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Sunday Huggy thread

Better late than never

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 5-May-2019 10:35 Message #4739566
Morning all,

Apologies but I woke up early then instead of getting up I drifted back to sleep. I need to have some coffee and my porridge but thought I'd check in first.

It's a lovely sunny day here at the moment and the wind seems to have died down, a bit different to yesterday. I expect gardeners are grateful for the rain that fell but not the drop in temperature. I know my front garden was rock hard last week.

So do you have plans for the long weekend or are you just relaxing? I'm expecting my son at some point as he said he'll come and help me some more with the garden. I may go and get some more bags of compost to top up the beds with. In between I will be listening to Smooth's top 500 song countdown and no doubt singing along, probably as I'm ironing.

Have a great weekend (((HUGS))) (((HUGS)))
Pboro Trevor  Male  Cambridgeshire 5-May-2019 11:08 Message #4739570
Good morning Twinkle and all Sunday Huggers

Busy day today as we are helping out at a homing day for Peterborough Cat Rescue in Wansford.

Our foster kittens are only 6 weeks old, so not ready for homing yet. here's hoping lots of the foster cats get new homes.

Hugs to all

Sea Urchin  Female  Essex 5-May-2019 16:09 Message #4739582
Good Afternoon Twinkle and all Sundy Huggers.
Yes, today little better than yesterday, which seemed to consists of heavy hail showers all day long. I did manage a walk in the bluebell woods with my youngest daughter, son-in-law and two year old granddaughter whilst sun still shining, early morning. A biting cold wind though and arrived back indoors just before a heavy hail shower. My granddaughter is a real chatterbox and does not stop talking. Quite funny what they come out with sometimes, such as, 'mummy you did very well, helping me with the jigsaw.' They certainly learn, by copying what they hear you say. : -)
Last night stayed over at my middle daughters child minding. Spent an enjoyble time with them all this morning before venturing back. Everything certainy looking lush and green. The lawn just too wet to cut at the moment...well that's my excuse for now.

Sending warm Sunday (((Hugs))) to all.

Just wondered does anyone know anything regarding Andy Mac? He was always a regular poster here and always sent a Sunday Hug and flowers. Not logged on since 21st Feb. Sent a private message a couple of weeks ago to see if ok but remains unread.
twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 5-May-2019 18:20 Message #4739593
Hello Pboro Trevor,

I hope your homing day was a success.

twinkle2  Female  Hertfordshire 5-May-2019 18:26 Message #4739594
Hello Sea Urchin,

I think my name is mud in my daughter in laws house as I have told her I am not going to dog sit for them. She didn't check dates before they booked their holiday and I'm still at work so said no :(

It's been quite cold here. I haven't been to the local bluebell wood but have seen lots of pictures of it. They're beautiful at this time of year.

I know what you mean about grandchildren as my youngest is just the same, full of attitude at times too and the mispronunciation of some words make me giggle.

I think I should've cut my lawn last weekend but I was too busy cutting back some of the shrubs and clearing things out of the shed plus filling up the side bed with compost.

Andy Mac did say he might disappear from time to time due to work commitments but is on Facebook although he's not putting on as many posts on there either.


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