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terry  Male  West Yorkshire 5-Sep-2019 13:35 Message #4751000
Having always had menial, boring jobs - mainly warehousing and transport, I find it quite interesting when people on here mention bits about their work, some people seem to have very interesting jobs or maybe it's just I'm a nosey sod?
What would you say about the work you do?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 5-Sep-2019 14:13 Message #4751009
I've had mainly menial jobs too, I beat myself up about it at times because I think I should have done better and have never truly loved any job I have done.
Although I generally enjoy a job at the start, I soon get bored and have never stayed in any job for longer than 7 years - I admire and equally can't understand anybody who stays in the same job for 40 years or some similar length of time.
I've always felt unfulfilled where work is concerned, to me it's a way of getting money and very little else - I can't quite put my finger on what I'd like to do...
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 5-Sep-2019 15:22 Message #4751011
When my girls were at school I couldn’t wait to be working again and looked around for part time work. Luckily in this area there are plenty of jobs to choose from and I went to work for an estate agents which I knew nothing about.
I tried to have a go at all the different aspects of the work and now spend some time doing office work, some phone work and some actually dealing with clients. Always interesting and the days fly by.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 5-Sep-2019 15:36 Message #4751016
My jobs have all been bearable...some sound a bit more interesting than others....but they aren't really...

A combination of hard work, reliability, luck and a few other things has meant that I worked for about 40 years..before redundancy and then ill health took over..

1973 - sugar boiler in a factory making Blackpool rock...for a few weeks.

1974 - 1980 - Merchant Navy....cadet, then 3rd Mate.

1980 - 1989 - Insurance place - working on the computers...Old ICL 1900 series stuff, then IBM..

1990 - 2000 - British Aerospace/CSC - Computer operations in Bristol..12 hour shifts...outsourced to CSC for the last 5 years..

2001 -2014 - Outsourcing company -Operations again in 24/7 datacentre...12 hour shifts again. Until all work moved offshore...
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 5-Sep-2019 19:11 Message #4751056
Well I worked for a large bus company for about 6 years. I was a bus driver and briefly a driving instructor/driver trainer. I hated the bus driving, looking back I've no idea how I did it for so long. Loved the driving instructing, really suited my personality and done quite well at it. Earned the nickname Bob the B@$tard. Was said I was the youngest driving instructor ever hired by the company.

Onto HGV driving....

It's a job I really like, and I have/had a lot of passion for the job. Sadly the job I'm in, it inspires absolutely no passion. All the trucks are slow and under powered, the job is so easy it's not a challenge, I go to the same 70-80 drops, which may seem like a lot, but five nights a week, doing 1-3 deliveries per night, for 4 years.... you get round them all, and get a bit sick of them. The company I work for pay very well, so I have to put up with the crap side of the job for now.

Once mortgage is paid off, or I win the lotto I'd love to explore the better, less well paid parts of HGV driving. Low loaders and cattle floats like my dad and grandad did. It would offer much more excitement and something different and a bit of a challenge.

I have other interests such as farming and construction, but I'd rather have them and hobbies, and the HGV driving as a job.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 5-Sep-2019 19:20 Message #4751059
TWO..."Old ICL 1900 series stuff, then IBM"

ICL 1900? Now that takes me back a few years.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 5-Sep-2019 19:31 Message #4751061
Yes....they don't make em like that anymore...

.With both manual exec and George 3...and paper tape readers..and go 20 and go 21 etc....
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 5-Sep-2019 19:53 Message #4751065
I can't resist putting up my resume.
Age 16 - Cigarette factory quality lab, then washing up at Park Cake Bakeries (summer jobs)
Age 16 - cadet nurse for 1 year
Age 17 - dental nurse
Age 18 - Student psychiatric nurse - then married serviceman posted to West Drayton
Age 19 - Veterinary nurse for PDSA, Wimbledon
Age 20 - Motorcycle despatch rider - Interflora clerk - care assistant - London
Age 21- Student Nurse - husband got posted to Brawdy
Age 22 - marriage broke up due to RAF
Age 23 - completed 2 year course and moved back home to Manchester
Age 24 - Orthopaedic nurse in Stockport
Age 27 - became a mother and started running engine tuning business with 2nd husband for 28 years
Age 40 - went back to nursing and upgraded qualification and worked for 3 years in heart surgery
Age 44 - Deputy team manager in National Blood Service, Liverpool.
Age 45 - started in practice nursing
Age 65 - advocate for autism, people with ME and part time practice nurse. Training to be a "Train the trainer".
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 5-Sep-2019 20:00 Message #4751066
What a wonderful and interesting CV Justlyn, and I am sure you have worked very hard at it all over the years, and still do. Good on you,

V x
eurostar  Female  Merseyside 5-Sep-2019 20:40 Message #4751074
started off as a student nurse...….SEN...
had kids and did various
apprentice electrician
landscape gardener
now 19 years as a stores person/fork lift trucker/computer geek/ event planner and bar manager...…….lol
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire 6-Sep-2019 00:29 Message #4751118
My career jobs have been as a psychologist ( first Clinical, then Forensic) with a 2 year aberration as a broadcast journalist with HTV, but I did a succession of jobs as a schoolkid and student, and also in addition to my proper job when I was divorced (ex not paying any child support).
These included:-
Silver Service Waitressing
Sales assistant in lingerie
Santa Clause's fairy
Soldering circuits used in Lotus sports cars
Copywriter'assistant at Unilever advertising
Demography research Fellowship
Professional model
Adult Vocational Guidance Adviser
Open University Course designer
Health Education/promotion
Lecturer; Tutor; Counsellor
Art Gallery assistant
Weekend "nanny" for a comedienne.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 6-Sep-2019 06:06 Message #4751119
TW, never really used paper tape readers but certainly the old card punch. XPJC was the file allocation program if I remember correctly - rather a random memory that one!
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 6-Sep-2019 08:31 Message #4751135
Thanks for the replies. I suppose the most interesting job I had was the last one where I did a bit of everything from international shipping to building up printing machines - lots of variation but little specific knowledge, in fact, thinking about it, the only two jobs I've had that required a specific skill set was apprentice fitter at the pit and knitting machine operator; can't have been too bad at that they gave me the new circular machines to operate and worked with the design team on it.
flowerpotman  Male  Dumfries and Galloway 6-Sep-2019 09:10 Message #4751141
1955 Horticultural Nursery
1959 National service.......PT Instructor
1961 Grocers Shop
1966 Bedding Factory.......Van Driver
1969 Dye works HGV driver
1971 Van Sales
1974 Horticultural Rep
1976 Insurance Agent
1978 Started my own Horticultural Nursery
This had been my ambition all along and I was happy working for myself.
2001 sold nursery and retired happily.

Templar2013  Male  South East London 6-Sep-2019 10:40 Message #4751144
You got there eventually flowerman!
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-Sep-2019 10:57 Message #4751146
I can't remember all the jobs I've done as so much of it was temping and I had big breaks in the middle of it all. But I've helped to design and write story boards for computer games, I've been a counsellor, a hairdresser, worked at a retreat and B&B house, I've worked in a wholefood shop, now i can't work due to various and multiple health problems
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire 9-Sep-2019 10:56 Message #4751636
I think mine is probably a list of jobs you never want to do ...

Age 13 - Paper round.
Age 15 - Paper round and Saturday job on a pet food stall on the market.
Age 16 - Trainee wages clerk.
Age 16 - RAF.
Age 21 - Left RAF.. 4 years in Lincoln tested my patience.
Age 21 - 6 weeks in a woolen mill.
Age 21 - Tesco's.
Age 25 - Left for another job which went after a few weeks.
Age 25 - Unemployed for a couple of years. Though did some courses and driving for a local Furniture project suppoertd by the council.
Age 27 - Evening manager at a local supermarket.
Age 28 - Driver at local hospital.
Age 29 - Had to give that up has marriage broke down and had to care for my two children.
Age 30 - Tesco's.
Age 31 - Self employed taxi driver - courtsey car driver.
Age 35 - Part time driver delivering school meals for local council.
Age 37 - Security and CIT driver.
Age 38 - Cleaner.
Age 39 - Tram Driver.
Age 41 - Security.
Age 43 - Baggage Handler at Manchester Airport.
Age 55 - Mobile cleaner at Derbyshire CC.
Still there counting down to retirement.

Apolligises to JustLyn for nicking her template.

JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 9-Sep-2019 18:45 Message #4751699
Thanks Chris,

I forgot I also was a Tesco cash out person as a temp around age 21 before starting nurse training in Haverfordwest.

I loved it.
The manager offered me permanent but obviously couldn't accept.

I also recall a young man buying a chocolate egg then walking off. I shouted he had forgotten his egg and he replied he had bought it for me!

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