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My gas oven has gone kaput

New ones are awful!

Aely  Female  Hampshire 14-Apr-2019 17:05 Message #4738623
My gas oven (New World, Esteem Si500 about 20 years old) won't heat up. The flame stays low. My daughter said get a replacement - it's about time! So I nipped up to Curry's to take a shufti at what they have got. I am appalled. The ovens are so small. Room for 5 shelf positions only, not the 7 positions I have. Hardly room to have a chicken and yorkshire puds on the go together, let alone roasting spuds.

But what is worst of all, they have no regulo markings. I asked the guy how I would know how hot I am setting the oven. He said, low flame, cool. High flame, hot. Ok, I know the regulo markings on an oven knob aren't totally accurate but cool and hot? What is more, when one lights the gas on the hob or oven the flame is set high and then has to be turned down. To turn the flame off, one has to turn it up to maximum first! The last think I want when a large pan of super-hot seething home-made jam is boiling over is to turn the heat up, even for a couple of seconds!

I was also surprised and alarmed to see ovens with pull down doors. I thought those were banned years ago because of the danger of burning arms when removing cooked food - not that I could reach the food with the door in the way.

I have come to the conclusion that ovens are now made only to heat up a ready meal or perhaps cook some oven-chips to go with the deep fried Mars bar.

So, onto the internet. Looks like my problem is a dodgy FSD (fail safe device, also known by similar names), costing about £40. I have checked that the correct replacement part is readily available. Now I will contact the recommended (by New World) fitters for an appointment. Fixed price £130, parts and labour.

Here's hoping I can continue to use my cooker for another 20 years - if I live that long!

Why are so many new designs rubbish?
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 14-Apr-2019 17:22 Message #4738624
Best of luck getting someone to repair your 20 year old oven, I contacted over a dozen to come and fit my year old gas cooker before I found someone willing to do it...
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 14-Apr-2019 18:57 Message #4738626
Probably because they're designed by people that don't actually but take nice photo's for colour supplements and advertising blurb. I now there are some ovens I think by neff where the oven door slides away underneath, but I agree that I'd much prefer a side opening door. My other bugbears are wok burners and griddle plates on large hobs with the other burners all squished into the same space as a 4 burner hob, I tend to cook in big batches, using big pans, I rarely just heat something up. I do sometimes look longing;y at the old fashioned cookers with an eye level grill, a much more sensible arrangement to my mind, they have proper knobs beneath the stove top so as you don't melt them when using pans big enough to cook pasta for 4 end up overhanging the hob area.

Now you've reminded me why I want a new kitchen, built to my design and probably costing a fortune because I do proper cooking in my kitchen rather than heating up.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 15-Apr-2019 11:38 Message #4738651
Ok,I'm getting the runaround. The company who made the cooker (New World) changed hands in the late 1990s. The recommended repairers are part of their company and won't repair units made under the original ownership. When I gave them the model number they said my cooker isn't one they made, too old . They gave me the number of the previous owners (now part of Hotpoint) who are responsible for the older units. I bought my cooker second hand in 2000. They say they only repair units made before 1996. The serial number is the key, apparently, regardless of the model. There is no serial number on my cooker. There is a scrap of chewed up something where the number should be. If it ever had anything written on it there is nothing visible now. They say the cooker is probably too new for them to fix.

I've got a headache.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 15-Apr-2019 11:47 Message #4738652
Personally, I would buy a new one from AO, CO-OP or similar online, there is a big range available - £130 or more spent on the repair of a 20 year old cooker is wasted money in my view.
Good luck, whatever you decide...
Aely  Female  Hampshire 15-Apr-2019 12:14 Message #4738653
I was going to buy new but when I went to have a look they were all rubbish. See my original post. We only have a Currys locally but they had a wide range of different makes and all the same. Tiny ovens, advice to buy an oven thermometer if I wanted to know how hot the oven was. Put in a thermometer (looked at them online - even less room in oven!) The spare part to fix it is less than £40. It is a damn good, solid cooker. All it needs is this new part.

I have looked online but even with the pictures it is impossible to see what I would actually end up with. Probably something fit only to heat up a ready meal like the ones I saw at Currys.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 15-Apr-2019 12:35 Message #4738655
The oven thermomoter I had melted. Is it a built in oven or is it free standing? Do you have any independent gas or electricty fitters who will come and do it if you order the part? I have the same problem with looking at stuff online and Curry's only keep a fraction of what they sell in store, I asked one guy what the point was of them having a store if 9 times out of 10 I could only get what I wanted online? He didn't seem to understand the question.
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 15-Apr-2019 12:44 Message #4738657
I would suggest looking on the Gas Safe register online to find a local gas cooker repair person first if you want to go down that route.
Of course, you are assuming the FSD is the problem, you are probably right, but a gas fitter may find other issues, on inspection.
Like I said, I hope you have better luck than I did when trying to find someone to fit a gas cooker - I thought it would be a doddle, but most are not interested in small jobs where they don't know what they are getting themselves into. That's despite every one I contacted, listing gas cooker repairs and gas cooker installation on their company profile...
SQL  Male  Devon 15-Apr-2019 13:07 Message #4738663
Possibly a long shot but it may be worth contacting your nearest 'Men's Shed' group. For those that don't know, 'Men's Shed' are an organisation that links men together to increase social contact. Think of a WI for men and you are in the right area.

The members have many and varied skills and some would welcome the chance to use their former skills in a good cause.

I don't know where precisely you live but have a look at "", there is a search facility and there are a few telephone numbers you could try.

You could also try your local 'freecycle' site and ask for help, someone may have an old cooker with the required part sitting in a garage somewhere.


(If it were me I would jam the dodgy FSD wide open, your cooker would work as normal but it would be unsafe to leave for long periods.)
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 15-Apr-2019 15:05 Message #4738670
I would also suggest freecycle as you get quite a few cookers on there.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 15-Apr-2019 16:43 Message #4738685
I found a repair company online who say age of cooker is not a problem. Have spoken to their engineer who is tracking down (if he can) a suitable replacement part. I found one on a website but he says sometimes websites tell porkies about suitability because a sale is a sale. I can believe that.
Fingers crossed.
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 15-Apr-2019 22:39 Message #4738725
" sometimes websites tell porkies about suitability because a sale is a sale. "

i would doubt that because if they supply the wrong part then they are liable for return postage costs.
sounds like "trade b/s" to me !
Aely  Female  Hampshire 20-Apr-2019 13:39 Message #4739001
I have tracked down what appears to be a genuine part. Hope so as the price is 3 times that of the knockoff. Engineer will come when the part arrives in a few days time.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 22-Apr-2019 06:55 Message #4739045
You seem to make life very difficult for yourself Aely.

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