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We've had the same one for so long...

that I'm not sure what happens...

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 10-Jun-2019 14:10 Message #4741574
..when she steps down...or sadly passes away..

The Queen, that is...

I suppose stamps will have to be changed...and the polymer notes perhaps...There is a new £20 polymer one coming out next year...will it be alright to still have her on it...or will they ditch them all and start again with Charles or Wills...

Coins, I think will be ok...but some Kings might demand that their picture is on them...Probably it would be phased in.

And the National Anthem...easy to stick King instead of Queen, I suppose.

Probably loads of other stuff to do as well...

Anyway, as we speak, she's going I'll stop worrying...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Jun-2019 18:41 Message #4741581
It will be strange when the Queen dies, propbably many of us have never known a different monarch, but I imagine coins and banknotes with the Queens head on them would still be legal tender just as pre-decimalisation coins from the previous king was.
OnlineMSE  Male  Essex 10-Jun-2019 23:18 Message #4741595
Charles WILL become sovereign at the moment of the Queens passing. He doesn't need to have a coronation for that to happen as it's constitutional that there can never not be a sovereign.
Prince William will not become King unless Charles isn't around by that time.
The National Anthem wording will just go back to how it was before the Queen ascended tot the throne.
New notes and coins bearing the face of the new King will start to be issued immediately, and notes & coins featuring the Queen will be taken out of circulation gradually as they're replaced.
Presumably the same will also happen on coins of many Commonwealth countries where the Queens head appears as she is the constitutional Head of State eg Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.
Or as has been rumoured, many of the Commonwealth Nations might take the opportunity of the Queens death to leave the Commonwealth completely and lead to it being disbanded. Australia has already flouted with becoming a Republic.
But changing all of the Queens initials and regnal number is going to be a huge undertaking. Just for a start all Police and military badges & insignia will have to be changed, not to mention anything else showing the E II R insignia.
But Charles will also have to select how he will be known before any of that can happen. Charles III, is apparently doubtful as Charles I & II didn't go well. So likely it will be one of his other 4 names.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 11-Jun-2019 00:11 Message #4741596
I think they already decided George VII?
Mothballs  Male  Dorset 12-Jun-2019 10:39 Message #4741694
It is my understanding that he'll adopt the name Kong, after the royal corgi's favourite toy.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 12-Jun-2019 10:50 Message #4741698
I don't think the Gerges covered thmselves in glory either, mad, debauched and greedy.
Orson  Male  Tayside 12-Jun-2019 14:55 Message #4741729
At least when Charles is crowned, the crown won't slip over his eyes.

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