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Another scam call

With a really nasty twist this time.

SQL  Male  Devon 6-Jun-2019 20:52 Message #4741397
A recorded message, normally I just put the phone down but this was a bit different. A nasty and sinister male voice, part of the message was that an 'arrest warrant has been issued'.

Also saying I had not answered any of the official letters and that I would be taken to court. Then 'press 1 to stop this case'.

At that stage I put the phone down and did '1471' to get the number. Call came from 03018803842 - this may be fake of course.

Reported to Action Fraud by phone, they cannot act on one call but I hope it will help to get someone prosecuted. If I ever meet the perpetrator I would willingly smash his face into a wall - the scum.

It got me annoyed rather than scared but I can see how some vulnerable people may be really upset.

NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 6-Jun-2019 22:16 Message #4741398
If I ever meet the perpetrator, I would willingly smash his face into a wall-the scum

Gosh its your lucky night SQL, I know who it is.
Its my ex wifes current partner, he lives in Dudley near Priory park.

Can you let me know when you intend to see him please.

badman  Male  Suffolk 7-Jun-2019 05:59 Message #4741405
I get told I'll be arrested all the time.

Bloody ramblers. It's not as if we were doing it on the footpath. lol.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 7-Jun-2019 11:10 Message #4741414
A man who phoned me said he was from BT Openreach (like many other callers). I said that I will note what he says, but he replied that I should do what he says, not just take a note. I said that he is a liar, and he told me to watch my words. Then I called him a crook who ruins people's lives, and I will inform the police. He asked me where I want to meet him, obviously for a physical fight. (It showed a local phone number.) This was repeated, then I hung up. Then I reported it to Action Fraud Phishing.

I am by no means a fighter, but I should have offered to meet him outside Brighton police station.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 7-Jun-2019 11:42 Message #4741416
The arrest ones have been going on for a year or two, if it's the one I'm thinking of...The HMRC one..

I had one last year...Initially it puts the shits up you...and you could imagine how some more vulnerable people would react..

It has been reported many times...and not a lot seems to be done about it.

It's good to raise more awareness of it..

There are loads of videos on youtube of people winding the fraudsters up on the phone..Over here it is HMRC...Over in America it is IRS calls.

They become ridiculous...the scammers want you to pay now...but instead of credit cards and things...they often seem to want the victim to go to their local store, whilst staying on the phone...and purchase things like itunes cards for the maximum that they can for each card...So if the maximum was £500 per card that you can buy, and the scammer says you owe £5000 tax, then they tell you to buy 10 cards at £500 each, and then tell them the details of each one...

The people that wind the scammers up, go along with it for a while, even pretending to leave their house and go to the local shop whilst still on the phone to the scammer...some include getting in their car...and then getting stuck behind a tractor on the way...

They keep the scammer on the phone for an hour or so...then reveal themselves...and the scammer shouts some obscenities then slams the phone down..An hour where they aren't scamming anyone else..

Most of the scammers appear to be Indian...A racist statement maybe...but true...
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 7-Jun-2019 11:49 Message #4741418
Below is something from Action Fraud in 2016:=

Victims are being contacted in a variety of methods by fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC and are told they owe an outstanding debt. In the hundreds of cases reported to Action Fraud in the past month, the fraudsters all ask for payment in iTunes gift card voucher codes.

Fraudsters are now moving onto iTunes gift cards to collect money from victims because they can be easily redeemed and easily sold on. The scammers don’t need the physical card to redeem the value and instead get victims to read out the serial code on the back over the phone.

Fraudsters are contacting victims in three ways:
Voicemails: Fraudsters are leaving victims automated voicemails saying that they owe HMRC unpaid taxes. When victims call back on the number provided, they are told that there is a warrant out in their name and if they don’t pay, the police will arrest them.

Spoofed calls: Fraudsters are cold calling victims using a spoofed 0300 200 3300 number and convincing them that they owe unpaid tax to HMRC.

Text messages: Fraudsters are sending text messages that require victims to urgently call back on the number provided. When victims call back, they are told that there is a case being built against them for an outstanding debt and they must pay immediately.
One victim had reported purchasing over 15 iTunes gift card vouchers from Argos at £100 pounds each and handing them over to fraudsters on the phone after receiving an automated voice message. Another victim handed gift card voucher codes worth £15,000 after receiving a cold call.

This new trend that has only surfaced in the UK over the past month has been used by scammers in the USA who have been posing as police, attorneys, debt collectors and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 7-Jun-2019 20:16 Message #4741442
Must be some very vulnerable people out there if they really believe that HMRC would collect taxes via iTunes gift cards!
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 7-Jun-2019 23:42 Message #4741456
You would be amazed Nigel, lots of vulnerable people out there.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 7-Jun-2019 23:47 Message #4741460
You would be amazed Nigel, lots of vulnerable people out there.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 8-Jun-2019 11:58 Message #4741481
of course theres lots of vulnerable/gullible people out there, if there wasnt scammers wouldnt exist...
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 8-Jun-2019 16:06 Message #4741490
Well yeah obviously, but believing the government would collect taxes using gift cards seems a tad extreme!
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 8-Jun-2019 18:10 Message #4741492
Not for someone with Dementia, or some other conditions.

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