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Miserable Sunday ?


Mary  Female  Norfolk
6-Oct-2019 14:34 Message #4756512
Here in Norfolk it's pouring with rain. It has been all night and day.
Big puddles everywhere and some roads flooded

But this makes for a chill time. I've been to church and and the Harvest meal...which was a struggle having finished at 3pm this morning.

Now chilling watching a film, listening to my roof leaking and dripping....

I might clear up my floordrobe later, but then again maybe not.

How are you spending a rainy Sunday ??
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire
6-Oct-2019 14:50 Message #4756526
It rained all night but was dry this morning. Walked the dog and did a bit of shopping then home for a bit of brass polishing.
joolsy  Female  Essex
6-Oct-2019 18:40 Message #4756565
Ive been eati g chocolate and watching sony christmas movies with my grandaughter dolly .we have had so much fun this wkend .
FirmButFair-TrollPatrol  Male  North Yorkshire
6-Oct-2019 19:47 Message #4756572
Joolsy —— good time girl lol.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
6-Oct-2019 19:50 Message #4756575
managed a bike ride...rain stopped for a few hours, but oh my it went cold about 11am, thermal vest time I
Mary  Female  Norfolk
6-Oct-2019 21:01 Message #4756587
I'm afraid I did no more.....

Now watching Snow White and The Huntsman
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
7-Oct-2019 07:47 Message #4756626
No dwarfs? Not even one?

Anyhow it’s miserable Monday now.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
7-Oct-2019 11:29 Message #4756648
Yesterday was fine until almost bedtime, today its horrible.
joolsy  Female  Essex
7-Oct-2019 11:45 Message #4756657
Its so cold today .8 degrees .ive got two pairs of socks on lol
8-Oct-2019 17:14 Message #4756886
Stage lighting man at a gig in Southend.


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