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Pilgrims_Rest  Female  Wiltshire 18-Jul-2019 12:23 Message #4745469
Good afternoon,

I have been helping a 90 year old lady who lives a few doors away from me,
with her shopping as and when needed.
Her husband died in 2018, and since then she has carers come in most mornings to help
her. One of these carers left her job as a carer & suddenly became a cleaner.
She has been ""Cleaning"" the old lady's house since then. It started at 2 hours per week
at £15 per hour. (Her carers pay was a lot less than this) & became 4 hours per week.
I & other friends visit most weeks & have seen her home become dirtier & grubbier over
the past 18 months. The cleaner comes regularly with her teenage daughter & what should
be 4 hours of her cleaning, is now 2 & her daughter 2.
I have talked to the old lady about her dirty home & she always says the cleaner is a nice lady.
She is very reluctant to say anything to her, as to why she is not cleaning properly. Her other
friends have now said to her that not only is she ""Not Cleaning"", but, Stealing as well""
""Doing no work & taking the money"" I totally agree with this.
The old lady could not see it this way. She is very switched on mentally, but, sadly too gentle
& kind natured.

Personally I do not tolerate liars & thieves & take a very dim view of those who do either.

How do you see this situation??


Templar2013  Male  South East London 18-Jul-2019 15:37 Message #4745473
It’s a good thing that you care but a difficult judgement to make when dealing with something concerning two other people.
I certainly can’t offer any qualified comments as that would take a lot of knowledge of what is going on.
How hard the cleaner works for her money and how good she is cleaning is subjective.

If you have concerns I would start with her family or close friends. The incident sounds more like a lazy and skiving cleaner than a criminal. Perhaps even have a word with the cleaner and voice your concerns although I doubt she will thank you.
barney  Male  Surrey 18-Jul-2019 16:06 Message #4745475
I think your friend is being ripped off.

Why don't you have a discreet word with Social Services at your local Council and let them look into it.

If you want rid of them ask them if they are paying income tax on their earnings.
SQL  Male  Devon 18-Jul-2019 16:37 Message #4745476
Yes, Social Services are the first contact. Here they have a section called 'safeguarding' which is dedicated to protecting vulnerable adults. I have had occasion to call them when my sister started to bully and steal from my Aunt. They are not very proactive, I had to push them quite hard to do anything.

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 18-Jul-2019 21:06 Message #4745503
£60 per week for cleaning (presumably cash in hand) sounds a lot to me, plus there are issues regarding DBS checks and safety of vulnerable adults.
The carer may have a valid DBS check from her previous care job but she or her daughter may not.
This line of work is a bloody minefield and I don't think anybody can just start going into vulnerable people's homes to do cleaning or other such work...
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 18-Jul-2019 21:36 Message #4745504
Best to get things checked out.
When things like this are going wrong, it is always downhill.
If you do nothing you will probably regret it at a later date..

Good call from Hiero, carers have to be checked.

One of my claims to fame was a carer, checked to work with vulnerable people.
But he was using shared id, so he was working (in nhs), using fake id.
He was also driving with no insurance etc (shared id).
He had been doing this for 10 years!
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 18-Jul-2019 22:06 Message #4745505
Is she afraid of repercussions if she does speak out?
If you Google Report abuse of an elder, it'll bring up the UK gov page that will explain what to do in a few different scenarios.

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