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Self ego related meaningless

Witheflow  Male  North Yorkshire 10-Jul-2019 08:36 Message #4744365
There's a place for all in society. Even those who perfer to ignore the suffering of others. Selfishness is a state of growth. Ignorance is a disadvantage to growth. BE KIND TO THE IGNORANT
Neros1954  Male  Devon 10-Jul-2019 09:03 Message #4744370
I find the way you express yourself is sometimes difficult to understand and know precisely the point you are making.

Of course we should be kind to the ignorant, the selfish, the clever and not so clever, those who's opinions we do not agree with as well as those with similar thought. We should not create artifical divisions between ourselves and others whether by politics, wealth or social preferences so perhaps you should just say BE KIND TO EVERYONE

I believe we are all equal and hate the artificial devisions put up to make us appear superior to others.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 10-Jul-2019 12:05 Message #4744386
dont feed the troll...
Witheflow  Male  North Yorkshire 11-Jul-2019 10:56 Message #4744537
Good point NEROS. Indeed we should be KIND TO EVERYONE
But how do we avoid reacting to people who support selfishness and cruelty to the less privileged? Even though they are just parroting ideological views. I struggle with returning kindness to selfishness. Without challenging the indoctrinated views, then what you allow will continue.

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