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Strictly 2019

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JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 23-Sep-2019 13:16 Message #4753887
The first live show was on Saturday, do you have any favourites yet? :-)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 23-Sep-2019 16:05 Message #4753939
Michele looks like she can dance already.
Michaelt  Male  Devon 23-Sep-2019 16:10 Message #4753941
JiveBun , Since Bruce Forsyth died, the show for me lost its sparkle.
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 23-Sep-2019 16:26 Message #4753942
Michelle and Kelvin were both fab. It was lovely when Bruce was presenting but I think the Strictly sparkle is still there!
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 23-Sep-2019 18:44 Message #4753962
Kelvin definately, that cbbc presenter waas good, he reminded me a bit of Aston from a couple of years ago. Is Michelle the older lady, because I thought she was good.
alliez  Female  West Yorkshire 23-Sep-2019 18:50 Message #4753963
Thought Kelvin was good and quite a few with potential. Already have tickets for the tour and looking forward to it ...
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 24-Sep-2019 18:47 Message #4754112
Yes Michelle is 50 I think, her and Giovanni are a good match! Good to have It Takes Two back as well.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 28-Sep-2019 21:47 Message #4754864
So what did we think of week 2?

I'm liking Karim and Michelle is probably the best of the women. Nice to see Anneka in a dress for a change.

Kelvin needs to brush up his ballroom if he is to become an all rounder.
Why do they have to dress Mike Bushell in such ridiculous clothes?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 29-Sep-2019 11:23 Message #4754932
Because Mike Bushall seems to be a ridiculous person?

I thought Karim was good too and agree about Kelvin, I like Dev, I think he could be one to watch, apart from Michelle I'm not that impressed by any of this years women yet. That ex goal keeper bloke is so tall and I wondered if it has an effect on his dancing? If he stood up really straight and tall then he'd tower so far above his partner he'd look like he was dancing with a child.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 29-Sep-2019 15:13 Message #4754995
I sometimes watch it but it just reminds me what a rubbish dancer I am.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 30-Sep-2019 10:16 Message #4755133
The dance off was a battle of the planks, I thought David James did do better last night than on saturday, but James Cracknell looked like he was wearing comedy big shoes, was he even trying?
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 30-Sep-2019 13:19 Message #4755153
I really like Karim and Michelle too - I think Mike is being turned into the comedy act this year which is a shame. I felt sorry for James although it was right that he was voted out.
Topaz53  Female  Northamptonshire 30-Sep-2019 15:44 Message #4755157
Hi all newbie joining in. :)
A couple of good contenders and what a transformation for Anneka !!
She looked great in her dress and definitely an improvement on last week.
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 30-Sep-2019 16:45 Message #4755166
Hi Topaz! I agree, Anneka did so much better - their dance was lovely

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 30-Sep-2019 18:46 Message #4755193
She did do better, but I wonder how she's going to cope with dances where you have to shake your booty, she dosen't as if she has one?

I think Katya does wonders with some of her partners, it looks like Ed Balls all over again, I just hope she comes up with something as memorable as Gangnam Style. I wonder if she could teach me?

Who would you like to be your partner if by some magic you were to be invited on to next years line up? I think either Alliash, sorry I can't spell hhis name properly, or Johannes, he seems really good.
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 2-Oct-2019 13:09 Message #4755672
Aljaz or Kevin for me! I've been going to ballroom classes since January, Ian Waite teaches so I've danced with him quite a bit - he's lovely, and tall :-)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Oct-2019 10:59 Message #4755855
He's one of the dancers I miss, all the newer dancers seem to be from overseas and they're very good, but don't we have any home grown talent?

What did people think of the opening pro dance on sunday, Mummyhens daily express bigged it up as a an overwhelmingly sexy maybe to sexy for family viewing thing and gave the impression that Kelvin was going to be dancing too and the curse of strictly was about to strike again. When we watched it we wondered what all the fuss was about, it was nothing like it had been bigged up to be. I wish so called newspapers would find actual news to report on, its not like theres a shortage of real news and leave this salacious, muck raking BS alone.
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 4-Oct-2019 15:16 Message #4756151
I liked the routine, didn't think it was sexy though! Thought the flamenco dancer was underused, he was amazing. Wonder what tomorrow night will bring, have a good weekend all :-)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-Oct-2019 10:50 Message #4756476
I agree about the flamenco dancer being under used, why wasn't he dancing with Oti?

I couldn't see what all the fuss was about with Kelvins dance this week, I thought it mistimed and clumsy, the lifts looked ill prepared and like he was about to drop her. I did like Johannes and whatsherfaces dance I thought that was one of the best rumbas I've seen on strictly. I loved Dev and Dianes dance.

I'm not a huge fan of the themed weeks, I think theres to many of them, halloween would be enough, but then maybeits because I'm not a film buff, I don't think I'd even heard of most of the films they used as themes, let alone seen them, its the same with musicals week. I was trying to think of my favourite films and I don't think any would really fit with a dance, although I think even I could do better than Anneka. I can't think of how you'd dance Sin City or Gladiator.
NoSaint  Female  Devon 6-Oct-2019 14:36 Message #4756515
I’m not keen on the themed weeks either.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Oct-2019 11:20 Message #4756644
I think Anneka was even worse in the dance off that on saturday, she got totally lost. Kevin said he spent 3 days teaching her to clap in time to music, I think it would take me at least that long to learn too.
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 7-Oct-2019 17:01 Message #4756705
Really enjoyed this week, I thought Dev and Dianne's dance was as good as Oti & Kelvin's but no 10s for them. Lovely Catherine's rumba too - and Anton & Emma were really good. Had to be Anneka to leave this week!
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 14-Oct-2019 13:16 Message #4758092
Well that was a shock exit although I don't think his dance this week was as good as normal! Anton & Emma's dance was my favourite :-)
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 14-Oct-2019 13:36 Message #4758095
Craig: Pure filth! lol
JiveBun  Female  Berkshire 14-Oct-2019 14:08 Message #4758101
Oh yes, lots of comments from my friends about Kelvin's dance lol

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