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Is there anything

You haven t done yet...

A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 3-Oct-2019 22:19 Message #4756022
Is there anything you want to do but haven’t done yet?

Have you left it too late?
Neros1954  Male  Devon 3-Oct-2019 23:01 Message #4756036
It’s too late - too late!
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 3-Oct-2019 23:04 Message #4756039
Depends what it is Neros?
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 4-Oct-2019 05:53 Message #4756063
There are many things I would do if I started life again but I’ve generally done most things I’ve wanted to do up until now. I want to travel around India so that’s on my list.
Argonaut  Male  Lancashire 4-Oct-2019 10:07 Message #4756100
How long have you got?

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 4-Oct-2019 10:14 Message #4756104
I've never typed a post on here whilst standing on my head....I've always wanted to do it....I think it's my destiny....

ps....I should have tried it with this one....maybe next time...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 4-Oct-2019 11:52 Message #4756119
I overslept so there lots of things I'm a bit late for.

But seriously I don't go in for bucket lists and goals and plans, they don't work for me, I prefer to let life happen, I would be upset to miss all the books by my favourite authors that have not yet been published.
KatieBubbles  Female  West Sussex 4-Oct-2019 17:07 Message #4756174
I want to skydive. I've been thinking about jumping for a charity to give me a bit more incentive.
joolsy  Female  Essex 6-Oct-2019 18:14 Message #4756558
Ive never slept in a tent lol .
Colonel_Blink  Male  Buckinghamshire 6-Oct-2019 19:53 Message #4756578
You ain’t lived joolsy.
joolsy  Female  Essex 6-Oct-2019 20:30 Message #4756586
Its on me to do list colonel .
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Oct-2019 11:42 Message #4756654
You're not missing anything joolsy, in the rain its like sleeping in a drum, then a soggy nylon nest, you get a bad back from sleeping on the ground and air beds and what have you are differently bad, you get creepy crawlies and gnat bites all over and in summer you get woken up fro little sleep you managed by the sun coming up and baking you.
Mary  Female  Norfolk 7-Oct-2019 12:39 Message #4756662
I feel it's good to have things you'd like to do. It's something to look forward to and gives motivation.

I'd love to go on more holidays.
I'd love to live in a stately home.

I'd love to have a horse and carriage for everyday travel to Tesco's etc....
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 7-Oct-2019 16:55 Message #4756701
I would like to have studied and taken part in politics.

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 7-Oct-2019 17:12 Message #4756707
Ask Michaelt for lessons.
You need to be have more political knowledge than the average Brit.

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