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The happiest place in the UK

Mary  Female  Norfolk
8-Oct-2019 16:31 Message #4756884
Norfolk must be the happiest place In the UK, as there are only a handful of members based there ??

Is everyone there content with their lot ?
KatieBubbles  Female  West Sussex
8-Oct-2019 17:43 Message #4756896
It might not be anything to do with happiness.
Aely  Female  Hampshire
8-Oct-2019 22:01 Message #4756979
It could be lousy broadband and no money to buy internet devices.
Mary  Female  Norfolk
9-Oct-2019 11:31 Message #4757075
It could be all those reasons.

I did message one Norfolk inmate, but received a blunt reply.

Maybe we're not susceptible to new friendship's.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
9-Oct-2019 11:34 Message #4757077
It's Alan Partridge county.....What more would anyone want....

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