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Here's one to gladden the heart of all the technophobes and smartphone haters

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 14-Aug-2019 19:54 Message #4748741
This is in the USA, but could it happen here?
Is it any different to being spotted on CCTV and called in for questioning?

Law enforcement authorities in New York are joining a nationwide trend to push Google to share phone data on anyone using its location tracking services near the time and scene of a crime.
The technique uses a type of search warrant known as a “reverse location” or “geofence” warrant, which gives authorities location information on Google users who have Android phones or use apps, such as Google Maps.
From this bucket of data, law enforcement then try to figure out which phones may be tied to suspects or possible witnesses.
The use of this surveillance technique has not been confirmed in New York City until now. An investigator for the Manhattan DA revealed it during testimony last week in a case involving a politically-charged assault from last year.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 14-Aug-2019 21:56 Message #4748762
Brilliant, glad I don't have location enabled on any of my technology....though if I'm correct, you don't have to have it enabled because if you use the equipment it takes it's information from three different signals? by use I mean connect to the internet/phone system.

Worth discussing though, maybe we'll stop this senseless and continual desire for 'the next one'
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 15-Aug-2019 09:11 Message #4748773
You can still be tracked. As you move around your phone is pinging towers - literally saying 'I am here' if you need to contact me.

badman  Male  Suffolk 15-Aug-2019 09:16 Message #4748775
It would only indicate your phone was at those locations, not you personally.

You could be miles away doing another heist while your mate took your phone somewhere else.

Just sayin'.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 15-Aug-2019 09:53 Message #4748778
Yeah, I think it was a dig at Google and Android really as people were suggesting moving to Apple to avoid the eyes of the "establishment".
Surely if you use google maps and have your location enabled on Apple, the same applies?...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 15-Aug-2019 11:22 Message #4748788
Was the title of the thread aimed at me by any chance ?
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 15-Aug-2019 14:41 Message #4748797
I would expect it applies to all mobile phones not just Android based because you can soon switch off the tracking facility.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 15-Aug-2019 21:59 Message #4748839
My understanding, which may well be wrong, is the only time a mobile device doesn't 'ping' a tower is when it's turned off. The location aspect is more for the users benefit than the technology, so it doesn't matter whether it's turned on or of my phobias about mobile technology is that these 'pings' can be recorded, but accept that has good and not so good in the 21st Century.

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