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Sunday Huggy thread

Come and get them

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 8-Sep-2019 09:13 Message #4751406
Good morning fellow huggers,

It's a lovely sunny morning here but there is a distinct nip in the air. Autumn is on its way as the evenings are starting to get dark earlier.

I've had an extremely busy week this week and the madness will still continue for a few more days before settling down. At least I am mobile again having been car less for August. It opens up the prospect of long journeys again. Yestreday my son helped me make a flat pack media unit to store my cds in but I'm under instructions from my grandchild not to move them until they come back and do the 'tricky ones' for me.

So wht are you all doing today? I am thinking of popping into town to get the family Christmas cards. I prefer to get the bulk of them early so they're out of the way before the scrum starts. I'm going to try and make a jar of diabetic jam for my boss using the last of the blackberries I picked this week. I managed to pick over 7lbs from the hedgerows near me and have made over double that in jam, half of which has been given away to friends.

Anyway, lets get this show on the road. (((HUGS))) (((HUGS))) to all who would like one of need one. Have a great Sunday.
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 8-Sep-2019 09:55 Message #4751409
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

As you say, a distinct nip in the air this morning. Autumn is definitely here.

Enjoyed a friends 80th birthday BBQ party yesterday.

A leisurely morning then out to do a few odd bits and pieces.

Hugs to all

Keithagain  Male  South Yorkshire 8-Sep-2019 10:25 Message #4751412
Good morning all you Sunday huggers!
I have to agree that there is a chill in the air, but at least the wind has completely died down...for today, anyway. It was quite off putting in the garden, though when I eventually ventured out I found it was warm on most days.
I wore my thicker jacket today and had my walk and then had a longish scooter ride. I went through the Wildlife Park. It was empty then, no punters, just the staff, and went on through Warningtongue Lane and the new road to the airport. The roadworks were being done for the eventual extension of the Wildlife Park.
All in all it seems like it has already been a busy day!

hugs hugs hugs
leogirl  Female  Essex 8-Sep-2019 11:14 Message #4751426
Good morning all Sunday Huggers {{{hugs}}} and more {{{JHUGS}}} .

I woke up early this morning - I think it was because of the chill and me leaving a window wide open after cleaning my bedroom yesterday …
made a cuppa and read a few chapters .of my book
Been cleaning windows inside and that lead to washing net curtains... Such a Dutch thing to have pristine net curtains... ha ha !!
in a minute I will go to a garden centre to buy some gravely potting soil to repot my cacti (or is it something like it ?) plants. and treat my self on a nice flowering potplant .

The dogs will be here for a few hours this afternoon . I take them for a walk to papermill lock . it`s always such a happy atmosphere there with families with children , grandparents and dogs .. . Just having a sandwich or a cake .

The rest of the Sunday I have to make some space on my desk in the office/study . Loads of paperwork needing attention. but first making
the most of the warmish sunshine!

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 9-Sep-2019 17:35 Message #4751682
Good afternoon Trevor,

It's certainly getting cooler and we had a shower this afternoon too. I'm glad you enjoyed your friends 80th birthday party on Saturday.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 9-Sep-2019 17:38 Message #4751683
Good afternoon Keith,

The temperature is definitely dipping. It sounds as if you're enjoying your rides out :) I expect once the Wildlife Park extension is finished it might be a different story, and will be a lot busier. It sounds as if you need to pace yourself.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 9-Sep-2019 17:40 Message #4751684
Good afternoon Leogirl,

Another busy person. I am wondering about putting my thicker duvet on instead of the lightweight one currently there.

Watch out for the spines on your cactuses. What flowering plant did you treat yourself to?

I hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

Sea  Female  Essex 10-Sep-2019 10:37 Message #4751859
Hi All,

Afraid rather to late for Sunday, as I was at 'The Swanage Folk Festival'. Gresat fun, especially watching Morris Men venturing into the sea after the prcession through the town. Lovely weather for the whole weekend, although I took a chance venturing into the sea with my canoe yesterday. Must admit it did say 95% chance of rain all day but was not raining and had not for the last couple of hours,so took my inftatable cane out for a paddle around the bay. And yes after about half an hour it rained. Still I had the right gear on, so not too bad. Now back home

Twinkle...Christmas cards??? I never think about them till December...because I already have all mine, from last December and January, when half price or less. Then I simply forget about them, until the time draws near. At the moment I am enjoying the last weeks of Summer. Christmas is more than a quarter of the year away thank goodness and is only one day.

Very late (((Hugs)))) to all.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 10-Sep-2019 22:18 Message #4751983
Hi Sea Urchin,

You're never too late for the Huggy thread :)

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself in Swanage and your paddle around the bay too.

The Christmas cards I'm talking about are the individual family ones not the general ones, I have plenty of those.

Have a good week.


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