pogo
Go and watch the bands
Pistols, Uk Subs, The Slits
At the side of Barry White
They all sounded shite
But we all jumped up and down
Until Duran Duran turned up
And Punk music was DAMNED
Rikco  Male  central London 4-Nov-2019 22:15 Message #4761492
Like some email spam we don't want it
What we want is a full dose of that true spirit
That rise n shine
That bliss n Divine
We wanna Love ourselves so much that the ego is hard to find
The fear of being yourself is very real
Everybody wondering what somebody else will say or feel
I work hard so harder I will play
Care not who gets it I spit ma truth anyway
And oh yea
Have a nice day young man

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