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Ahhhh. Freshly squeezed orange juice.

What could be more natural and delicious?

Beach  Male  Dorset
4-Aug-2019 22:27 Message #4747514
You’ve all seen the advert.


To the tune of “Good Mornin, Good Mornin”, from the classic movie, Singing In The Rain, a photo-realistic animation shows a cartoon of freshly picked oranges jumping into a Tropicana orange carton while a slick male voice-over says, “There are 16 fresh picked oranges squeezed into each carton of Tropicana pure premium and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. Tropicana. We put the good in morning.”.

And read the way the following words and sentence is constructed with regards to the product.

“At Tropicana, we squeeze 24 freshly picked Florida oranges into every 89-ounce bottle. (Pause). That’s 24 Florida oranges … from the grove … to your glass”.

Tropicana, (and other famous brands), talk of the 100% pure orange juice that goes into their products except …

If we rewind back to the processing of the product, we learn that, while the procedure of squeezing the fresh orange juice from the oranges may, indeed, be a slick and quick process, the orange juice itself gets processed to within an inch of its life … to the point of ending up without any taste at all.

Natural orange juice has a short shelf life and does not keep well so, to aid storage of up to ONE YEAR in vast industrial vats, all the oxygen is extracted from the orange juice … a process that also removes the natural orange juice flavour.

So how come I taste natural orange juice when I purchase the “freshly squeezed” but, possibly, year old product when I pour it out at breakfast?

Well … You can thank the same laboratory that makes perfume for Calvin Kleine and Christian Dior because the, so called, fresh orange juice flavour you taste when you drink “fresh” orange juice, (that could already be a year old), is actually a man made reintroduced flavour pack very similar to a cosmetic perfume. (It is made from other oranges so doesn’t qualify as artificial or an additive and, therefore, doesn't have to be explained or treated as an additive).

Anyway … the next time you plan to purchase fresh orange juice, be aware that there is no such thing … not if it is being marketed by some huge, global, company like Tropicana. (Owned by Pepsi and carrying nearly as much sugar as one of their Pepsi Colas.)

Oh. And while I’m here, would you like me to tell you a thing or two about Lidl’s Birchwood Farm products?

You’ve guessed already, haven’t you?

The label is … just a label. The Birchwood Farm label is just an invented, fictional, place.

And I’m sure there would be enough for a conference if we actually delved deeper into the duplicity and tricks all processed food giants used to seduce us into believing the hype about their products.

PS. I don't know why Americans call their container an 89-ounce bottle but they do.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
4-Aug-2019 22:38 Message #4747516
Does that mean that Auntie Bessie doesn't make all her stuff herself?....It's like finding out about father Christmas...

It's also strange that some drinks just contain Lemon flavour, artificial stuff....whereas some washing up liquids and shampoos and things contain 'real lemon'
Beach  Male  Dorset
4-Aug-2019 23:00 Message #4747518
Actually, TW, I think we have to give Auntie Bessie Ltd a great big pat on the back for being particularly transparent, honest and genuine.

Starting up in Hull in the 1850's, (if Wiki and other resources are correct), the company that became Aunt Bessies was a subsidiary of William Jacksons Ltd and that company still has the great, great grandson of the original founder as CEO of the business ... though that business sold off Aunt Bessie eventually and she's been handed around quite a bit since then, bless her heart. (She's just been aquired again for £210M in 2018).

Bottom line is ... Aunty Bessie is the real deal! :-)
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
4-Aug-2019 23:43 Message #4747533
"It's also strange that some drinks just contain Lemon flavour "

again, you have to be careful of labeling;
lemon flavour = real fruit used.
lemon flavoured = artificial ingredients used to create the flavour.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
5-Aug-2019 09:21 Message #4747548
Personally I very rarely if ever drink fruit juice (whether "freshly squeezed" or otherwise, because of the high levels of sugar it contains.
A glass of fruit juice can contain the same amount of sugar as a glass of regular cola, and not many people would consider that as a healthy addition to their breakfast table.
I know we are all bombarded with health advice about what is or isn't good for us, and quite often this changes but an interesting study that came out recently from data that was collected through a long-running nutrition survey in France, called NutriNet-Santé, involving 101,257 healthy French adults, 79% of whom were women.
Those taking part had completed at least two 24-hour online validated dietary questionnaires, designed to measure their usual intake of 3,300 food and beverage items, and were followed up for a maximum of nine years. Over that time, nearly 2,200 cases of cancer were diagnosed, including 693 breast cancers.
They found that just a 100ml increase in sugary drink consumption was associated with an 18% increased risk of overall cancer and a 22% increased risk of breast cancer.

PS. I don't know why Americans call their container an 89-ounce bottle but they do.*

Not difficult. It's just fluid ounces and how they express their liquid volumes.
1 US fl oz (slightly less than the UK fl oz) = 29.6 millilitres (mls)
So 89 oz (fl oz) = 2.63 litres or 4.6 pints.

Maybe our North American cousins prefer bigger numbers (where bigger is best) so stick with fl oz's rather than pints. So would feel hard done by if for example their milk came in our 4 pint (or 2.722 litres) bottles.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd
5-Aug-2019 10:55 Message #4747556
We get our orange juice from Aldi, yes its made from concentrate, but it still tastes nice, I'm not really a fan of freshly squeezed juice, it depends on how god the oranges are and I absolutley cannot stand bits, its like drinking sick.
Sea  Female  Essex
5-Aug-2019 15:26 Message #4747592
I love my orange juice freshly squeezed from the orange, and straight from the tree, if in a country where oranges grow. Taste so much nicer than what is in cartons. And I love the fleshy orange pieces that may fall into the juice as well. : - )
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire
5-Aug-2019 15:49 Message #4747593
Orange juice or any of the citrus fruits........bad for arthritis
Aely  Female  Hampshire
7-Aug-2019 15:41 Message #4747826
Grapefruit juice - don't use it to wash down your Simvastatin!
Beach  Male  Dorset
7-Aug-2019 17:53 Message #4747845
Grapefruit juice would be a killer for me due to its effect of magnifying the effect of Warfarin. Dark greens like Kale are also dangerous but for opposite reasons; having very strong blood clotting properties.

I could write reams ... describing what is good and what is bad for someone taking Warfarin. :-(
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire
1-Sep-2019 20:10 Message #4750465
Squeezed or concentrated citrus hits the metabolism like a Karcher cleaner and puts up blood sugars at a high rate. The old good for you thing was before it was realised that the cellulose capsules that is within the fruit slows down to absorption and regulates the assault on body.

Yes, it has vitamins but the downside is too much sucrose in and not enough energy expenditure to burn it off unless you are doing a run.

Even if your not overweight, the body often produces less insulin as you get older so burning off glucose is a bit like having a Mini engine in the body of a Bentley.

Too much "energy" in the blood often leads to feeling tired and often leads to a sugar craving making the problem worse.
eurostar  Female  Merseyside
1-Sep-2019 20:13 Message #4750466
I bought a very old orange squeezer a while back and just one Good orange produces a kicking small juice

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