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Things you used to

hear but no more

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Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 5-Apr-2019 12:39 Message #4738071
Im not well at the mo so am think back about various things.

When I was a child off school sick, on a summers day you could just hear the sound of school kids on break time if it was quite and no traffic .
Also we used to hear the sound of the wind tunnel which had a strange comforting sound.

Where i live now, until the idea of texting flood alerts we used to have the air raid warning thing ( forgot the name...) screeching out and at testing times 4 times a year.
Also fog horns at sea, which we dont have any more.

these are ramblings of a poorly me ,
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 5-Apr-2019 12:40 Message #4738072
ps yes I do note the spelling mistakes... ooops
Judance  Female  Berkshire 5-Apr-2019 13:52 Message #4738073
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I hope you feel better soon.

Being rather ancient, I remember hearing the cries of the Rag and Bone man ( and I don't mean the singer) when he came round … I think he had a bell too. He would give us a 'donkey stone' for our bits and bobs. This was a chunk of white rock that we used to edge the step once it had been mopped.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 5-Apr-2019 14:21 Message #4738078
Darn it Judance...I was going to say that...the other thing I remember but don't hear now was the ice cream man, ours had a bell he used to ring when he came up. The one I miss most though is my granny saying 'go play outside will you', though she would say it in a lovely Yorkshire accent.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 5-Apr-2019 14:34 Message #4738080
We still have the ice cream van at weekends...

No rag and bone man, but recently have a van with megga phone calling for old iron.

WE used to have the strawberry van in summer...shouting RIPE STRAWBERRIES, GET YOUR LOVELY RIPE STRAWBERRIES.

Another sound, trains in the distance ,,,
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 5-Apr-2019 14:39 Message #4738081
The gentle whirr of an electric milkfloat and the clinking of glass bottles on the doorstep in the early morning hours as a new dawn breaks. The sun a mere pale haze in an ink blue sky as the excitement of a new day beckons...
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 5-Apr-2019 14:46 Message #4738082
Ohh yes forgot about the milk float
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 5-Apr-2019 14:48 Message #4738083
Now THAT I'd forgotten about heirophant...your description stirs some good memories, thank you.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 5-Apr-2019 14:50 Message #4738084
Ah, the sound of the milk float, and clink of the bottles on the doorstep.

The note in the bottle the night before for an extra pint, sometimes fresh orange juice, and he sold eggs. And getting to the gold top quick before the birds could peck the lid, to get to the cream! Which you bagged first, to put on your cereal.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 5-Apr-2019 15:05 Message #4738085
Extra extra, Read all about it
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 5-Apr-2019 16:04 Message #4738087
I have the milk float and it delivers to me, at around 5:45 am. Creamline Dairies.
I would buy raw milk but too far to travel.

I also have the rag and bone man, but he jaunts around in a white truck with a tannoy asking for iron.

I live up North remember!
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 5-Apr-2019 16:06 Message #4738088
2nd thoughts,

...and to really show my age.

Does anyone else remember the fire service using the obsolete sirens from the war?

It was a common occurrence in the late 50's.
flowerpotman  Male  Dumfries and Galloway 5-Apr-2019 18:54 Message #4738096
Yes I remember the sirens during the war our house was too far away from the air raid shelter and my mother used to take me under the kitchen table. we had 5 houses bombed in our street one opposite to us and I also remember a German plane crashing into a house near us.
later we lived in a village and the siren used to go when there was a fire it was on top of a small shoe factory and it went to alert the firemen who were part timers and as we lived opposite the fire station we could see the firemen arriving on their bikes. Happy Days!!
Judance  Female  Berkshire 5-Apr-2019 22:34 Message #4738109
Milk float?? … I remember the farmer delivering milk with a horse and cart.
He had the milk churn on the cart and we had a metal can to put out on the doorstep. He would ladle out the milk.

The noise was a clip clop of the horses hooves and the snorting of it's breath in the morning air plus the 'aye-up' from the farmer as he told the horse to move on. The horse knew exactly where to stop next.

Feeling my age now …. :-(

fosy  Male  Leicestershire 5-Apr-2019 22:42 Message #4738110
"The gentle whirr of an electric milkfloat and the clinking of glass bottles on the doorstep in the early morning hours "

or, when i was a milkman...
the high pitched whine of an overstretched motor and then the sound of around 120 bottles crashing to the ground as the corner got tighter and tighter...

oops !
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 5-Apr-2019 23:00 Message #4738113

there were still a couple of milkmen at the depot who used to have a horse and cart, and its true that they knew every stop.
the horse came into its own at xmas, as the milkman would often be "three sheets to the wind" but the horse would get him back to the depot safely !!
Blue-Poppy  Female  East Yorkshire 5-Apr-2019 23:39 Message #4738116
All the things already mentioned and we still get the rag and bone man around sometimes yes the one with the horse and cart as well.

The fog horns on the Humber Estuary and still had one until a few years ago.

The bread-cakes van on Sunday morning and the ice cream man on his bicycle cart ringing his bell.

We had a street cleaner you had trained as an opera singer, hit bad times but still sang as he swept, he'd a wonderful voice. Men whistling either as they waked around or worked.

There was a newspaper seller who used to shout what I always thought was 'Lost his shoe nail' - actually discovered years later was 'Last Issue Mail'.

The thing we miss the most was 'radiator buzzer'. Ideal Standard sounded a buzzer to call the workers into the factory, they sounded at five to and twenty five past the hours as a warning and again five minutes later to ensure all were at the work stations. As kids we always knew the time and mum would say 'in for dinner at 12 and tea at 5-o-clock' - we were never late.

On a slightly different topic, the smell from the fish dock meant it was going to rain and I was frequently sent outside to see if it was going to rain. We never thought it was unusual, it was just part of life.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 5-Apr-2019 23:42 Message #4738117
The steam train. I remember going to (boarding) school on the old steam train from Victoria, with the clackity clack type sound, and carriage compartments with a corridor down one side. Running up and down the corridor in grey uniforms and being a nuisance. That was in the late 50s-60s.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 6-Apr-2019 04:39 Message #4738119
Sleep eludes me, it's no good eating a full packet of biscuits with a pot of tea just before bed. Although, it does put me in mind of having plain biscuits as a young 'un.
I remember those trains Gilpin, loved the seperate compartments, especially when there was hardly anyone on the train and you could choose which to sit in.
Gilpin  Female  Middlesex 6-Apr-2019 10:47 Message #4738127
Shorter queues ... good
shorter choice of takeaways … not good
barney  Male  Surrey 6-Apr-2019 13:12 Message #4738129
When I was about five living on a farm in a small village in a isolated part of Somerset there was no traffic noise because it was rare to see a car. No noise from aircraft.
What you did hear was birdsong or on a hot sunny day insects buzzing, especially around the pond. Occasionally the sound of the hooves of the shirehorses making their way along the road because although there were tractors some farmers still used horses.
Funny how over the years we have got used to never ending noise.
tumbleweed  Male  Gloucestershire 6-Apr-2019 13:34 Message #4738130
Another milk related one. I think they are still around, but I haven't seen or heard one in use for years and years.

A porcelain milk rattler, that you put in a pan with the milk, and it rattles when the milk boils. I think some places sell metal ones nowadays, but we used to have a porcelain one when I was a kid.

With microwaves and things, I haven't used one for about 40 years or so.
Eljer  Male  North London 6-Apr-2019 23:12 Message #4738153
Boom Boom Boom Esso Blue.
brisinger  Male  Lancashire 6-Apr-2019 23:48 Message #4738154
I love the fact that Bury Market still shout their wares and the stall holders rib each other. If I'm feeling a bit down it somehow lifts my spirits soaking in the whole emotion and atmosphere. They don't say 'may I help you', they still say 'Yes, luv' instead but most of all fruit and veg are still sold in paper bags, some home grown as well. Something that is sadly missing now across most of the UK.
Bewildered  Female  Norfolk 7-Apr-2019 09:46 Message #4738165
Would the trains I could hear be diesel ? they made a derrr derr sound lol

sadly are market has almost disappeared and will probably be gone within couple of years if the councils plans are carried out.
I remember the crockery stall...and Alf the Purse KIng shouting their wears...they used to get huge crowds listening to the banter,,
happy days

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