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Have you seen those spiders ?

Love em or hate em

ravspal  Female  Dorset
6-Oct-2019 12:37 Message #4756500
They come in at this time of year to keep warm. I can't kill one but I can flush it down the sink.
The Dim Reaper  Male  Devon
6-Oct-2019 13:07 Message #4756505
They come in to mate , looking for females , I currently have a threesome going on in my hoover !
ravspal  Female  Dorset
6-Oct-2019 13:12 Message #4756506
Ha ha DM how do you know they are still there. ?
The Dim Reaper  Male  Devon
6-Oct-2019 13:15 Message #4756507
I did once put some parcel tape over the end of the tube so that if they tried to climb out they would be stuck to it , no spiders stuck to it so I guess they like their new home and dont leave , probably having too much fun in there waiting for more entrants for an orgy !
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire
6-Oct-2019 14:40 Message #4756518
If I’m quick enough I pick them up and put them outside.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon
6-Oct-2019 15:04 Message #4756529
I tend to leave them be unless I have visitors who don't like them.
Argonaut  Male  Lancashire
6-Oct-2019 15:21 Message #4756535
Oh you poor misguided people!

Spiders are the best invaders you can have in your home - if only you knew what they liked to eat you'd prefer them than what you'd find on their menu.

Although most spiders can bite few seldom do unless they feel threatened and, usually, they are more frightened of you than you are of them.

We are lucky here in England that none of the species that are endemic to our isles are seriously venomous.

My particular problem with spiders is that of the five outside cameras that I have are also the residence of spiders (being warm and, possibly, because the infra-red lights at night attract some insects). Most days I have to go out with a fluffy duster tied to the end of a long pole to clear away their webs, but within hours, they're back again!

Another weird thing is that when the infra-red lights are on at night, and a spider walks across the view of the lens, it shows up as a bright white blob with white legs.

My recommendation is: 'Leave them alone!'

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
6-Oct-2019 15:22 Message #4756536
I haven't studied know which ones are killers.....a bit like mushrooms/toadstools etc....

We don't usually get the killers in this country.....but they may be on their hols.....or on a beware....
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
6-Oct-2019 17:51 Message #4756551
When our cameras are on , you see this enormous arachna thingie going across the screen and it looks like somat out of a film. Quite scary as its usually less than half an inch in reality. We have a lot of big ones in this house, as its so very old. I think their ancestors have been here for centuries. We have an agreement, I leave them alone if they leave us alone. It works too.

The false widow spider is a brownish grey with a little pattern on the centre of the body - looks bit like a skull. Its about 3/4- 1" across inc legs. A lot around at the moment, and they do bite occasionally but only cause a problem if you are allergic to them. Sadly, you have to be bitten to find that out though.

Its the blasted Glis-glis that are a problem here at the moment. They are in epidemic force right now and sadly have to be exterminated as they cause so much damage. We also have bees living in the beams but they have been coming for years too.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
6-Oct-2019 19:59 Message #4756580
a massive enormous one came in the other day,yuk, my son evicted it too the garden
I swear the dam same one came back yesterday...……..I killed it...….once is ok but don't come back, flippin creepy crawler,
NoSaint  Female  Devon
6-Oct-2019 22:08 Message #4756598
Murderer !
Argonaut  Male  Lancashire
6-Oct-2019 22:16 Message #4756604
She's an arachnicidal maniac!

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
7-Oct-2019 11:33 Message #4756649
Mum's got a spider catcher thingy so I get her to get them, I can't use it as the sticks not long enough to keep the cooties away, or I get Manthing to get rid of them, if I'm on my own I suck them up the hoover, then go an retch over the lav and compulsively wash my hands and even have a shower, if I trust that I'm safe from more of them. Sometimes I have to leave the house and come back with someone else to make sure its safe and its not been unknown for me to refuse to enter a room whee I know theres a big one on the loose, even if it means sleeping in another room.
Kev_13ehr  Male  West Yorkshire
7-Oct-2019 11:46 Message #4756659
Wow!!, glad I'm not that bad, but they do frighten the proverbial out of me, I was cleaning a web right at the peak of our conservatory this morning, and this huge thing came running out, glad I was using a stick from the ground and not up a step ladder YUK.

MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire
10-Oct-2019 06:36 Message #4757189
October. The month those big spiders appear in the house. For some illogical reason they are less lovable than most other harmless creatures. I like flies much less than I like spiders.
I have a humane spider collector upper thing which place over the poor creature turn to close a door which then allows it to be carried outdoors and placed some distance from the house.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
10-Oct-2019 20:26 Message #4757329
what I dont like is to wake in the night feeling somat crawling over my shoulder, I flick it off and then hear it 'plop' on the carpet - I alway think it must be big to makesuch a loud 'plop'
Aely  Female  Hampshire
10-Oct-2019 21:53 Message #4757345
Don't waste the glis glis Victoria. I'm sure there is an original Roman recipe around somewhere.

My old cat used to eat the house spiders. She would disappear behind a cupboard and reappear with cobwebs on her whiskers and a spider leg out the side of her mouth.

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