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I was choked the other day...

brisinger  Male  Lancashire 7-Apr-2019 00:26 Message #4738156
Coming from a market town I've always done most of my weekly shop on Bury Market. Me and my Mother have always been regulars. Recently my Mother has developed Alzheimer's so I tend to do the weekly shop alone myself nowadays being the primary carer. I was rather touched the other day when one of the stallholders from Brandwoods noticed me coming in and asked how my Mum was because he'd noticed I was coming in alone now. I've always thought of myself as just one of a number on a Market that gets customers coming in coachloads from all over UK. Evidently it's not the case. As regulars we always got money knocked off our weekly shop on larger spends and I find it quite humbling that he took the time out to come across the fish & meat market section just to ask after her. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if we had more people like that who spent just a few minutes out to think of others and do these little acts of kindness.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 7-Apr-2019 09:16 Message #4738163
Looking at how many people voted your post excellent bris. I'd say many people agree with you...ok, it may seem only 5 or 6 but I'd say that's a lot on here. I'm a great believer in the power of 'small talk' for want of a better phrase and glad it made your day better.

Have a good one today also bris.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 7-Apr-2019 09:39 Message #4738164
Totally agree with you.
so few people today give a toss about others, or when they ask really dont want you to say anymore other than "not bad"
So when you get someone like you have mentioned who genuinely cares it restores a little faith in society.
Unfortunately the local stores near me where you got a lovely welcome and little chat have closed so have to use supermarkets.
That has had an affect on my mum who no longer pops to the shop...the only one left is her hairdresser..
Glad you still have that
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 7-Apr-2019 11:34 Message #4738168
Mum and I go shopping every week and call in at the library where we have a chat with the staff as well get books, one week mum wasn't with me and when they saw me on my own they all cried out 'wheres mum?'. Its the same in the other shops we go to, we sort of now the staff and chat with them, I suppose with both mum and me having worked in shops we know how often you get treated as part of the furniture rather as a person. I think it makes a huge difference to talk to people, they do remember you as a long time customer, I think small acts of kindness and just old fashioned curtessy make the world such a happier place.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 7-Apr-2019 11:52 Message #4738173
When I worked in central London back in the 70s I used to go to Berwick Street Market in my lunch hour to get veggies for my evening meal. I would pop in the cafe and pick up a cuppa for a couple of the stall holders and never went away without a bag of grapes, a few apples or similar thrust into my hand although I never expected it. Nice folks.

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