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Do you travel by public transport?

How do you get around other than drive?

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A_man_called_CHIOG  Male  South East London 7-Sep-2019 08:52 Message #4751275
Do you use taxis?
Cycle or just walk?
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 7-Sep-2019 09:14 Message #4751276
Trains - yes
Buses - yes lots
Taxis - very rarely
Cycle - occasionally
Walk - frequently
What I'd really like is an adult size scooter just to nip down to the chip shop 'cos my food is cooling by time I walk back about -ten minutes.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 7-Sep-2019 09:25 Message #4751278
What you need Poppy, is one of those scooters with an electric motor, trouble is when you left it outside the chippy, some kid would be taking it for a ride! lol.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 7-Sep-2019 09:47 Message #4751279
Personally I am getting lazy and so reliant on the car I am seriously considering getting rid of the car and having a spell of no car for while.

I would then be relying on the pushbike and busses for local journeys and the train for the longer ones. I do try to get in the use of public transport when I have my granddaughter down usually getting in a train journey to Looe and sometimes a round trip of ferry to Mount Edgecombe, walk to Cawsand and then bus back home. I do enjoy public transport but the car becomes too convenient at times.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 7-Sep-2019 10:32 Message #4751282
I've thought about that vanman but can't really justify the cost of one just to go to the chippy once every couple of weeks.
I'm going to go to a few car boots and see what I can get as a neighbour got one for her 13 year old for just a tenner. That would suit me nicely as I had a go on his and it's great.. His has a little stand and also folds up so I could take it in with me thus preventing the local kids from taking it for a spin.

As an addition to my first post I also have a car but I live off a dual carriageway and in a one way system so tend not to use it for short trips.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Sep-2019 13:06 Message #4751293
Our public transports a bit crap really and expensive, the shorter the train journey you make the more expensive it is, if I was going a long journey like to England or something then I'd go by train, but other than that all my journeys are fairly local and I drive.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 7-Sep-2019 13:46 Message #4751303
The past few years, since the car accident and the heart failure, I haven't driven much...

Before that I used to drive anywhere and everywhere...

Buses around here are quite good though...every 12 minutes into town...and Dayrider tickets allowing you to travel about all day...

Trains are variable...they say 'let the train take the strain'...but it is often more strain...

A few weeks ago I went to family 'up North'...the first train broke down as soon as I got on it at Gloucester (I must lose some weight )...had to wait an hour for another to Birmingham...which meant my Birmingham connection was a different train to the one booked....and then that one had to detour due to trespassers...we ended up going in the opposite direction to Rugby..and then coming back to the main north line....The result was that I ended up getting there over 3 hours later than I should....I'm claiming my money back, as they announced that we could, but I haven't heard anything from Virgin or Cross Country yet..
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 7-Sep-2019 13:59 Message #4751306
Train for long distances
Taxis only after a shift at night and only if I'm too knackered/idle to walk, and the organisation pay for it.

Gave up the van a few years ago because I was spending too much time looking at the scenery and not enough at the road around, would have only been a matter of time before I hit someone/something.
Having one of those senior bus passes I'm thinking of travelling more further afield and using it to take short breaks...probably with a tent/sleeping bag.
Picking the grandkids up from school I can now smile wryly at the numpty parents who block roads picking their kids up then complain there isn't enough parking nearby.
leogirl  Female  Essex 7-Sep-2019 14:55 Message #4751320
I use the train about 6 times a year , mainly for long distances to visit family and friends. MORE THAN 150 MILES. .
Busses - only if it does not involves long walks and long waits between busses to get to my destination .
I use taxies when I have no other choice of transport to get myself and heavy luggage/ shopping home .
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 7-Sep-2019 18:37 Message #4751347
I sometimes cycle but usually walk to work. I use the bus regularly and the train occasionally. Public transport isn’t bad here.
Greencare  Female  Berkshire 8-Sep-2019 09:03 Message #4751400
I often walk to the shops and come back home on the bus. I enjoy the bus and know most of the other passengers and usually the driver too.
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire 8-Sep-2019 09:09 Message #4751403

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 8-Sep-2019 09:28 Message #4751407
I used the bus for the first time recently and thought it was quite expensive. I use National Express coaches to go to and from the airport for holidays. I checked the price of both trains and buses to get myself to Salisbury and found out it was actually cheaper to hire a car.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex 8-Sep-2019 09:54 Message #4751408
I've got one of the adult sized (non-powered) scooters, which was quite handy to get around on occasionally when away recently.
But the trouble with the e-scooters (and other PMD's e.g. hoverboards,, e-skatebords, segways) is (at this time) they're not legal to use on the footpath (as they're "powered") and not legal to use on the road (for the same reason, and you need insurance, helmet and a licence to use a "powered" vehicle on the road). So the only place you can use one legally is on private land. A bit like a few years ago with the hoverboards that were a craze for 5 minutes but fizzled just out as quickly when it became clear they couldn't legally be used, other than on private land.
Sure the laws will have to be looked at, especially as 2 people have recently been killed on the road using e-scooters, because yes they're a speedy, convenient way to get around, but the issue is that there will idiots who will ride them inconsiderately and end up injuring pedestrians or themselves, a bit like mobility scooters which can be a real menace on footpaths. So the whole thing needs urgent review and new legislation to govern their use.

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 8-Sep-2019 09:57 Message #4751410
I love driving, always have, even find it helpful in relaxing and thinking, listening to audible books as I go to and from work. I sometimes have to do home visits in my car.

But I get very travel sick if others drive me for long, and I don't always go by a direct route anywhere. I drive from Sale to North Manchester, then might drive to visit my oldest sister in Tameside, or my other sister in Marple, Cheshire. I might visit a friend on my way home, or do grocery shopping in various places for a family of 3-4 adults that I could not carry. Then there are 2 border collies I drive to various green spaces for a healthy walk for myself and them.

On the other hand, I use the bus or the tram to go into Manchester for leisure purposes if I/we know we are not going anywhere else en route.

I/we do more cycling for leisure than driving.

I do quite a lot of walking anywhere I don't need the car including walking back home from Manchester around 7 miles.

If I have the right clothes, I don't let the weather stop me doing anything. In fact I've just paid £30 for an umbrella that is automatic and windproof.
BlackMark1  Male  Leicestershire 8-Sep-2019 11:47 Message #4751439
I often travel by train especially down to London but locally I walk or jog. I only like to run if it’s away from the town as I think joggers running up the high street look a bit daft.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 8-Sep-2019 11:55 Message #4751444
Not if I can help it, apart from when I fly.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 8-Sep-2019 15:44 Message #4751465
For me it's Public Transport or stay at home. My walking is limited in spite of regular chiropody and with a bad hip I could no longer get on and off a bike. My eyes are too poor to drive. I have my bus pass and a Wrinkly's rail card for the train. Occasionally I use a taxi, usually to get the cat to the vet, which isn't on the bus route.
SQL  Male  Devon 8-Sep-2019 21:58 Message #4751556
Trains for long distance (Devon to Glasgow for instance).
Buses to get into town fairly often, no problem with parking, helps reduce pollution.
Taxis when I have a lot of luggage or when the buses don't run.
Cycle a lot - most days. There's a lot of hills around here so exercise is mandatory. I have never in 60+ years found a hill that I can't cycle up and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have pushed a bike up a hill.
Walk every day, not more than about 4 miles these days, used to do 20 or so, arthritis is a real blight to some of us.

RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 9-Sep-2019 21:21 Message #4751762
I went on a bus today and it was very noticeable how friendly everyone was and how complete strangers smiled or wished you a good day.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 9-Sep-2019 22:26 Message #4751798
What! You shouldn’t talk to strangers :)
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 9-Sep-2019 22:35 Message #4751804
People say that on every bus there is a loony.....but when I get on a bus, I can never see one....
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 9-Sep-2019 22:35 Message #4751805
There have been schemes to get bus passengers talking to each other.

Suitable topics.

Late again
He shouldn't be drinking really

Last time I was on a bus, I was removed from my seat, the man said he wanted to drive the bus!
Withgoodintent  Male  North Yorkshire 10-Sep-2019 06:05 Message #4751824
The approach by strangers commences as soon as you reach the bus stop.
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 10-Sep-2019 06:59 Message #4751829
No, never by public transport. Walk or car.

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