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and cooking

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 6-Aug-2019 14:01 Message #4747701
There's probably a thread about it somewhere but I couldn't be **sed to look for it.

It's pancake week for me this week, and for afters I tried baking some biscuits, like flippin' rock cakes they've turned out - good job I have no teeth!
I used to do a nice sunday dinner but the grandkids don't 'do' sunday dinners and it's not worth doing it just for me.

What's your speciality, either in cooking or baking, or both? is it a passion for you or just a job that has to be done?
Why not share your recipes here then if some of you try them, come back and say how they turned out? I'll avoid my recipes, would hate to be the cause of so much gastric problems.
RumBassiousPenguin  Male  Essex 6-Aug-2019 15:23 Message #4747705
I can and do cook and bake, a really simple dessert is mixed berry cheesecake.

Easy because it needs no cooking!

The base is just crumbed digestive biscuits and warm butter, mix well and put in fridge overnight.
The topping is squished berries, cream cheese, castor sugar and créme fraiche.

Google it for details but that's the idea.

Now main dish - my beef and mushroom stroganoff is to kill for! Again, such an easy dish.

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 6-Aug-2019 16:39 Message #4747717
Aaargh...mushrooms, food of the devil. I'll go with the beef though, that sounds good. Might have a go at your dessert when the grandkids next come down.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 6-Aug-2019 18:46 Message #4747732
I love to cook and cook many different styles, except Chinese/Thai stuff because I don't like it, but lots of traditional British style dishes, Italian and Indian. Baking is something I don't do so much of these days, none of us have particularly sweet teeth so theres no one to do it for. I do love to make chutney's and jams, I've found a stand of damson trees which I will raid to make damson ketchup and jam, I think I'll have a decent crop of runner beans so as I can make runner bean chutney which is my DiL's favourite, along with damson ketchup, she'd never had British style chutneys and pickles before and Indian ones are so different.

I do love to make Ancient Egyptian cookies though, theyre quick and need to be made in small batches and eaten the same day.

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