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Isn't it a


wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Jun-2019 19:14 Message #4741180
That some people appear to get their jollies from spoiling things for others like threads on here, coming along with multiple posts, doubling the length of threads with bile and malice and de-railing them. What sad little worlds they must inhabit, I might even feel sorry for them if they didn't annoy me so much.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 2-Jun-2019 21:23 Message #4741182
It really is a great shame wonderoushen. At a time when we need new posters and a better mood in the forum, along comes those hell bent on spoiling everything.
Judance  Female  Berkshire 2-Jun-2019 21:33 Message #4741184
Sadly it seems to be a sign of the times we now live in that some people are unable to debate a topic or give their views without resorting to personal insults. There seems to be little respect for others' right to hold an opinion that is different.

I often wonder how the debate would go if it was conducted face to face. No screen to hide behind.
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 2-Jun-2019 21:44 Message #4741185
I don’t think the same malice-mongers would have the guts to do anything face to face so the incidents would not occur.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 2-Jun-2019 22:25 Message #4741186
"I often wonder how the debate would go if it was conducted face to face. No screen to hide behind. "

there would be no debate...trolls are cowards by nature and wouldnt dare say boo to a goose face to face.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 2-Jun-2019 22:28 Message #4741188
to any helpers looking in, why cant we have a system of reporting trolls and getting rid of them ?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 2-Jun-2019 22:46 Message #4741190
'Isn't it a shame'

I would agree with you, and it highlights the power of words and perhaps goes some way to explain why so many young, and not so young, people using the internet for chat end up harming themselves.

Perhaps I'm wrong to make the following point, if so I will apologise beforehand, it's not intended to create argument.
On these threads I would argue the bile, malice and multiple posts come from both sides, though without knowing who in particular (if any one, two or three) is being referred to in this thread it's difficult to offer a more reasoned opinion; on many other sites the trolls are easily identifiable from those who simply have difficulty forming relevant responses.

It's also very difficult to know what to do about it.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Jun-2019 22:55 Message #4741192
It's a difficult one to answer...I'd just written a few paragraphs about it, then realised I was probably on a rant. some a bit serious, some a bit of a mick take of the trolls, which either way would get the trolls active, so I deleted it and started again...and then deleted again...this is the third attempt.

I can be quite vocal about the site, and what I feel is needed etc...and the nasty vindictive trolls are not needed...milder trolls though are often the only things that liven the place up.

It is a very frustrating site, which has always had potential, but it has a very low amount of contributors to the threads...I started one earlier that only wh has added to...I don't expect everyone to get involved...and my threads don't seem to interest a lot on here...but it's like banging your head against a wall.. I mentioned on another thread that the two 'scum' threads I raised, especially one of them, got the most posts that I have ever had in my threads...

Anyway to sum up...Nasty trolls are not wanted...Mild trolls seem to keep the threads alive...most other people have cobwebs hanging off them...

ps I can't be bothered doing another this'll have to do...
tsunamiwarrior  Male  Hertfordshire 3-Jun-2019 08:06 Message #4741202
That some people appear to get their jollies from spoiling things for others like threads on here, coming along with multiple posts, doubling the length of threads with bile and malice and de-railing them. What sad little worlds they must inhabit, I might even feel sorry for them if they didn't annoy me so much.

A new week. A sunny Monday morning. A new dawn? Let'shope there has been an end to the silliness and this week will be full of interesting posts and good humour.

Yes. a new dawn :)
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PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex 3-Jun-2019 08:32 Message #4741203
It is a shame, Hen and my response is to ignore the trolls and not feed them. Unfortunately that doesn’t help with getting conversations going or keeping them going.

Many times recently I’ve felt inclined to delete those posts that contravene conversation guidelines. I’ve resisted because to have done so would have devalued the posts that others have written in response and also spoilt the flow of the thread.

In answer to fosy's suggestion:

“to any helpers looking in, why cant we have a system of reporting trolls and getting rid of them ?”

Contrary to what many people believe, the helpers' powers are limited to moving and deleting posts.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 3-Jun-2019 08:46 Message #4741205
I let it go over my head, after all, one person's troll is another's witty "friend". There are certain regular posters on here (no names mentioned) who get away with murder, they swear and insult and yet they are not classed as trolls, being popular is everything.
One thing I have noticed is, obvious duel personality people are not being zapped by admin the way they used to be...
Judance  Female  Berkshire 3-Jun-2019 10:19 Message #4741208
I suppose because I don't read/post that often, all this talk of dual personalities goes over my head.

I can see how difficult it can be for the site moderators to decide when/if to remove a post but there are rules about posting which I assume were designed to allow people to air their views without encouraging nasty behaviours.

… goes off to have a look at posting rules
Judance  Female  Berkshire 3-Jun-2019 10:23 Message #4741209
Found them .. Just a reminder to all concerned:

Be friendly, courteous, welcoming and kind. This is the spirit of Midsummer's Eve and it's what we're all about. We have higher standards than most other web sites.
Report problems. If you have seen something not in the spirit of Midsummer's Eve, report it to the helpdesk through our Conversations complaints form.
Block. If you don't like somebody, block them straight away so you will never see or hear from them again. It's far better to do this than get involved in a silly dispute.
Remember that this is permanent. Your words will stay here for many weeks, months, maybe even years, and may be indexed by search engines. Show yourself in the best possible light, be a great ambassador for yourself, be the best person you can be.
Unfriendliness/trolling. Covers: insults; counter-insults; attacks; counter-attacks; deliberate wind-ups; abuse of moderators or staff; accusations of being fake; continuing unfriendliness in public instead of reporting it;
Bullying/playground tactics. Covers: low-level repeated sniping, sarky or backhanded remarks; repeated annoying behaviour not covered by other guidelines;
Breaching privacy or confidentiality. Covers: naming and shaming; publishing anything where the other person would expect privacy; breaching confidentiality of single-sex or private group forums; posting for members when they cannot post themselves; pursuing private issues with others (including MSE) in public;
If you want to make a complaint about the Conversations, you must do so via the Conversations complaints form. We can't accept complaints in any other form, as we need to know the MessageID number of the posting you are complaining about.
Different rooms are for different types of conversation - so for example in the Common Room we can expect some light-hearted banter and in the Forum the conversation is a little more serious in nature.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 3-Jun-2019 10:33 Message #4741211
Indeed 'hen. Vehement opposition to a view is sometimes difficult to state in a reasonable manner and the anonymity of the forum serves only to mask those who may be ill-intentioned.

The ability to stay focussed on a specific topic is clearly not a trait that every poster can claim; but in any conversation, 'drift' can creep in.

For some, the opportunity to have a 'rant', is too tempting to ignore.

And what comes across as ill-mannered insults to some might be perfectly reasonable in what may be the lead-up to a bar-room brawl.

We have a choice whether to engage or not.

Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 3-Jun-2019 10:41 Message #4741212
I would think most of us, myself definitely included, are in breach of the rules on a regular basis. Sarky or backhanded remarks are all I have to offer...
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 3-Jun-2019 10:49 Message #4741214
It's one thing having site rules though, but they mean nothing if there is no admin to oversee those rules...and any regulars on here will know how little interest admin take in the site nowadays...It is very strange...

Also 'reputation' comes into it, in my opinion...if you see someone posting, and they already have a 'reputation' as being a bit of a rapscallion, then their posts are sometimes already 'stained' in some peoples eyes, whether they have posted something controversial or not, and a ding dong then can ensue.

I overstep the mark on occasions, but I have never had an official warning or anything..One time, out of frustration of admin not communicating with me regarding issues I wanted to speak to them about, in order to try and get their attention, I deliberately called them something absolutely vile, hoping that it would at least get a reaction from them and then I could engage normally with them...but nothing...I didn't even get a telling off...nothing whatsoever...zilch...

So real trolls are free to have a field day, if they want...It is very strange indeed..
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 3-Jun-2019 10:52 Message #4741215
Isn't it a shame that some people (such as WH), block other people then they believe false impressions from people who don't have the honesty to correct those false impressions. 3 examples that spring to my mind on the same webpage are in thread "Poking God with a stick The disrespectful Parker space probe"

(a) See Raach's comment on 11-Sep-18 at 08:05, and the responses after it by WH and by myself (repeatedly complimenting WH). Despite my repeated prompting, neither Raach nor her supporters had the integrity to inform WH about my 3 compliments of WH posts in general.

(b) See my sonnet of 21-Oct-18 at 19:28 with its many references in the next 3 posts, and Tsunamiwarrior's comment "Jeff ranting to himself as usual. It’s not supposed to actually be read.", which I showed to he false on 29-Oct-18 at 09:41.

(c) See OTB's false statement on 30-Oct-18 at 09:59 about my posts, and my correction of his falsehoods.

Another webpage that OTB gave WH a false impression of my posts was in thread "Quantum entanglement theory." on 18-Nov-18 at 12:35 (to which WH responded on 19-Nov-18 at 10:47) and 20-Nov-18 at 17:49 and 19:29.

I corrected other falsehoods by OTB and asked him questions in 4 posts in the entanglement thread on 25-Nov-18, and whereas OTB ignored my questions and in that thread on the previous webpage, I offered to try to explain some of the maths of quantum entanglement and teleportation, and (in thread "Is truth no longer fit for purpose as ..." on 06-Mar-19 at 18:35) I posted "I would have liked to have posted more about the subject, (again not copy/pasting), such as experiments involving quantum entanglement suggesting that tiny particles seeming to read our minds and go back in time, but I don't know if people would be interested in the details."
Isn't it a shame that nobody expressed interest!

I could also go into how polaried sunglasses demonstrate quantum entanglement. Isn't it a shame that some people prefer to polarise opinion by stating falsehoods rather than explore the light!
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 3-Jun-2019 11:19 Message #4741217

i am aware that helpers are limited in what they can do, but the appeal was more in the hope that yourselves may be able to communicate with admin, because as we all know its pointless reporting anything as no one seems to be at the helm.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Jun-2019 12:49 Message #4741223
Interesting...none of those who regularly pop along and derail things and insult people have added to this thread, so they know who they are then and what they're doing then, but maybe now they'll pop along and tell us we're all a clique conirming our cliqueyness?
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 3-Jun-2019 13:46 Message #4741224
You’re right wonderoushen. The trolls can be very annoying but I do have a good laugh when the occasional poster makes out they haven’t noticed the trolls and query who they are.
barney  Male  Surrey 3-Jun-2019 14:04 Message #4741226
I doubt the trolls will appear on this thread and start ranting and raving as it will just confirm what they really are.

I know its hard to do when a troll insults you but the best way to deal with them is not to react. Although I have hit back in the past.
When they appear on a thread or start a new one, rare, ignore them. They thrive on people reacting to their insults, rants and bile so take away their ammunition and they soon get bored and move on.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 3-Jun-2019 15:36 Message #4741229
For me, some really enjoyable comedy through the years has been the prank shows, like Candid Camera for instance, and the prank comedians with multiple characters, like Sacha Baron Cohen for instance.

Some of their stuff borders on the 'perhaps unacceptable', but I often find a lot of it funny...Some people don't find any of it funny...but I do.

So the subject of 'pulling the wool over peoples eyes', with fake id's etc, can be a minefield...Get it wrong in any way, and all out of context and inappropriate etc...and it can be hurtful and harmful.

It is sometimes best to leave things like that to the experts...and even the experts can get it wrong..

So for 'normal' people to try to do it...well, it often leaves a lot to be desired to say the least..

I haven't a clue why some of these multi id people on here do it...whether it is meant for their own pleasure, their own belief that it is entertaining, whether they are just sad trolls who want to hurt hurt hurt others, with even more hurt in themselves...who knows

It would be interesting to hear from the ones that people believe are 'trolls' or 'multi personalities'...If they have any awareness at all...then they must know it is them that people are referring to...Perhaps they need to realise that the game is up, they have easily been sussed, and maybe, just maybe, some of them may be able to start communicating decently with people on here.

And before anyone comes back at me with any 'troll' and 'multiple Id' accusations towards me, I only have the one id, it used to be stu1234, but I changed it to tumbleweed when I felt one day that after posting it felt like tumbleweed blowing...I may just change it to 'tumbles' soon perhaps...and although I have occasionally been accused of troll like behaviour, and will hold my hand up that I sometimes retaliate with troll like behaviour, I certainly don't regard myself as a troll...

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