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Well, I know you all care really...

even though you do a great job making it look as though you don't...

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
29-Apr-2019 00:06 Message #4739361
So, who is going to win the Premier League?...Liverpool or Man City?

A two team race, with two games to go, neck and neck, point advantage to City, both teams winning this weekend.

One of my nephews and his Dad are lifelong Liverpool fanatics, so hopefully for them, it will be Liverpool's first Premier title, but if City win their two games, then it is City's.

Gripping stuff, I'm sure you'll all won't?...what do you mean 'you won't?'...
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
29-Apr-2019 09:15 Message #4739363
I'm not that bothered as I'm looking at who's going to finish 3rd given that the top 2 are runaway leaders.
But looking at their remaining fixtures I'd say it's City's to lose.
They don't have to win both games if Liverpool fail to get at least a point away at Newcastle next Saturday, and City don't play until Monday, although it's against in form Leicester, so they'll already know what is required of them. A draw would leave it open until the last game a win would wrap it up for them.
But crucially before next weekend's crucial fixtures Liverpool have to go to the Camp Nou on Wednesday to play their Champions League semi-final 1st leg against Barcelona.
The same the following week, with Liverpool having to play their semi-final 2nd leg before their last home game against Wolves who will be much harder to beat than City's opponents Brighton.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
30-Apr-2019 01:14 Message #4739374
Well City were very lucky to get their win at the weekend...a goal by something like 21mm! But I'm happy: Liverpool have had a brilliant season and are also still in the CL (which is what City craved). I'm a happy bunny twice over as Liverpool and Norwich are "my" teams, and the Canaries have already won promotion to the Premiership...having sold some if their best players, cutting their budget, and using a squad of very young and inexperienced players. Delia's been cooking up a storm:)
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
30-Apr-2019 11:01 Message #4739381
Unfortunately, that might be a good recipe for the Championship, but history shows that a mixture of those ingredients up with the big boys is likely to result in failing to rise and them becoming a soggy bottom yo-yo team.
As Cardiff & Fulham have both found to their detriment this season.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
30-Apr-2019 11:29 Message #4739382
I can never think of Delia nowadays without thinking of the hilarious rant at the fans, after she had a few shandies or two.

Where are you?...Lets be havin you...

It's one of my favourite things ever.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
1-May-2019 01:00 Message #4739386
Ah, but...
Norwich don't intend to make similar mistakes. They will stick by their manager, as they did when many were shouting for his head at the beginning of the season, and instead of replacing a lot of the players that got them promoted, as Fulham did, they intend to keep the same players plus maybe a couple of additions to add to squad strength. Also, they know that, though very young and premiership naive, they have players who can but gain in that way. They know they risk going down again if they play the expansive football they have been playing, but they're ready for that as a process of growing stronger and better in order to come back up again to stay.
It's a great little club, a pleasure to visit and watch, and an example of how to be astute and successful when you don't have a Mr.Moneybanks using you as a vanity project-cum business machine.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
1-May-2019 02:14 Message #4739387
Even though I have always been a big fan of footy, there is so much wrong with it all as well, and spiralling further and further all the time.

I can't even defend some of it, yet come back for more and more.

The leap from the Championship to the Premier is massive, and owners have to spends zillions just to survive. A few exception, but in general, no money spent, no survival.

One of my clubs, Blackpool, have had a very up and down history. Holloway got them into the Premier, and then the owners, The Oystons ( very dodgy lot ) wouldn't spend the money, and down down down they went, nearly going out of the bottom league, into non league, in the process.

Although the Oystons are a dodgy lot, I don't really blame them for not wanting to chuck millions and millions at the club. It is meant to be a business that makes profit, after all.

I was going to start another thread about clubs that mean something to us...Most people probably have more than one club etc... but there would probably be only us few posting, so I won't.

A few of mine anyway, in short...

Fleetwood - Born there. My brother played for them in the 70's ( non league )

Blackpool - The team I have been to see most. Not for a few years though. My nephew worked with them for a while, after graduating from Uni, doing strength and conditioning. He has now moved into boxing, doing strength and conditioning as well, and doing his masters. He's doing well. Working with a potential World Champion female boxer, currently number 3 in the world. Female boxing could be another thread as well, there are some great ones around now.

Cheltenham - Lived opposite the ground for a while. Was good mates in the 80's with a 'Cheltenham legend'. His wife and my girlfriend were best mates, so met him through that. He still holds the goalscoring record for the club ( non league at the time )

Forest Green - Nearest club to where I live now. Millionaire Eco owner, ex new age traveller. Owns Eco energy company. Banned meat pies from the ground a few years ago ( Boo!! ) Not sure if they are still banned.

Well, that'll do for now. Couldn't sleep, worrying a bit about a hospital thing tomorrow, or today, or whatever it is, so all this waffle has made me tired.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham
1-May-2019 07:52 Message #4739388
Whenever, whatever - hope all goes well for you at the 'hospital thing' Tumbles.
And re your OP - a most emphatic 'No' - pleased don't confuse me in any way with someone who cares in the slightest about sport.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
1-May-2019 18:20 Message #4739415
Thanks warm..They are upping the pills instead of surgery, as I am responding to the pills, so that is ok, as I am a bit of a wuss with surgery.

With regards to Sport, I couldn't have found a site with less interest in it if I had tried. I am pleased though that at least a couple are interested and knowledgeable, so there is hope...
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
3-May-2019 18:34 Message #4739516
I wonder what it is that makes some of us love to watch and/or take part in sport?
I've sometimes thought it's what you are exposed to, and encouraged or expected to be interested in as a child growing up. Yet, if it was that, then I should be an avid gardener/horticulturist or cook, which I'm not at all.
I often find people express surprise at me being a football fan, partly because I'm female, and more strangely because of my profession (I've had it said to me more than once, "Oh I wouldn't have thought you'd be a football fan, you being a psychologist/doctor"). The same hasn't been said when I express my interest in tennis, rugby, or ballet dancing (an outdated form of classism, I suspect).
You're right TW, this is definitely not the site for sports fans!
A lot of the threads on here are political or socio-political, which don't often draw me in because they tend to just state the news headlines and give voice to the media or popular opinions that you hear around you all the time; and you kind of know who is going to say what.
So I guess its only me and TW (probably only me, haha) who is interested in Liverpool's stumbling at the last fences, or the weird instruction given by Bielsa to his team in their last match against Aston Villa!!
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
3-May-2019 22:43 Message #4739534
"I wonder what it is that makes some of us love to watch and/or take part in sport? "

i,ve always had the simplistic view that its a basic instinct in man to survive, to be the best at hunting to bring home the food.
as we dont really hunt to survive these days we have devised other ways to demonstrate our prowess.

in societies that still have to hunt to survive, very little sport takes place and when it does its on a much smaller scale, usually within the "tribe".
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
5-May-2019 18:10 Message #4739591
Wow, Liverpool win again, to go in front a bit...City could slip up tomorrow, a tough Leicester to beat...Interesting.

With regards sport playing a part in life, I could go on and on about it, but I will keep it a bit short for the moment.

In short, I've been interested since a kid, memorable things being 66 World cup ( some of my experiences documented in another thread somewhere ), boxing in the 60's, 70's. ( I had a home punchbag, and wanted to be 'Enry... or Ali ), Cricket ( Sobers and his 6 sixes and all that ), the Olympics ( In 68, got a brilliant book about it all, which I was totally fascinated with ), Golf ( Being there to see Jacklin win the Open in 69 at Lytham) , Horse Racing ( Didn't really start getting properly interested till about 1980, but then went to about 16 years in a row of Cheltenham Gold Cups )

Many other things as well, but I would bore everyone to death...
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
6-May-2019 22:44 Message #4739652
City could've slipped up, but they didn't.
I still maintain it's City's to lose, even though Liverpool will be knocked out in their Champions League 2nd leg on Tuesday.
What is disappointing is the gulf between the top 2 and the chasing 4. In the last 5 matches the top 2 have won the lot.
In the combined 20 matches of the 3rd to 6th teams, between them they've won just 6 matches, drawn 5 and lost 9.
Chelsea in 3rd are 24 points behind City and nearer to West Ham in 11th place.
Cassis  Female  Cambridgeshire
7-May-2019 02:20 Message #4739653
I think both Liverpool and Man City will win their last matches and then City will clinch the title by just one point, but, even though I'm a Liverpool fan, let's hope we don't ever have a league continually dominated by just 2 teams, like, say, the Spanish and Scottish leagues.
I'll have to read up on the "Fair Play" rules, as I don't understand how clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, and Man City can splash the cash the way they do, constantly poaching top players for massive fees and put on obscenely high salaries. I think Chelsea have a current transfer ban at the moment, don't they? And that has certainly changed their fortunes successwise. I'd like to see the kind of fee and wage caps they have in MLS.

Plaudits to Norwich who have now won the Championship. Though there's already talk of their two brilliant young full-backs being in the greedy sights of some of the 'big boys' of the Premiership.

Re: my ruminations as to why some of us have a passion for sport and others none. I can't see all the logic in Fosy's theory: interest in sport is kind of universal, but within each society there doesn't seem to be universal cause and effect. Football is my favourite sport and, yes, I was brought up in a family who liked it, too, and therefore I was positively exposed to it. Yet I was similarly exposed to other sports like boxing and horse-racing, neither of which I now take the slightest interest in. I loved cricket til I was a teenager, then found it totally boring. Rugby was a later interest, after being made to cheer on our very successful boys rugby teams at school and then living in Wales! All the years I was away at school, I could rarely watch football, and my school didnt have either boys or girls football on the sports curriculum;, yet it remained my favourite sport.
I think it is very much to do with certain characteristics we admire in a broader sense. For example, I am a very emotional and empathetic person, so I like passion in life and I tend to connect to a common sense of purpose. I like free expression, and creativity. I also love to see the way humans can excel in a way that I can't. Other thoughts on this, but think that's enough for now.

tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
7-May-2019 04:33 Message #4739654
Certainly think it's Citys now. Although, as my favourite player of all time said, 'It's a funny old game'..( In Greavsies accent, of course )

I certainly want to see a cap of wages...not back to the days of having to sell their medals when they pack in etc, but certainly a cap. It is currently one of the ridiculous things...I know it will never happen though, and will spiral even further all the time.

It is only the elite who are on really silly money, but the whole structure should be capped, worldwide, in all sports. Some of the top boxing now is having to generate over 100 million quid for a bout...I wouldn't turn it down though...

With regards to interest in sports, some further early interest came when mu brother and me set up a piece of wood between our two beds in our room and played some sort of table tennis on it. I really became quite interested in proper table tennis for a while afterwards...I feel I could have been World champion, but those Chinese would have been tough to beat.

Also one of those little kids snooker tables and the tiny cues, prompted me to be the next Joe Davis, although when I progressed on to a proper sized table, a break of about nearly 20 was all I was ever able to do...Well done Judd Trump, by the way...His first World title...proving another Trump a winner as well..

I certainly haven't ever had the dedication or ability need to take up any sport professionally...A lot of sacrifices needed, practising, training etc. Generally you have to be extremely focused, excluding just about anything and everything else...It would drive me crazy...I don't know how they do it...Perhaps when they cap the money, they should let them have a bit more...only a bit though.

I've just thought of another couple of things, to do with Darts and Table football, when I was on the ships, but they will have to wait till next this is turning into the late night ramblings of a mad man...
fosy  Male  Leicestershire
7-May-2019 22:42 Message #4739738
wow, what a result for liverpool !!
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
7-May-2019 22:48 Message #4739739
Anything is now possible on Sunday.

COYS for tomorrow night.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
8-May-2019 00:46 Message #4739744
Yes, what a result...I wasn't expecting that...Brilliant stuff...

Hope Spurs can do it as well...
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
8-May-2019 22:09 Message #4739840
What a result.
Lightning can strike twice.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
9-May-2019 15:47 Message #4739876
Crazy stuff...2 days in a row.
Seasons-Greetings  Male  Essex
9-May-2019 22:55 Message #4739898
And now Arsenal & Chelsea through to the Europa League final.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
10-May-2019 13:02 Message #4739911
Off the top of my head, I can't think of that ever happening before, same country teams, in both competitions ( including in all former formats and names etc )...and it is all from here...

Crazy has just turned into totally bananas...
connexkev  Male  East Sussex
10-May-2019 13:06 Message #4739912
The TV Commentators were saying last night its the first time all the finalists from the same country have made it
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire
2-Jun-2019 10:55 Message #4741138
Well done City, for the title a few weeks ago...They kept up the wins right to the end, and made it impossible for Liverpool, who were themselves playing fantastically, only losing once all season.

Well done Liverpool last night...Champions of Europe 6 times now...My nephew was out there, he got a ticket in the ballot for last years final, but was unable to get one for this years, so he went with a mate just to take in all the atmosphere of it all...Incredible experience when you are young, I think..

Well done to a boxer last night as well...Andy Ruiz...He caused a big upset by beating Anthony Joshua for the first time in Joshuas career...Ruiz doesn't look the part, especially against a super fit looking Joshua, but he is known to be a pretty decent boxer, and he showed what he can do last night...Incredible stuff...Shocked the boxing world..

Hopefully Joshua can come back stronger...Learn from his mistakes...The rematch which will be in November or December is a must win for him...Anything else will knock him back drastically.. in a sporting sense...Hopefully not in a mental sense or anything like that though.

The night belongs to Liverpool and Ruiz though...

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