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BBC backs BA

In the Pilots' Dispute

Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 9-Sep-2019 20:04 Message #4751728
Yet again the BBC has shown how it is so scared that the BrExit-Tory Party will privatize it that they have been broadcasting lies about the BA Pilots' wage claim.
The Pilots have asked for a part of the fat profits made by BA on their, and other workers' backs.
The BBC has been telling the (Home) audience that the Pilots have turned down an 11% pay offer.
After threatened court action, the BBC have changed their tune and broadcast the truth.
It's an 11% rise OVER THREE YEARS.

Some facts
1.0 Whilst being the UK's flag carrier, it's actually owned by a Spanish based Coy.
2.0 Financial
2017 Turnover = £12,226, 000 000
2017 Profit, after tax = £1,447, 000, 000
Witheflow  Male  North Yorkshire 9-Sep-2019 20:16 Message #4751735
Sadly, the BBC is being manipulated by insipid, political and ideological, deceitful manipulators. Influence the minds of the little people, and you get them to dance to your tune. Like obedient sheeple, thinking the wolf is the danger, when all along the Shepherd is the one who slaughters them.

"You are what you read", evidently becomes belief.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 9-Sep-2019 21:02 Message #4751751
Witheflow 9-Sep-2019 20:16

For years and years, the BBC refused point-blank to broadcast their World Service programmes on a frequency available to home listeners.
Those of us who were able to tune in heard a different slant on the news completely.
Some items revealed info concealed from the home audience.
Some was so Right-wing that it sounded like Voice of America or Deutsche Welle at the height of the Cold War.
Now it is in open competition with other less Right-wing stations and so 'lets-slip' all manner of info that BBC 'Home' keeps under wraps.
The 11% over 3 years was a prime example of this.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 9-Sep-2019 21:27 Message #4751766
GB2W - Not quite correct.
Fact - The ultimate holding company IAG is anglo-spanish, who's registered address is in Madrid but it's operational HQ is in London.
Makes sense seeing that airlines from 3 different countries (UK, Spain & Eire are in the group).
BA pilots might want a bigger piece of the company pie now it's in healthy profit but I don't believe they were first in the queue to offer to give up some of their salaries when a decade ago BA made combined losses of nearly £1billion over 2 consecutive financial years.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 9-Sep-2019 21:40 Message #4751777
G2B, are you still receiving BBC?
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 9-Sep-2019 22:39 Message #4751807
OnlineMSE 9-Sep-2019 21:27

Thank you very much for giving me good cause to research the data closer.
In the spirit of a dialectic discussion, I include the following:
International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A., often shortened to IAG,
Anglo-Spanish multinational airline holding company with its registered office in Madrid, Spain and its operational headquarters in London, UK.
Affiliates and franchises include

The approx £1bn loss was caused by the Iberia part of IAG and was spread over two (Calender) years, not £1bn per year for 2 years.

Your comment: "... but I don't believe they were first in the queue to offer to give up some of their salaries when a decade ago BA made combined losses of nearly £1billion ..."
I can't find data on this matter so I accept your (guarded) thoughts.
What I do know is the record of the period when
I'm Backing Britain held sway.
Workers worked un-paid over-time.
Workers accepted cuts in their wages.

The Owners siphoned off funds to make it look like they had done the same - they hadn't.
When the recession was over it took years for the workers' wages to get back to 'normal' whilst the shareholders and Directors bathed in Gold.

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