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brisinger  Male  Lancashire 5-Aug-2019 09:07 Message #4747545
having to remind the nurses on the ward that our Trust is signed up to "John's Campaign" when they tried to evict me that I could stay 24 hours day because my Mother has Alzheimer's. In case you have to fight your corner I pm'd the ones who have set out the rules "John's Campaign" they confirmed I was correct. Their statement is:

"There should be no restrictions. If you let me know the likely hospital I can give you the link to their pledge. Some hospitals have a carers passport system, some are able to offer things like reduced meal costs. The only thing that should be standard is the lack of visiting restriction. Pledges are displayed on our website and on the Observer newspaper. Sometimes, I'm sorry to say, hospitals forget... and you need to remind them."
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 5-Aug-2019 09:08 Message #4747546
For more information see:
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 5-Aug-2019 09:12 Message #4747547
What would your reaction be to dealing with the situation?
Judance  Female  Berkshire 5-Aug-2019 10:51 Message #4747554
Sorry to here that Mum is in hospital, bris, but glad she is getting 24hr care

Like you, I think I would check that the hospital is signed up and, if possible, get a print-out to have with me should I be challenged.
I think I would also contact the Chief Executive of the trust (or what ever the post title is) and remind that person that they have signed up and that they are obviously not making sure the guys at the coal face know this. It's a training issue.

I'm sure you don't want to be there 24/7 with Mum, but a bit of flexibility will help, I'm sure.
All the best
Ju x

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