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Do you believe

... in ghosts

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Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 9-May-2019 15:38 Message #4739875
That some spirits of the departed could still be here. Have you ever had an unexplained experience which has made you wonder. Or do you think it is impossible, that everything has an explanation, and that there is only what we can see.
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 9-May-2019 16:02 Message #4739878
Yes i do as i have seen one where i used to work doing cleaning in a bank. She was always floating about from the cleaning cupboard and the offices. When i told the office staff they said she was
a friendly ghost.

Also i come from London and when i was about 21 and with my biyfriend at that time was walking through the park in Putney and heard footsteps sounded like running away from someone. He told me
that this girl was running away from someone who was chasing her. Could hear her breathing as she was running away. I actually felt sorry for her lol
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 9-May-2019 16:07 Message #4739879
Part of me would like to believe they exist, but the most part of me thinks not.

Out of all the 'stories' that have ever been told, and all the people telling those stories, I believe they are either made up for whatever reason, or misunderstandings , misinterpretations of situations, mistaken things, or some other logical explanation.

What is the criteria for ghosts?...Do they have to have died in a certain way?...In a certain house etc?...Doing a certain thing?...Is it just human that can be ghosts?...Do people see ghost cows and sheep for instance, whilst they are having the said Roast Beef and Roast Lamb for Sunday dinner?

There are so many questions, and no proper answers...A lot of 'stories' are just passed on from person to person...It must be true, because they would never lie etc etc.

The ones that 'appear' are too specific...Only ever doing the same thing, for example, walking across a corridor at night..never when loads of people are there to see it, always when it can't be properly verified etc...The same 'ghost' doesn't suddenly start doing something different...

Millions and millions, probably billions and billions, have said that when they die they will come back as a ghost, to prove it one way or another...We are still waiting or proper it isn't very likely, in my opinion.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 9-May-2019 16:37 Message #4739880
Maybe it depends on whether or not we believe in the soul. But with
out a soul we would just be carbon and proteins and exist for a period and die.
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 9-May-2019 17:14 Message #4739882
This is probably one of the many things in life which may never been proven either way. I do believe there are ghosts although I haven't seen one. I know a number of people who have seen a ghost including my mum who was the most grounded and cynical person your could ever meet.
barney  Male  Surrey 9-May-2019 17:43 Message #4739884
I have a open mind about ghosts etc.
When I was a Prison Officer after 4 yrs on the landings I became a dog handler working German Shepherds for the next 30 yrs.
At Chelmsford prison I was doing a outside patrol in the middle of the night through the graveyard that backed onto the prison. The dog was off the lead and in front of me when he started barking at a grave. When I got level with him there was nothing there and I had to pull him away.
The old Prisons like the London ones and Winchester where I was posted used to bury the prisoners that were hanged. At night there would be a small light bulb on so it was pretty dark. We had to check everywhere so had to go through that area but the dogs were always reluctant and the hackles would be up on their necks. These dogs would face stick and full on gun attacks and normally nothing bothered them.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 9-May-2019 18:02 Message #4739886
Our own minds are responsible for a lot of it...The things we can think, and sort of make real in our minds is extraordinary.

It's not just psycho's who hear 'voices' for instance...Often the 'voices' that psycho's hear are damaging voices, orders to kill etc, but we can all conjure up voices in our minds.

Take any person you have met for instance, where you know what their voice sounds like...such as family members, friends, or even TV people, and then imagine them speaking...Something very strange happens...You can hear their distinct your though they are right there with you...even though there is no sound, you can actually hear their voices...

I think things like that go a long way to explain some of the kind of things that we can imagine...and then some have even more vivid imaginations than others...We can create all sorts of make believe situations when we want to.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 9-May-2019 18:47 Message #4739887
Yes I do believe in ghosts or spirits of the dead whatever you want to call them, but I also agree with TW that our minds and perceptions can do very odd things to us, I once heard that far more people "hear voices" than would account for undiagnosed mental illness and that most of the voices wern't saying anything bad. When I was counselling one of the difficulties was getting people to understand that "self talk" as it is called is something we all have, we're most often aware of it as negative messages from our pasts and if you can get people to focus on who's voice it is then you can make a real start on dealing with the negativity. Often it was a comment by an adult in a position of authority and that comment has stuck with the person and they carried around for years.

I think the only approach to the question of do ghosts exist is to question the nature of both existance and reality.

Do we only exist when we have a living body?
Is reality the same for everyone?
Can a truamtic event cast a sort of shadow over a place that gives people and animals the heebie jeebies or cause them to see something of the event?
Are some people more able to pick up on this stuff, a bit like being able to draw or play an instrument.
Do we exist outside outside of our brains?

I think until we start to engage with those questions then any discussion about the reality of ghosts will always come down to belief.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 9-May-2019 22:13 Message #4739895
im not sure.

but i do sometimes think i am getting "guidance" from above as some inexplicable things have happened to me.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 9-May-2019 22:28 Message #4739897

That is very interesting. I've heard the same sort of thing before from a policeman friend, many years ago.

They were called to Hampton Court of all places and they had some dogs with them. The dogs were fine and behaved normally, but there was one room where the men went into but the dogs would not enter, they just refused to go in, and they were trained police dogs. It later turned out that it was a room that is reputed to be haunted.
barney  Male  Surrey 10-May-2019 12:46 Message #4739909

Dogs have a amazing sixth sense. During obedience training the dog would know what command I was thinking of and going to use next.
If I did not like someone without me saying anything the dog was alert and watching their every move.
We used to say it travels down the lead.
Perhaps I was apprehensive around the graves within the prison but the incident in the graveyard outside of Chelmsford prison threw me because I was totally relaxed. There was a pub opposite the graveyard and sometimes a drunk would stagger into the graveyard and lay down on a grave and go to sleep so that was my first thought.
Like everything else I cannot prove one way or another I will reserve judgement.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 10-May-2019 13:48 Message #4739913
I'm not that knowledgeable about dogs, but I know they have a different hearing range to whistles and all that, so I'm not sure what they are picking up...

Further to my earlier post, other sense of ours are weird and powerful as well, especially sight.. Again imagine someone you know, and immediately you 'see' them in your actual image of them...You can also 'see' other people if you want, people you don't know, doing strange things if you want them to.

So any strange 'stuff' that happens, I tend to think there are any number of possible explanations that could be true, before thinking of ghosts, spirits or something supernatural...Others think of the ghosts and supernatural first, before thinking of any more rational explanations...
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 10-May-2019 16:13 Message #4739925
Of course ghosts exist!
barney  Male  Surrey 10-May-2019 16:49 Message #4739927
I bet there are a few roaming this place lol.

Hello, if you are there can you come on this thread and make yourself known.

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 10-May-2019 23:10 Message #4739944
It says I tried but my fingers don't work. And it's so unfair.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 11-May-2019 18:42 Message #4739986
I suppose that Hollywood has a lot to answer for, in what people expect a ghost to look like. In most people's minds, it would be something to fear with malevolent intentions, but not all spirits are evil. I do struggle with the concept of ethereal manifestations of the headless horseman, or a dead person with their head tucked under their arm, after meeting an untimely end.
I am however comfortable with the idea of energy remaining as an echo of a person's prior existence How that might be perceived by someone who experiences a presence, I have an open mind. I would expect it to depend on how empathic you are. Anyone who knows or is a lightworker will know where I am coming from there. I have been to one or two places where I have felt an indescribable terror for no obvious reason and all I can think is that I am picking up some residual energy. Though, I don't link it to cemeteries, as someone else mentioned. I see no reason why anyone's essence should hang around in the place where their earthly body is decomposing and would expect them to be in a place that has actual significance to them. In fact, I have lived next to graveyards several times in my life, and never ever felt anything that suggested any kind of a presence to me.
My thoughts overall are perhaps a little self contradictory. Most of me thinks that when the final day comes, it's lights out and that's it. But I am also aware that some people have difficulty in passing over and they need help to leave. I do have a personal experience of someone who needed help to pass, but it is too personal to talk about here. Some people might call it a ghost. A presence is a better description.
When I was growing up, I believed that the house that we lived in was haunted. I never ever told anyone, until I was in my 20s and told my sister. I discovered that my three siblings had thought the same thing and had never talked about it either until we were all grown up. The curiosity is that where we thought the ghost was in the house was the same place. As none of us had ever spoken to anyone about it, you can't put that one down to suggestibility.
barney  Male  Surrey 11-May-2019 20:59 Message #4739995
One strange thing I have experienced since living here is that when I have been in bed and just nodding off is the sensation that a four legged animal is walking on the bed and on my legs. I sit bolt upright but there is nothing there.
I know the old lady who used to live here had cats and a small dog that used to sleep on the bed.
Very odd.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 12-May-2019 01:02 Message #4740007
Many millions of people do things during the day, like walking through woods, wandering about a graveyard looking at the graves, perhaps changing flower etc, or just doing something like walking in a field, for instance..

Perfectly normal type activities, very low scare factor.

Try doing those things in the middle of the night...suddenly, with some of your senses impaired, things take on a completely different feel...Strange noises, imagined or real...night animals coming out, trees rustling, all sorts of things coming into your mind..Any sight you may have, if you are in the pitch dark, will play tricks with you. You will 'see' things and 'hear' things that aren't there...Then some peoples 'explanation' of it all will involve 'seeing or hearing ghosts' or some such thing.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 12-May-2019 06:51 Message #4740010
I try to keep an open mind as I have heard too many stories from friends and family. One reading with a psychic my eldest and I had told us that my Dad was watching over my grandson and that my grandson had seen him. Yeah yeah yeah usual claptrap only when we left my eldest told me that my grandson would look past her and stare into a corner of his room.

Just little things keep my mind open, maybe feeding a want for there to be something in it.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 12-May-2019 11:11 Message #4740024
I agree with you Minnie, I thought Beachy Head near where my parents used to live would feel scary and depressing as its the site of so many suicides, but it felt quite the opposite, my dad said maybe it was because so many people had found the peace they were seeing there and thats what left the imprint. I don't get why every ghost should be scary and jealous of the living or that they should only come out at night, I've experienced as many daylight "ghostly" encounters as night time ones, oddly perhaps most of the spirits I encounter are animals. I was walked home by a GSD one night, I was aware of it padding along beside me and could sort of see it out of the corner of my eye, I felt very safe as if it were protecting me, most of my other sightings are cats, I see loads of them. I don't just mean normal stuff like going to talk to a fur hat thats been left on the sofa and looks like a cat curled up, but them walking past, sleeping, doing normal cat stuff.

I think people get creeped out by graveyards at night because they're often the only places that are truely dark with no lighting and have lots of wildlife, I think if you live in a town you're not used to night being really really dark, many of the creatures who live in these semi wild places will be nocturnal and people just arn't used to the sounds. I'd be more wary of living humans than dead ones.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 12-May-2019 12:38 Message #4740036
Have you tried talking to your bed time visitor, Barney?
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 12-May-2019 12:45 Message #4740039
My most recent scary night time experience, was much more of the corporeal variety. At 3.15 am on Easter Monday morning, some little scumbag(s) managed to let themselves into my house via the front door. Unluckily for them, I was awake and heard them come in. They legged it when I switched the lights on upstairs. For the first time, I am actually frightened to go to sleep in my own home, in case they come back when I am sleeping.
barney  Male  Surrey 12-May-2019 13:19 Message #4740042
No Minnie I have never spoke to whatever is on the bed. As soon as I wake up it stops but it might be worth a try.

Someone breaking in must have been really scary for you. I think you need to review the security on your house and the entrances in particular. maybe better locks etc.
My first round of defence is my dog who has a very loud bark and the second is the gun safe containing the guns which is in the bedroom so any unwelcome visitors are going to get a big surprise.
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 12-May-2019 14:09 Message #4740044
I posted on the local FB page after it had happened and someone who works for the insurance companies making houses secure after break-ins, came round on the bank holiday. If they come back for another go, I have prepared a few little surprises for them. I was told that the locks are fine. It was just that I fell asleep early int he evening and forgot to double lock. It took seconds to open and they made very little noise. Didn't even scratch the door.

Explain to your nocturnal visitor that their owner doesn't live there any more and they have passed on and they should do the same. It will stop then.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 13-May-2019 09:49 Message #4740085
I was born in a very old stone-walled ex farm house from around 1750.

I was in bed as a young child pre school and in the night my door came open and as I peeped over the covers I froze as I saw a tall slim man in black with a top hat. He looked at me, and bowed his way our backwards. I imagined he knew I was there and afraid.

The next morning I told my grandpa and he said the dirt road alongside the house was the original old road along which horses and carriages travelled.

The memory is strangely vivid, unlike most dreams.


After that grandpa died, many years later when he lived with my mother as his carer. She was upset he had only gone into hospital for one night, fell, hit his head, then died of the head injury.
My mother was finding it very difficult that he died in hospital and not in his own home. Then a couple of nights later, my mum got out of bed in the night and went to the kitchen. My grandpa was sat in his usual chair and spoke to her and told her she had done nothing that had let him down and that he had appreciated how she had looked after him, that she was to go back to bed and sleep in peace.

Again, I'm not convinced on ghosts, but more like sometimes the brain kicks in with it's own version of things to help us cope.

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