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Sunday Huggy thread

All welcome

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 12-May-2019 08:39 Message #4740013
Good morning one and all,

It's a beautifully sunny day here and meant to stay that way today :) I'm not sure how long it will last after that as the weather doesn't seem to be able to make up it's mind. We've had heavy rain, intermittent showers, chilly, windy and hail stones with a bit of thunder thrown in for good measure. Typical British weather I guess.

I'm about to go to meet a friend for breakfast as she's not doing too well at the moment. Had an enjoyable Chinese meal on Friday night with one of the Meetup groups I belong too so it's been a bit of a food orientated weekend. I spent some time in the garden yesterday cutting back shrubs that were going over the wall into next door's garden so may do some more gardening later on. I am wondering whether to pop in to town and get some more compost and look at plants. So hopefully most of you have sunshine, if so what are you planning to do in it? I don't think it would be any good for contender as there is no breeze here at the moment.

Have a good Sunday (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
leogirl  Female  Essex 12-May-2019 09:32 Message #4740015
good morning Twinkle , Sunday {{{HUGS}}} for you and all Sunday Huggers to follow. [[[HUGS]]]

Lat week I was in the Netherlands to visit my family and friends. As it IS asparagus time in the Netherland I was treated on white asparagus with chopped hard boiled eggs and a creamy sauce with lemon on 3 days in a row with different people . YUM YUM , but after 3 days I longed for a piece of beef which I had when I took my younger brother and his wife out for a meal in a restaurant . White table clothes and starched napkins ! I HAD WHITE BEETROOT
for the first time . Loved it. Next day a vist to a beautifully restored castle where Karel Willink had an exhibition of his paintings.
Visited a friend who lives in a huge complex with retirement flats. The entrance was like stepping in a fist class hotel. The facilities includes a restaurant, a small food shop, a medical room with chiropodist, massage, and other medical facilities, room service if need be- lectures and hobby rooms, a cinema you name it . And a parkland all around it. The Dutch certainly know how to look after the elderly - at a price though … especially if you wanted a penthouse with a garden balcony …! A very enjoyable week !
Worked a bit in the garden yesterday as the weather was ideal for weeding and pruning. Today glorious sunshine .
Son is here for the week-end to visit his friends .
It has been a busy 2 weeks , no doubt I will feel a bit lonely on Monday .
Have a nice week-end
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 12-May-2019 09:39 Message #4740017
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

Beautiful morning here in Peterborough.

After breakfast a quick trip into town to stock up on cat food, then a day in teh garden methinks

Hugs to all

contender  Male  Leicestershire 12-May-2019 09:56 Message #4740018
Morning twinkle

Looks like the forecast for this weekend is correct in that there will be very little wind - however i have a couple of things to do on the boat so will turn up today.

Then if there is no wind to talk of then i will return home and progress work on my DC Canoe.

Happy days.


(((HUGs to ALL)))
Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 12-May-2019 18:41 Message #4740062
Good Evening Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers.
It has been nice and sunny here today, except when the clouds came over now and again. I spent most of the day with two of my daughters and grandchildren at the 'Spring Festival of Food and Drink' held at what was always known as 'Great Leighs Race Course'. It has now been renamed 'Chelmsford City Racecourse'. Seems a bit silly, as it is in Great Leighs and nowhere near Chelmsford, which is about nine miles away but there you go. The children had fun at an hours science course with lots, of exploding things and they also made some sherbert and slimy gell. They also had fun making their own pizza's at a cookery class, which they enjoyed eating for lunch, straight out of the oven. Lots going on and plenty of free samples. Quite a busy day, as also did some gardening (heavy digging) early on in the morning before going out.
Hope everybody else has had a fun packed day.
Sending very warm Sunday (((Hugs))) to all.

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