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At last!

I found the send button that works

Aely  Female  Hampshire 15-May-2019 20:27 Message #4740203
I've been looking for it for long enough! I just decided to try sending a message to an old friend and there, at the bottom edge of the message pane, I suddenly spotted a slight quiver and voila, my message got sent.

I've been looking for it for months. Now I know where it is , even if I can't see it, I will try clicking the bottom edge.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 15-May-2019 23:32 Message #4740206
It sometimes comes up (the 'send' button that is) if you make the page smaller
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 16-May-2019 08:05 Message #4740211
Yes. Put the cursor on the bottom right hand corner of the message box and move it to make the box smaller.
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 16-May-2019 14:47 Message #4740237
Ctrl and either + or - makes the page larger or smaller so you can see the send button.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 17-May-2019 12:12 Message #4740307
I had tried that one ages ago Poppy but it made no difference.
Perhaps the injection I had in my right eye a month ago improved my eyesight by a crucial small margin enabling me to see the slight discontinuity.

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