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Quantum Universe

If only

Beach  Male  Dorset 10-Jul-2019 01:46 Message #4744337
One theory of existence suggests that the quantum world allows for EVERY permutation of EVERY second of existence be played out independently, adjacent or parallel to the existence we, ourselves, happen to occupy.

This means that … while our own existence, (within this particular universe), follows a linear timeline that we, probably, can’t change, there may be billions of alternate universes, (with us inside them), where WE live out our lives experiencing ALL of those alternate versions of reality … with each variation representing an entirely, unique version of ourselves interacting with the universe.

It means; in some parallel universe … Brisinger never gets the leg injury, Joolsy never , accidently, shows her baps to that passing bus and I never get to invent Gravity technology.

But, if that kind of a concept is just too much to get your head around, lets keep life simple and, instead, just ask …

What would you change about your life if you had an opportunity to do so?

I don’t mean, (or expect), you to treat the question negatively, with regret … unless you wish to.

Rather, I’m asking … Are there things … Is there stuff … Is there a moment … or a situation … you just wish you could replay, relive, present or do … a little bit differently?

Is there a moment in your life where you could have, (or would have), welcomed a time machine to change the outcome of some impending event?
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 10-Jul-2019 07:00 Message #4744357
What would you change about your life if you had an opportunity to do so?

There must be so many things I should think of but my mind’s a blank!
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Jul-2019 12:31 Message #4744394
I would go back to all the times I've done something or had something done to me thats left me feeling like I want the ground to open up and swallow me, when I've put my foot in my mouth an then used he other one to try and pry the first out and just not do whatever it was or just stay at home in a cupboard with a blanket over my head.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 10-Jul-2019 13:17 Message #4744416
Well, there was a certain young man in my youth that I might not have said no to, second time around. I have often wondered what might have happened if I had been in a mood to be reckless.
Beach  Male  Dorset 13-Jul-2019 01:45 Message #4744875
Wow, HotorWot,

I ask this respectfully but … isn't it a bit spooky or disconcerting that you don't have some "what if" narrative for the branches of some potential alternate life that might have … or might still … change the course of your current life?



Ha ah. Hen

You make me laugh. you do. :-)


I had a similar occurrence, Aely.

A beautiful girl, (and I mean a beautiful girl right out of my own fantasy, looks wise), once stared straight into my soul in the few minutes her bus, (which she was on), stopped at the bus stop I was already standing at … and our eyes just BONDED and MELDED into each other, (it was like a lighting strike between us)


5, 10, 15 seconds later … the bus moved off, (with her craning her head sideways and then back to keep me in her sight).

As the bus left, I felt I had lost someone or something special.

I know that sounds crazy but … isn't that what love at first sight feels like?
Beach  Male  Dorset 13-Jul-2019 01:54 Message #4744876

I wish my father's garden ornament hadn't been stolen.

If it hadn't, I wouldn't have found a desire to invent an "invisible, tamper-proof and invisible security and fastening system (using one moving part and the forces of gravity) and, although I wouldn't have found international fame inventing "an entirely new engineering principle", (and international awards for invention and innovation), I would have still held onto Jackie, the children and my sanity. :-(

Yeah. That was a mouthful to relate but … seriously … it sickens me even relating that stuff these days.

That's why I lead such a simple and idyllic life these days.

I don't want ANYTHING to do with those "successful" days anymore … because they robbed me of all I ever held dear.

Things are OK now though. :-)
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 13-Jul-2019 10:13 Message #4744905
I thought your invention was a version of the old monkey trap?
Hollowed out tree, put some fruit in it, monkey gets hand trapped.
Did you invent something else Beach?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Jul-2019 12:32 Message #4744915
I quite like all the permutations of what ifs, I've sometmes wondered if de-ja-vou isn't a collision of realities?
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 19-Jul-2019 17:31 Message #4745582
I would change my date of birth to about 2000 so that I could benefit much more from current technology.

Your love at first sight reminded me of Thomas Ford's lovely 1607 poem which starts:-
There is a lady sweet and kind,
Was never face so pleas'd my mind;
I did but see her passing by,
And yet I love her till I die.

Her gesture, motion, and her smiles,
Her wit, her voice, my heart beguiles,
Beguiles my heart, I know not why,
And yet I love her till I die.

Her free behaviour, winning looks,
Will make a lawyer burn his books;
I touch'd her not, alas! not I,
And yet I love her till I die.

Over the years in various posts about quantum theory I have referred to time reversal and Hugh Everett's Many Worlds interpretation.

On 11-Jul-19 at a Sussex Programme for Quantum Research event, I suggested to Jim Al-Khalili my idea that time reversal could help evolution to select a favourable path, but he replied that there are more down-to-earth explanations. I would give the same response to WH's point about déjà vu.

Incidentally in in the 3rd photo, I'm the one in the light blue shirt.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 20-Jul-2019 17:06 Message #4745728
Gone Fishing / Beach / OTB,

"If it hadn't, I wouldn't have found a desire to invent an "invisible, tamper-proof and invisible security and fastening system (using one moving part and the forces of gravity) and, although I wouldn't have found international fame inventing "an entirely new engineering principle", (and international awards for invention and innovation)"

Can you please tell us a lot more about your invention, your new engineering principle, and your international awards.
Beach  Male  Dorset 20-Jul-2019 20:55 Message #4745741
Hi Jeff,

The Problem

When my father had a valuable garden ornament stolen from his lawn, I wanted to ensure that such an incident could never happen again so decided to investigate security and anchoring solutions to meet that need.

I reasoned I should look for some kind of invisible, tamper-proof security system that burglars or thieves couldn't easily unbolt, saw through or cut whatever would be holding down the secured object.

I also wanted to use concrete as a foundation but not have the hassle of having to dig up or excavate the concrete if dad ever moved house or needed to remove secured object(s) for maintenance or repair.

However, when I searched the DIY stores and locksmiths for a suitable invisible, tamper-proof anchoring / security solution, I soon realised that no such system existed.

I would have to invent one!

The Solution

I solved the problem when I remembered a story about how African tribes folk used an ancient method to catch monkeys.

They would place fruit in a hollow tree and wait for a monkey to find it. A monkey would, eventually, arrive, put its hand inside the hole and grab the fruit.

In grabbing the fruit, its balled fist would then be too large to come out of the hole and, unwilling to let go of its prize, the Greedy Monkey would stay there until the hunters returned.

It was trapped!
Beach  Male  Dorset 20-Jul-2019 21:07 Message #4745742
The Mechanism

My patented Gravity Technology uses a similar principle.

A ball - to represent the fruit, a patented chamber - to represent the hole in the tree ... and a patented fastener, to represent the monkeys hand.

An invisible release tube, (or an actuator controlled by bluetooth or WiFi ), provides a means for authorised users to activate the system.

The simplicity of the technology allows devices to work in ground based, wall based and overhead applications. It means that any object traditionally sited, (trapped), in solid concrete can be released instantly without keys, costly excavation, labour or fuss.

Security and Peace of Mind

Once installed, (in a ground based system, for example), the fastener and any connected objects are 100% secure in solid concrete and can only be released if a way of disturbing the ball is found. This is, typically, achieved by locating the hidden release tube, (or by some other remote method), and actuating, (or inserting a striker), to disturb the ball … or by actioning that same procedure remotely.

The release tube may be concealed under soil, turf or a paving slab.

Once located, the striker is inserted, the ball is dislodged temporarily and the secured object is instantly removed. :-)

And the coolest thing?

With only one moving part, (the ball) and gravity itself acting as the locking means, my simple technology has no springs, catches or complicated mechanisms to hinder it … which is why it is such a reliable fixing, fastening and securing mechanism … for 'off world' applications.

Perhaps now you may appreciate my decades long interest, (personal and commercial), in seeing Man colonizing Mars, the red planet. :-)

ie. When we venture out into the Solar System, a) We should be ensuring that resources, (like my gravity based anchoring systems), are 're-usable' resources able to be switched around and utilized for several different purposes and b) that whatever we rely upon … should be simple and free of issues or problems in their actual use.

My gravity technology addresses all such issues.:-)

But please don't ask me anything else, Jeff, cos most of my business is confidential.


Love you. XXX :-)

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 20-Jul-2019 21:20 Message #4745743
Ah, you're back beach/gone fishing, although your walksbarefoot account is still down I see..

You are currently being investigated by Admin...

Enjoy your stay..for now
MrQuiet  Male  Northamptonshire 20-Jul-2019 21:28 Message #4745744
Phew tumbleweed. When I saw your name as the last contributor to this thread I was expecting to read all about tumbleweeds quantum physics theorem :)

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 20-Jul-2019 21:32 Message #4745746
you don't want to hear about my quantum physics theorem...someone let a stinkbomb off in school the day we did that, and I got a bit confused with the two...
Beach  Male  Dorset 20-Jul-2019 22:26 Message #4745758
Mr Tumbleweed,

Feel free to inject as much intrigue into my 'Beach' persona as you wish but please appreciate that Midsummer has the unique ability to "see" where Midsummer members are setting up their account from … as far as a web I.D is concerned.

I'm fascinated to learn of the 'Barefoot' member who has, seemingly, got right under your skin but … and I swear on my children's lives … that Midsummer account has nothing to do with me.

The fact that you claim(ed) that you've actually seen that account appearing 'live' in the last few days is equally intriguing.

Let me state … this one last time … I have NO association with such an account.

And let me share something else

I've, finally, been allowed to "come off" the beta blockers for my anxiety / heart condition. :-) (It'll take a few weeks - as the dose is gently reduced).

I mention this, respectfully, because I know you too have a heart condition …

And I'll finish with this comment.

IF … you can get yourself so worked up … over some fictional "Barefoot" thing you have put into your own head … perhaps it is no surprise that you, yourself, have experienced heart problems.

There … I've said it … I've brought it up gently … when, after all the stuff you have been throwing at me, I could have been cruel or heartless about the subject. :-(

I'm serious …

It may be the way you have lived your life for years, for decades or more BUT … getting so stressed about some stranger online is NOT a particularly good way to look after your own health.

I don't know why you've developed some thing about Beach but, seriously??

There must be better, more useful ways of getting angry … rather than finding strangers to have a pop at online.

I wish you well, Tumbleweed.

And I encourage you to go just a little easier on yourself … and your heart. x
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 20-Jul-2019 22:30 Message #4745759
I will repeat...You are a lying fraud Beach/fishing/walksbarefoot...
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 21-Jul-2019 00:00 Message #4745778
Gone fishing / Beach / OTB,

Thank you for that explanation. I'm impressed! If I understand it correctly, a valuable object could be stolen but it is attached to a rod which slides through a tube (which can any length, even practically zero), and at the end of the tube is attached a larger-diameter ball (fastener in a chamber) preventing that sliding - unless a secretly controlled actuator dislodges that ball. Or maybe I've got the wrong idea. I won't ask more as I respect your confidential business.

I was "disturbed" that on 13-Jul-19 you and WH gave me a "Midsummer award" for "Most disturbing member", whereas I think that the most disturbing things I do are to ask questions closely related to what people post, and to point out religious problems. It worked for Socrates, (until he was obliged to drink poison). But it doesn't work for me in MSE, as most of my questions (however polite) are ignored. I'm grateful when people do reply, as you have kindly done this time.

"Love you. XXX :-)"

That's disturbing!
Beach  Male  Dorset 21-Jul-2019 01:21 Message #4745781
Ha ha, Jeff.

And thank you for respecting my wishes. (I come on here to distance myself from my work, not to expand upon it).

No. In truth, the only disturbing thing about you is your need to underline, confirm or otherwise back up your comments here with a seriously disturbing amount of links or accompanying material.

I accept that the process is, probably, just your way but I always like to see and read prose and input that has been, largely, computed, organised and presented from a contributor's own mind or mouth. (I expect you do that but your, consistent, need to use online links detracts and devalues, in my eyes, the input you offer the community.

That said ... You do still represent a formidable contributor to these pages.

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