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Archetypes, heroes and cultural icons

Usurped by social influencers and Youtubers

Beach  Male  Dorset 8-Jun-2019 20:01 Message #4741496
I wonder what visionary Andy Warhol would have made of the 21st century social media scene? Particularly when some latter day classical archetypes, heroes and cultural icons of stage, screen and music, (living or dead), now find themselves reduced to bathing in “15 minutes of fame” if they are lucky or still in favour!

Confronted with a new age where a YouTuber like Pewdie Pie can amass a following of 96 million subscribers broadcasting from his box room of a bedroom, the old fashioned rock star or Hollywood archetype pales into insignificance.

Such numbers, such a following means that Pewdie Pie has a larger viewership than the audiences of the BBC, ITV, SKY, CNN, Fox News or a decent sized country combined, earning Pewdie several £million p.a. via advertising, sponsorship, endorsements and live appearances in the process.

Mind you, some traditional artists do quite well in such an environment. How else might we explain the earning power of 28 yr old Ed Sheeren earning a couple of £million a day thanks to his online Youtube presence with billions of views contributing to making him the hottest and most lucrative live act in all of recorded history?

Pundits claim he’ll be a billionaire inside a year or so.

Today, all you need is uploaded footage of an ugly cat, a goofy accident or a contrived, well rehearsed act of good fortune to go viral on YouTube and, bingo, watch the till ring up those millions.

And in this age where success has little to do with discipline, talent, vision or entrepreneurial excellence, I’m sure its inspiring to comprehend that an obese, intellectually challenged ‘reality star’ like Gemma Collins can headline a TV show like “Strictly” despite having little more to offer humanity other than a screech or a scowl.

And it is not just the famous who feel empowered by their online successes.

The other day, I dismissed an Apple technology customer.

The woman took offence and then hit me with a spiteful stare.

“I’m big on social media”, she informed, “and I’m going to tell everyone how unhelpful you have been to me”.

I laughed, bit my lip but just let her vent, being amused to look over her shoulder at the wall of my reception area … with photos of my press cuttings, images of me winning international awards, shaking hands with Ministers, famous celebrities or other entrepreneurs in national newspaper headlines.

"I’ll stick with my own sort of fame, thank you, missus", I thought, being proud of a celebrity I EARNED by doing something profound and useful for society!

So. Let me ask MSE. Do you share my frustration with the superficial, vacuous nature of this ethereal online world we live in today? OR Is our current digital age built upon foundations of silicon (sand) that has zero chance of being sustainable long term?
Beach  Male  Dorset 9-Jun-2019 03:36 Message #4741512
Jeez. Sorry …

Forgive me …

How dare I put up a post …

But it is OK.

I'll learn from this …

I'll learn … NEVER … to expect an answer … from such a … (Fill in or use your own words here).
Beach  Male  Dorset 9-Jun-2019 03:47 Message #4741513
Tut tut, Beach.

Don't be so precious.

it's not your fault this place is so … dead. :-(
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 9-Jun-2019 09:48 Message #4741516
Don’t worry Beach you are not the first person here to not attract comments on a post.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 9-Jun-2019 10:11 Message #4741522
I'll post on any old thing, me...

Although I admire real talent, I also have a certain strange 'admiration' for anyone who uses what they have and what is available to them, to raise the roof..

Only the top few percent make anything like the 'big time', in all walks of top sport business musicians etc etc, and only a few percent make it to the top...the rest are just journeymen ( and women) at best...and most are not even that level...

So for these reality 'stars', and online bloggers and things...the ones who make it are the few percent...They have got there, to the top...whether deserved or not...but they are there...I've got to sort of admire them for is their world, and they have reached the top of their world..and found the riches...The other 99% can only dream of getting there.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 9-Jun-2019 11:20 Message #4741526
How many of us do you expct to be awake and posting at 3:30 am?

Its all another world to me, MSE is the only social media I do, my pooter has no speakers, its ancient and not all the ports work, but I will stick with it until it until one of us dies as it does what I need it too. I don't have a mobile phone, let alone a smart phone. I honestly don't know what I use a smart phone for, I don't want to look at pictures of peoples dinner which seems to a lot of whats on FB, it seems like an awful lot of money to spend on something that would get so little use, thats assuming of course that my technoklutzness didn't kick in and it would work.

Fame has never been a motivator for me, I like my anonimity, I'd rather be truely loved by a very few than admired by many, people are so fickle I don't see the attraction of being famous.
Lady  Female  North Yorkshire 9-Jun-2019 13:27 Message #4741532
To be honest, I let it all go over my head.
I’ve never twittered or tweeted or “followed” anyone online and I disregard most of the dross I see posted on social media.
I use the Internet for things that are useful or of interest to me and ignore the rest, unless it entertains or amuses me for a few moments.
I sometimes see odd snippets of news about “celebrities” I’ve never heard of or “Twitter storms” about trivialities and I just roll my eyes and move on - if I started taking notice of it, I may get wound up by the superficiality of it all.
Orson  Male  Tayside 12-Jun-2019 15:08 Message #4741731
With matters like these the key to peace of mind is to exclude all media. One doesn't really need it at all.

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