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Would it be better if?

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 11-Jul-2019 07:57 Message #4744516
We did away with government and let the free market run the country?
We do seem to have a lot of far right free market supporters on here, would it be better if we gave power to companies and entrepeneurs do you think?
There does seem to be some form of agreement that government doesn't do such a good job of running society whichever side we vote for, or am I wrong in that assumption?
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 11-Jul-2019 08:35 Message #4744520
There does appear to be a tendency towards over-legislation. Each step in new technology with the potential for misuse has seemed to require the introduction of a new law, and this when it seems to me that existing laws are perfectly adequate. For example, using a hand held device while driving is surely covered by the dangerous driving / driving without due care & consideration component of legislation already in existence.

Less government intervention would, I feel, be of benefit to individuals. However, I strongly feel that giving 'power to companies and entrepreneurs', that is to say bodies that have not been elected is so, so similar to giving power to an unelected bevy of bureaucrats and I'm fairly confident that there is no need for me to identify the body that I have in mind.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 11-Jul-2019 09:26 Message #4744528
If you gave unrestricted power to companies &/or entrepreneurs it would quickly descend into a case of ultimate power, corrupts ultimately.
We already see how they behave within the constraints that they have to adhere to. Just imagine what it would be like if they weren't there.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 11-Jul-2019 18:07 Message #4744586
terry 11-Jul-2019 07:57
We did away with government and let the free market run the country?

In vast areas of UK's economy this has already been done.
What's more, we have had a series of Governments that would prefer to see our vital infrastructure, utilities, schools, prisons, health services, Royal Mail (Queen's Head sold off) in the hands of anonymous Private Equity Coys, Foreign Sovereign Wealth Funds and even Foreign Governments = nationalized, not for us, but for Governments all over the world, including EU, and China.
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 11-Jul-2019 18:17 Message #4744587
OnlineMSE. You are right it would not be a wise move.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 11-Jul-2019 18:45 Message #4744592
You could be right Warmundeft, but I wonder if this isn't due to an inherent problem with our legal system, we make laws against specific things and I wonder if a new law, like the one quoted was needed because driving whlst using a mobile isn't actually covered by dangerous driving/driving without due care and attention?

I definatly don't think it would be better to leave everything to the markets, we had that from Thatcher and we're still reeling from it. I think we do need a root and branch review and shake up of our legal system and the way we do government, but if you get rid of government you get rid of the legal system by default, funnily enough though I don't think it happens the other way around.

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