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Is the colour

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 13-Apr-2019 01:23 Message #4738539
On a train journey the other day it passed alongside woodland, with the sunshine breaking through the trees it lit up patches of greenery. In the light it looked beautiful, I quite like green as a colour.
What does anyone else think about colour? do you have a favourite? and if so, is there a reason it's your favourite?
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 13-Apr-2019 08:28 Message #4738540
Green has also been a favourite of mine. I had a car which was British racing green which I thought was spectacular but I kept getting told it was an “unlucky” colour for a car.
Clothing .. black .. makes me look slimmer :)
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 13-Apr-2019 08:40 Message #4738541
I prefer to look at the colour green on lawns, trees, bushes, flowers anything nature. Not keen otherwise. Having said that maybe the odd green here and there in the house. It also depends
on what shade green it is.
Sea  Female  Essex 13-Apr-2019 09:01 Message #4738543
I love purples, lilacs, mauves etc. but also various shades of greens, blue/turquoise, brown/beige. Definitely not a red, yellow, orange or pink person, although in minute amounts in a pattern with the predominant colours maybe? Happy to see any wild flowers and love poppies for example but then so much green all around. I also enjoy walking through woodland and seeing the sun glimmering through the trees. No idea why I have a preference for some colours to others though; I just do.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 13-Apr-2019 09:31 Message #4738547
White .. purity :)

White never used to have so many shades as it does today in paints.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 13-Apr-2019 10:17 Message #4738549
Yes, green is a fab colour but I wouldn't stop there. I love the Spring colours, the white of the snow drops, the yellows of gorse, daffs & primroses to name but a few.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Apr-2019 10:38 Message #4738552
Like Sea Urchin I like earth and sea colours and pink as long as its not sickly Barbie pink or magenta, I wear lots of greens, blues, greys and browns with mauves and purples. I do have some deep reds, but they're on the blue end of the red spectrum, almost berry reds rather than the brick reds and orangy ones. Yellow can a nice colour for walls and is good in the garden but not on me.
tumbled  Male  Gloucestershire 13-Apr-2019 12:21 Message #4738564
Certain colours are good for certain things.

Your mindset comes to associate colours with objects, so it can be strange seeing colour you aren't expecting.

If I crack an egg, the there is the 'white', which isn't actually white yet, and the yellowy/orange yolk, but if I cracked that egg, and the 'white' was blue, and the yolk was green, it would freak me out.
leogirl  Female  Essex 13-Apr-2019 14:35 Message #4738567
I like the colour red, orange, yellow in all it`s shades and combinations. Just thinking of a blood orange makes my mouth water!
Navy blue looks safe, smart and business like , but is a bit boring and imagine eating some navy blue cheese or fish... yuk!
I like the colour green in nature, but for clothes it has to be a very muted soft green in combination with greys and soft browns.

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Apr-2019 18:39 Message #4738573
I should think it would TW, it would be a signal that there was something very wrong with your egg and that it might not be safe to eat.
vanman  Male  Cambridgeshire 13-Apr-2019 19:02 Message #4738576
The 'widow woman' has recently bought a green coat, been looking for one for ages apparently, she thinks it's wonderful! To me it's a three quarter length anorak!! (The coach holiday brigade type) lol.
Coupled with her black trousers, she looks like a bush walking down the street!!!
leogirl  Female  Essex 13-Apr-2019 23:21 Message #4738583
A few years ago, perhaps decades, I spent quite a bit of money on a canary yellow lady suit- pencil skirt and a short fitted jacket. I thought I would impress the other guests at the wedding and I was VERY pleased with my choice of outfit until...
my brother started humming that song about a yellow bird , high up in a banana tree...

Eljer  Male  North London 14-Apr-2019 14:01 Message #4738611
Ive allways loved purple, i had purple wall paper when i was 13 .. and i was a deep purple fan, so there you go.

But saying that, my face and balls are glowing in a bright pinkish colour ... i quiet like it.

Think im eating to many prawns...
Aely  Female  Hampshire 14-Apr-2019 15:20 Message #4738615
My school uniform was bottle green. Skirt, jumper, socks, coat, even knickers. I hate bottle green. Working for the ministry most office buildings were painted in a combination of puke yellow and bilious "leaf" green.

The fresh green of newly opening leaves is much nicer but sadly doesn't last as they collect dust and other pollution..

Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 14-Apr-2019 15:59 Message #4738617
I like yellow. And shades of yellow. I find it grabs the attention to look at it. Like maybe the perfect yellow of a single buttercup, or daffodil. Have some beautiful yellow roses in the garden. Not in bloom yet.

I also ike the different shades of green in the country. The fields and hedgerows etc.
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 6-Jul-2019 07:51 Message #4743888
Green's the colour of the sparklin' corn
In the mornin', when we rise ...
mancers  Male  Greater Manchester 6-Jul-2019 08:03 Message #4743890
I wouldn’t go as far as wearing green clothes , but it is a good colour for the countryside, this green and pleasant land.

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