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Yes I do

Rising in Love

Rikco  Male  central London 26-Aug-2019 21:58 Message #4749722
Wake up
Middle of the night
Sitting up
A likkle bit uptight
Cos it ain’t right
Me here
You there
And still I see the bigger picture
Like truth resonates when it hits ya
It won’t be long
Before we’re singing our song
The way I feel right now nothing can go wrong
This rhythm of life’s beat playin n I dance along
With a heart big like King Kong
And high on your energy like smoking a bong
I’m so into you
You took ma soul n made it feel new
You showed me da real deal
Now I smile like da kid wid da happy meal
I Love you
I Love you
I do
On ma mind when I go to sleep at night
In ma dreams it seems I wake with you holding me tight
Moulding me right
Such a beautyfilled soul
Feel so chilled when we’re alone
Lika place I can call home
Sexy n sweet
With eyes so piercing when they meet
And every moment in your presence just Divine
Giving me the energy to naturally shine
Bestie n best friend
Let this Love never end
When there comes a cork or a fork in the road let it bend
All I desire is to receive n send
More Love from ma heart
Over n over again
I Love you
I Love you
Yes I do
Yes it’s true
Coming in lika storm
All quiet at first I knew something wasn’t norm
1st eye wide open
Feeling Love vibration in the moment
No doubt your frequency rippled through me like potent
And omnipotent
Remaining calm
I stretched my arm
And you grabbed a hold
And I behold
As our story unfold
Like the rainbow n the pot of gold
I hit the jackpot
With what we got
Typical teenage fantasy
Manifested into reality
And it’s so Lovely
The way you kiss n you hug me
The way you caress n snug me
Puff puff pass n lug me
I’d be a mug me
To deny this here feeling
More than appealing
Like my heart you’re stealing
And every moment revealing
Deeper truth
Our connection ancient strong n true
Who knows the mission we gotta do
All I know is babygirl I do Love you
I Love you
I Love you
I do
I Love you
I Love you
Oh yes I do
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 28-Aug-2019 23:22 Message #4749969
Its a different place now.
To the one you knew before.
You left the door wide
And many Trolls came inside.
They are rude and loud
Forming a crowd.
Screaming at nice folk.
Just because they spoke.
Marking their territory.
Making claim on the site.
Always unhappy, like a dog that can't shite.
It is a different place now.
To the one you knew before.
joolsy  Female  Essex 2-Sep-2019 23:39 Message #4750640
Love is holdi g your hand .love isnt just sex .love is feelin what the persons feelin .love is sharing .love isnt shallow .it dosent mater what you look like .ya see a blind person loves with the heart .and that love has no conditions .just love i do x
Rikco  Male  central London 7-Sep-2019 14:26 Message #4751315
Always remember
Relative relativity
Of that positive negativity
Ya see
For me
I liken it unto a Monday
I call it Funday
Cos everybody frown n looking down
A perfect opportunity for me to be the best I can be
In these dark night
Where it appear ego n fear winning the fight
Jus delight
And still shine bright
The power of joy will always annoys egos plan n might
Even switch it
Sew n stitch it
Anyway I’m back
In the attack
With full armour n a stack
Of Love
Come show me where they at bruv
Rikco  Male  central London 7-Sep-2019 14:32 Message #4751317
That’s right
Love simply is
No questions or answers
All in for the chancers
But some been burned before
Heart broken by the 1ne they adore
So for sure
They find it hard to Love again
The fact of the matter is the perception of what Love is, is actually the problem
That’s why I teach
Trying not to preach
But each
And every1ne
Can shine brighter than any sun
We would see our way clearer
If we paid more attention to the mirror
Don’t fear him
Don’t fear her
Love him
Love her
Over n over
Find the true meaning of Love
That when Love knocks your door you are ready to receive it
Retrieve it and believe it
Thank you

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