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Anderton Park primary school

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 3-Jun-2019 16:17 Message #4741232
There has been much controversy over the curriculum adopted by the school to teach primary school children (age 4-5) about this. Are the protests valid, should this be part of an academic timetable, if you can call it such with such young children. Or is it perfectly acceptable.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 3-Jun-2019 16:36 Message #4741234
I would say I'm very gay friendly and have been to two gay weddings in the past twelve months but that doesn't mean I automatically side with anything the pro gay groups do.
I'm sure it is well intentioned and I know the school have said that they are not mentioning anything sexual but merely pointing our that some children have two mummies or two daddies. That might be true but I struggle to see why that would need to be on a primary school curriculum.
They're all in the wrong. The school is wrong to introduce this without in depth consultation with parents. Personally I think 4-5 is too young.
The protests are wrong because they are behaving threateningly and worrying parents and upsetting children. No protests should be allowed outside a school.

I would say take it off the curriculum and have a sensible debate.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 3-Jun-2019 16:51 Message #4741237
I agree with you. They simply don't know the difference or if there's even a difference, or need to 'understand'. I have a 3 year-old granddaughter going on 4, I'm sure it would be of complete indifference to her, if she gave it more than 5 seconds thought. Actually thinking about it, it could even confuse her. Thank goodness the school she goes to doesn't have that.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 3-Jun-2019 18:41 Message #4741245
I suspect you'll find a great many primary schools will have such books in their library and why on earth shouldn't they? So what if a story book depicts a family comprising 2 dads or 2 mums? What is wrong with that?

I also agree that the kids probably wont bat an eyelid (it's the parents causing all this fuss rather than the kids). At this stage there is little to understand other than a relationship doesn't have to be between a male and a female.

The ex-Chief Prosecutor for the North West suggests that some of the parents are being manipulated and being told falsehoods.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 3-Jun-2019 18:43 Message #4741246
Apparently, from the BBC page above,

"The "No Outsiders" scheme, created by one of its teachers Andrew Moffatt, had been running at Parkfield since 2014.

It was formed to educate children about the Equality Act, British values and diversity using storybooks to teach children about LGBT relationships, race, religion, adoption and disability."
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Jun-2019 18:49 Message #4741247
I saw the head teacher of the school interviewed last week and she said that its law to teach this subject, she has no choice, she says it was sort of bounced onto schools without proper time or consultation or time for them to really get it across to parents what they were being obliged to teach. If thats the case, then why this one school out of all the schools in the country is up in arms about it? Where are the other Muslim majority schools also protesting? Where are the Christians who hold the same views? Where are other religions or non religious people who disagree with this policy? Why is no one blaming the government from where this piece of legislation came from?

Personally as long as its age appropriate then I don't have a problem with it. Having watched what passed for reasoning in some of the protestors I remember the same arguments from when I was at school and my children were at school about sex education, I remember some of the same arguments being used to stop girls from being taught about periods whilst in secondary school.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Jun-2019 22:30 Message #4741256
Infant school is too soon for this and I think it can do more harm than good. I realise that schools have to provide some of this type of education for those children who’s parents cannot do this for them.
I think these particular protesters have their own agenda which has nothing to do with the school curriculum.
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 4-Jun-2019 11:37 Message #4741275
Agree with Raach, we should let our children have a childhood especially in primary and junior school.
I watched the protest on television last night and to me it’s mainly Muslim based , must be scary for some with most of the women covered in Burkhars and Nijabs (sp) . I think we will see more of these protests which are religious, unless they are stopped now, personally I would withdraw any child of mine from any school teaching LGBT too youngsters, sadly at the school involved the headmistress looks the type who will not be moved.
barney  Male  Surrey 4-Jun-2019 13:12 Message #4741290
" Hey teacher leave them kids alone ".

Let the children have a childhood, They don't need all this at their age. They can be taught or told about it when they are older.
The_Snow_Covered_Fool  Male  Cheshire 4-Jun-2019 17:41 Message #4741304
And very few if any of the protesters have children at said school !

Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 4-Jun-2019 18:51 Message #4741306
I really don't see the issue of reading stories that include families with same sex parents to children. The whole thing is about equality. They're not trying to introduce gay sex to the kids just make them aware that some children may have 2 Mums or 2 Dads or, even just one parent and that shouldn't mean they're not to be treated equally.. Even Winnie The Pooh books include single parent families - should that be taboo as well?
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 4-Jun-2019 20:45 Message #4741308
If we assumed that all the teachers in all schools were capable and knowledgeable enough themselves. That all these teachers only spoke of equality which I very much doubt. If all the children were equally able to understand. If the children were protected from going home and repeating these teachings to parents who weren’t angry and bigoted and possibly likely to take it out on their children which we know many parents do.
How many hours per week are necessary to tell a class of children some kids have two same sex parents? A few minutes? So a few minutes to tell them and a few hours to discuss and embellish on it?
I see no similarities between two same sex parents and a single parent family,
The protesters shouldn’t be allowed to protest outside the school but I can understand why many parents might be angered at such lessons even under an equality guise.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 5-Jun-2019 11:22 Message #4741322
Kanga and Roo, no sign of Roo's dad. Often I think kids just accept as normal a lot of stuff that adults get worked up about. But is a normal story book where someone happens to have two mums or two dads, or someone who's neither a boy or girl such a bad thing? Children can ask questions if they're curious, and if they're not they won't, alos they stop listening when they're bored. I don't think anyones doing anything age inappropriate.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 5-Jun-2019 11:32 Message #4741326
Sorry to go off track a bit, but I've been trying to think what the other G stands for...the mind boggles...or is it goggles?

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 5-Jun-2019 14:35 Message #4741334
LGBGT...perhaps it should read, LGBTG, Lesbian, Gay, BiSexual and Trans Gender. Some have also added a Q to the end - I believe to stand for Queer though I'm not certain.

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