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Recommendations please

did I spell that right?

terry  Male  West Yorkshire
19-Oct-2019 20:31 Message #4759082
Ok, who's up for giving me an idea of where to take a midweek short break? the criteria are:

One of the counties bordering Wales, but not Shropshire, so that means Somerset, the Welsh side of Cheshire, what's that county beginning with G that's in that area? that'll do too.

It needs to be a city/town/village with a couple of pubs and a cafe to get some breakfast

Needs to have places of interest or somewhere to go walking

Needs to have a railway station - we have no other transport

Accomodation has to be two bedrooms, so travel lodge/premier inn/guest house/cottage/chalet style place

Needs to be cheap as chips....don't want to be paying 3 or 400 pounds for two or three nights (yes I'm a cheapskate and me pension won't stretch to more)

Suggestions gratefully received.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
19-Oct-2019 22:31 Message #4759123
Tent and sleeping bag terry. Cheap and flexible.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire
19-Oct-2019 22:37 Message #4759128
Good suggestion MrQuiet, I did consider it, (well the sleeping bag bit, tents add to the weight) but my mate is getting on a bit and likes his comfortable bed nowadays plus I'm debating taking my grandson and he's definitely not a tent type :-)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
20-Oct-2019 11:10 Message #4759197
Lots of holiday lets are still open and its often cheaper out of season. What about Glastonbury, or just outside it? Or Chester itself, lots going on there and its a rail hub for north Wales and into Manchester, Liverpool and the Wirral. Powys is on the other side of Shropshire, I think Glamorgan is the county you're thinking of, the Usk Valley is ok and the Brecon Beacons and Brecon itself. What about the Forest of Dean area? You could base yourselves in Gloucester or Monmouth, take trips to Hay on Wye for the book shops, walk the sculpture trail in the forest, see the old mines, if you based yourselves in Monmouth then you could do both the forest and the beacons, depending on the weather.
Beach  Male  Somerset
20-Oct-2019 12:43 Message #4759219
Or travel the extra mile and decant at The Jurassic Coast at West Dorset and explore 95 miles of The South West Coast Path blessed with the name The Jurassic Coast.

I'd recommend Walk - Seatown to Abbotsbury 12.4 miles (19.9 km)

NOTE. Normal text, (below), is lifted from Southwestcoastalpath website – Bold text added by me.

"Walking along part of the Monarch’s Way which is based on the escape route taken by Charles II after the battle of Worcester in 1651.

Climbing to the top of Thorncombe Beacon to be rewarded with breathtaking views". Understatement … and you might meet someone you know. Notice the 3000 year old round barrow burial mound, (Tumulus). Appreciate that, 3000 years ago, this windswept coastal site would have been inland.

"Looking back to the impressive yellow sandstone of the Golden Cap from Eype Mouth. At 626 ft (191 metres) above sea level, the Golden Cap is the highest point on the South coast of England". My family owned the western, coastal stretch of Golden Cap. It was sold to the National Trust and is now their SW HQ. Breaks my heart cos it's one of the most magical locations on the south coast.)

"The immense sandstone cliffs of West Bay". Of Harbour Lights, Broadchurch and many other film / TV production fame.)

"Chesil Beach backed by The Fleet, which is the largest tidal lagoon in Britain. This extraordinary natural ridge of pebbles extends for over 17 miles from West Bay to Portland and is thought to be between 4000 and 7000 years old. Many ships have been lost along this stretch of coast, which was renamed Dead Man’s Cove by Thomas Hardy who was born in Dorset". Chesil was formed recently, after the last Ice Age receded. Probably one of the best sea angling locations in England.

"The wildlife of Burton Cliff. There are many beautiful flowers along these cliffs, enjoyed by butterflies and birds. You may even see dolphins from here". Beware of the gobby, militant musician who lives there.

"The pretty village of Burton Bradstock: the church of St. Mary’s is a fine example of 14th to 15th century architecture and contrasts quite dramatically with the plain style of the 1825 Wesleyan Methodist chapel nearby. The West Country’s first 'flax swingling mill' was built here in 1803 establishing the village as a centre for the flax industry.

Bind Barrow: a Bronze Age burial mound and the site of a Second World War pillbox.

Cogden Beach and the reed beds and maritime flowers of Burton Mere". Roman artefacts can still be found in the blue lias clay or cracks in the foreshore after rough seas and half a mile inland, an Anglo Romano villa site, (hidden by crops), has revealed at least two roman coin hoards.

"West Bexington Nature Reserve: the scrub and reed beds are visited by many varieties of birds, including Cetti's warblers, corn buntings, grasshopper warblers, snipe and water rails".

Before reaching Abbotsbury village, you’ll climb up alongside Abbotsbury Hillfort, an ancient 3000+ year iron age citidel, just one of several that ring my whole area of West Dorset.

"Enjoying a cream tea in the historic village of Abbotsbury. There is much to see here, including taking a walk round the Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens, browsing the art and craft galleries, exploring the great Tithe Barn and ruins of the Abbey and immersing yourself in the incredibly rich history of this area".

Welcome to my Jurassic World A world where you can walk a hundred miles of rugged cliffs and coastline exploring wildlife, geology, topography, archaeology and pre-history without hardly touching asphalt or tarmac.
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire
20-Oct-2019 13:04 Message #4759228
The Forest of Dean is a nice area Terry.
Wye valley, Cheddar etc.


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