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Are they having a giraffe?

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
5-Oct-2019 12:03 Message #4756317
My NHS dentist closed down earlier in the year and now I need to find another as I have a chipped filling, I went to the one round the corner who do both NHS and private and was told they have no NHS places left and I could try coming back in a couple of weeks at 9am to see if they have any spces. I asked how much they charge to do it privately, £40 for a check up, where they make up a treatment plan where you can chose what you want from it, I asked how much to replace this tiny filling and they were very cagey and said all the prices were on the website, I eventually managed to get the price out of him, £110 for a small white filling which I would need as its a front tooth and £90 for a amalgam one. The price goes up to getting on for £200 for a larger filling and crowns, caps and bridges are getting into the high hundreds, and if you need a root canal too you'd be paying well over 1k. All the websites of local dentists show shiney pictures of smiley people with perfect teeth and none of them want to give a basic price list, but they all want to push cosmetic dentistry. I can't afford nearly £200 for a filling and I know that won't be the only one. It seem that dentists can expect you too have pay for treatments you can't afford and don't get the idea that they're a business, if I asked a plumber to come and fit a new tap, I would expect them to refuse unless I had the central heating and pipe work changed beore they'd fit the tap. I was offered the ability to pay over time for all the work they said I needed, I told them NO, I was not going to get into a position where i was indebted to them for the rest of my life.

We have no NHS dentists on the island or in my bit of north Wales and the private ones seem to be taking advantage of it, I don't think they should be allowed to do it. They all say there's an emergency place, there is its on a sunday morning and there are so many people queing that you have to get there about 6am for any hope of being seen in the two hour window they open for. Then theres the dental service these emergency people refer you on to, it took me 18 month for an appointment to come through last time, and they can only treat what you were refered for, not anything thats developed in the meantime.

There is a service called my dentist which is supposed to be affordable and only charge about two thirds of what most of the private guys do, which is about £70 for a filling and £32 for a check up. I'm starting to think it would be cheaper to abroad and get my teeth fixed. No wonder the British are notorious for bad teeth, you need a second mortgage to get a couple of fillings! The other thing that bugs me with these private dentists who also do NHS work is they only do the very basics on the NHS and when something expensive and profitable comes up, they don't do it on the NHS and they say the alternative is extraction, its not right.
Kimjongun  Male  South Yorkshire
5-Oct-2019 14:56 Message #4756336

Some years ago a dentist told me I needed several hundred pounds of work doing.
I could not afford it, so stopped seeing the dentist.
Before I knew it (5 years later), I start visiting another dentist.
Was very worried about my 1st appointment.

Dentist said, all is well, see you in 6 months!
So I guess the original dentist made a mistake.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
5-Oct-2019 15:55 Message #4756340
There were few dentists struck of years ago because of feigning non existent problems then claiming from the NHS reimbursement system.

Sadly, some of our local old timer reliable dentists, as they have retired, have sold out to BUPA.

I'm not sure, but I think if you phone, is it 101 or something, they have to let you know of an NHS dentist taking people on. I wouldn't like to go abroad because if you have any problems you could be in worse situation.

Sorry to make this political, but it is another issue I know Labour are not happy with, but people judge on other issues in the media, but hidden issues like this are getting put on the back shelf.

When I inherited a bit of money off my mum, she knew I was going to spend it on some implants. I found a training school in Shrewsbury who did 4 implants and 6 teeth for £5000 which would have been £10,000 otherwise, and that included something called "lifts" because I needed new bone to screw into to. Sounds awful I know, and it is because I was terrified of the dentist and a few bad experiences as a child that I got into that situation. Brilliant now though, I can smile!

Just a thought...
Is there a dental hospital in Bangor, or even Cardiff or maybe Manchester, where they supervise trainee dentists to do the work?
KatieBubbles  Female  West Sussex
5-Oct-2019 16:24 Message #4756343
The situation with NHS dentists here is very good and has improved in the past couple of years in particular.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia
5-Oct-2019 16:45 Message #4756349
Maybe that's where the money for free prescriptions comes from...
flowerpotman  Male  Dumfries and Galloway
6-Oct-2019 09:51 Message #4756464
I recently went to my dentist for my 6 monthly check up and I don't get charged for this, I needed 2 small fillings and got an appointment for 2 weeks later and it cost me £20 so I don't understand why people are being charged so much in other places?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
6-Oct-2019 11:01 Message #4756480
Thats what I mean fpm, I've just lost another big filling and according to the price list that I managed to extract from the local dentists web site it would cost me at least £250, and thousands if the tooth can't be saved, which I'm not sure it can, even the filling has a filling. I don't trust dentists at the best of times, I've had to many state licenced psychopaths who've ruined my teeth to trust them easily and these ones that try and sell you perfection and charge you mega bucks for it seem the least trustworthy of all. And they always want you to see hygenists who are evil aliens in human suits, who are there to make sure you suffer, I ended up with a big gum infection after seeing one of them that I'm sure made my teeth worse and my gums recede even further.

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