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How do tou get rid of


NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 9-Apr-2019 19:16 Message #4738326
Today a nutter started talking to me, I was polite.
Fortunately I had the perfect excuse, had to put a ticket on my car.

How do you get rid of Nutters?

Online and real life
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Apr-2019 10:51 Message #4738361
Online is easy you can block them, in the outside world it depends on what sort of nutter they are, if they're harmless then I just chat to them for a bit and then give a reason for having to go, sometimes I pretend to be crazier than they are to make them go away, sometimes I just leg it
Minnie-the-Minx  Female  Hertfordshire 11-Apr-2019 23:27 Message #4738480
They're usually trying to get rid of me.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 11-Apr-2019 23:50 Message #4738481
Its when they walk up to you, a total stranger, tell you what medication they are on.
Then ask what medication you are on?
Then when you say none, you hit bizarre.

Last one I met.

I can do a somersault, watch me.
Then I say no, and he says, why are you not doing one.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 12-Apr-2019 07:16 Message #4738483
I’m told I have a miserable face which seems to be my default look. Nutters,and even Big Issue salesmen, avoid approaching me!
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 12-Apr-2019 11:10 Message #4738493
png, you must have "resting bitch face", when your face in in repose, because you're minding your own business you look like a thundercloud, I have the same, I often get told to 'cheer up love, it may never happen', which is pretty much guaranteed to make my blood boil.

Wow you have some really "good", nutters round your way!
JohnE  Male  Flintshire 12-Apr-2019 12:06 Message #4738499
Whenever someone said to me cheer up,I used to say my Dads just died,They never knew what to say
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 12-Apr-2019 14:30 Message #4738505
I have a "resting bitch face" ? Thank you very much that must have scuppered any chance of a date on here haha!!!

I'm guessing that is the case though especially when I'm driving and people think I'm angry! Sorry it's just my face.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 14-Apr-2019 20:43 Message #4738634
I think you have a pleasant enough face, PNG, although the representation showing on here is perhaps a little blank?
"Nutters" are often people who usually get ignored, feel isolated and approach the first person who looks like somebody they can communicate with. Provided they are not of the total loony type, a bit of friendly (i.e. non-hostile) communication, a smile and a courteous "excuse me" and they go on their way feeling better. about themselves.
NotHermit  Male  Derbyshire 14-Apr-2019 20:59 Message #4738639
Top reply Aely, I was nice and polite to my nutter, and stopped him doing a somersault on tarmac.
persona_non_grata  Male  North London 15-Apr-2019 08:35 Message #4738644
Thank you Aely :) .. although I do have an unapproachable demeanor I would never be rude if cornered by the local "friendly character"
HotOrWot  Male  Lancashire 15-Apr-2019 15:06 Message #4738671
All the nutters I meet are friendly!
Andromeda  Female  Berkshire 15-Apr-2019 16:43 Message #4738684
I enjoy talking to strange people. Maybe I'm strange.
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 15-Apr-2019 20:01 Message #4738705
I like nutters too. They are usually nice people.

Takes one to know one?

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