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If money could talk...

it would probably have a few tales to tell...

tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 2-Jun-2019 13:00 Message #4741148
It would be interesting to know the 'story' of individual coins, notes etc...well, I would find it interesting anyway.

Notes have the serial numbers on them, and I expect there i already a website somewhere where you can 'track' that note...if there isn't, there should be, in my opinion...

So from the original issue, anyone who 'has' that note, could enter a few basic details, where they got it, whereabouts they are in the country, any other info they want to put..

More difficult with coins...I don't think they have individual identities at the moment...but you could create one..stick a sticker on it or something...with strong glue..or some such marking.

Anyway, some notes or coins may have intriguing tales to it gets from here to there, and whether any of your favourite people in the country have 'handled' it...

There used to be a website with books, paperbacks etc...I'm not sure if its still going or not...but people would leave paperbacks on trains, in pubs, anywhere really, with an id on it, and you could log into the website and update it, and track where the book has been...some had been on a world trip...fascinating stuff..

The bidding for a pound coin thread made me think about it, although I won't be 'bidding'...unless it's got a story to tell...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Jun-2019 19:10 Message #4741179
It probably would, all those stinky pockets stuffed up with tissues and jiggling around with others in a purse.

I often think of what tree's could tell us, especially the really old trees, like the ancient and massive oaks that are still to be found or the ancient yews in so many churchyards, some of those probably saw the Romans comes and go.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 2-Jun-2019 23:13 Message #4741196
Many many moons ago, as a kid, one of my mates scratched his initials in a coin, I think it was a penny but can't be certain now, he had a similar idea to you, though he wanted to see if any of us got it back and where from, I think he went on to teach philosophy at some posh university... not you is it?
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PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex 3-Jun-2019 08:41 Message #4741204
When I was at primary school, I remember reading a book about a pound note, (it may have been a five pound note). It was written in the first person with the note describing its many adventures. I think it ended up in a forger's den being copied to make fake notes.

It was an enjoyable read, I wish I could remember the title.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 3-Jun-2019 10:41 Message #4741213
Talk? Of course it does!

Mainly to say "Goodbye".
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 4-Jun-2019 09:03 Message #4741270
Interesting replies...

I looked into the book you mentioned pfb...and the one that I have found is called 'The Autobiography of a Five Pound Note by A. Webb'...and don't take this the wrong way was written in 1853, hopefully long before your primary school

There isn't a lot of information about it though.
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PrincessFruitBat  Female  Essex 4-Jun-2019 13:52 Message #4741296
Ha, ha, very funny tumbleweed.
You’re right: I’m not quite that old, although some days I feel it.
I’ve had a look at the book by A Webb and it doesn’t look like the one I remember.

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