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in the workplace

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 15-Aug-2019 05:55 Message #4748770
Waking up early, logging on here....and thinking of you do sometimes..

Actually it was the thread I raised yesterday about cauliflowers, that made me think of cauliflowers..

and that has now made me think of ears..

Which got me thinking of terminologies...

At work we used to have a reporting system called 'Action Request System' or ARS for short....There was an Extended version...with Extended version they often had an E on the end...which would have been a bit too rude for a respectable the E went on the front to form EARS.

EARS became an every 'saying'..Referring to the reporting software..Problems would be raised through the Ears be dealt with by the relevant teams...Many times a day....It was the terminology that us as support, and end users would refer to it as....Raise an Ears...What's the Ears number...etc etc

If anyone heard it for the first time....then it would get the usual snigger type thing...then it just becomes normal..

What kind of things in your workplaces over the years have been acronyms or such like, that you have used all the time, but nobody else uses outside of the 'industry'

Another one for me was 'Smoko'...when I was in the Merchant Navy...Smoko was your break...Pronounced Smoke with an O on the end...It was said all the time...Go and have your smoko...smoko time...I'm on my smoko..etc..
I've never heard it in all the years I've been ashore...
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 15-Aug-2019 09:10 Message #4748772
Each organisation develops it's own TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) in effect it's own terminology.

fosy  Male  Leicestershire 15-Aug-2019 11:10 Message #4748784
not an acronym but a saying;
its not to a gnats cock = it doesnt have to be that accurate.
SirMcFish  Male  the West Midlands 15-Aug-2019 20:04 Message #4748811
I wrote a Chemistry lab system... it imported data from some instruments into the main system...

It ended up being called CHemistry ImPort System - CHIPS

We, in the development team, then started that 'amusing' acronyms were needed for all projects before they could be coded... we ended up with several (I can't recall their actual names), VINEGAR (whatever it was we really had to stretch credibility to get that acronym!), SALT and FISH

Sadly, some stick in the mud got stroppy and we had to call them less fun names...

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