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There are things other people do

that I look at in wonderment

wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Mar-2019 11:52 Message #4736377
I guess we all have things we can just "do", and things we can't, it was a constant source of surprise to others, when I was learning hairdressing that I could cut so well, but give me some curler's and I was hopeless. Likewise with any sort of "up do", hair pins would look at me and go PAH!

I watch others draw, the shapes coming out of their pencil with such ease, I try and it looks like Picasso on LSD, a friend couldn't understand how I couldn't draw, when I asked her how she did it, she said she just did?

I can't understand how people can't look at something or a group of ingredients and not know how its going to taste. Others look at me in wonder that I can.

I'm in awe of neat fingered people, those like my mum who can sew tiny little stitches and create beautiful embroideries, I end up having to unpick it so many times the material falls apart.

How can people not be able to sing? How can they be so tone deaf and why are tone deaf people so loud when they do try and sing? But how can others just hear a piece of music and play it, singing was my only musical skill.

What aboiut you folks, what can you just do and don'tunderstand why others can't and what can't you do, no matter how hard you try?
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 2-Mar-2019 12:41 Message #4736380
HI WH ... I can't sing ...i'm tone deaf lol but i have a couple of hearing problems. The nerves that conduct high pitch noises in my ears are kaput so (luckily for me) I don't hear them. Babies crying in my ear problem :0) I also have 'glue ear' so every few months i go totally deaf in my right ear and partially deaf in my left ear singing for me!

I'm like you with food ...just have a knack for knowing what will and won't go together.

I wish i was musically talented though, I have a serious admiration for musicians.

I don't understand why people find teaching/being around special needs children so difficult ... it comes so naturally to me. I don't understand why some people need to ready the cooking directions on a ready made product either ... i can smell when it's done to perfection.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Mar-2019 15:47 Message #4736392
I find being around some special needs children difficult, I'm just not patient enough, I could teach adults who chose to be educated, but not youngsters, again its lack of patience. But if a young person came to me and asked me to teach them to cook or grow veg or something I'd be on it like a shot, there has to be a similar passion in them as I have for my subject.

I can understand that Clocky, you have a reason for it, but tell me, if you do attempt to sing, are you very loud?
BunnyGirl  Female  Buckinghamshire 2-Mar-2019 16:34 Message #4736396
I can sew and knit but cannot understand why some people hold their knitting needles awkward.
I hold one needle in one hand and the other in the other hand Thus one needle in each hand. Ok lol
Then take the wool with your right hand pulling wool around the stitch without raising your hand to
pull the wool around first stitch and each stitch thereafter. You do not need to take hand off thr
needle thus you will then be able to knit faster.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 2-Mar-2019 17:57 Message #4736397
I used to feel uneasy with send children despite getting on fine with a cousin with downs. Absolutely fine with them now to the point where I would choose to work with send children given the choice.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 2-Mar-2019 18:21 Message #4736398
I can't knit like that Bunny, I guess I'm what you'd call an awkward knitter, the thing I can't do is crochet it always ends up flouncy.
Clocky  Female  the West Midlands 2-Mar-2019 21:52 Message #4736406
WH... I've been told I'm not loud enough when my hearing levels drop. Because everything is blocked my voice sounds really loud to me when others can barely hear me. It's really hard to judge the volume.
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 2-Mar-2019 23:19 Message #4736407
Oh indeed ! How do they do it ?

Starting with a piece of cloth - two dimensional - and almost before you can say: 'Would you like a cup of tea dear ?' - as if by magic they're standing there with that same cloth fashioned to fit their outstanding three dimensional figure and asking you to pin the hem. Shear magic to me.

There is to me, something wonderful about the dressmaker's art that goes way beyond my ability to transform a brace of pallets into a fairly acceptable item of utility in the garden, although it would be fair to say that some artifacts arising from my wood butchery have been allowed to take a place of pride indoors, even though I continue to think of one such item named as 'the dressing plank' - but Hey ! - it fulfilled its intended function and fitted the only available space which was more than could be said for any shop-bought item.

Crocheting I can manage (but how many blanket squares can a feller reasonably use ?), so too with making and mending fishing nets (though a little out of practice just recently), but knitting and producing something that I might have been allowed to wear outside the house and garden . . . forget it!

The physics of sound and the engineering underlying its production, reception and display are things that I have at times actually been paid for - and I do enjoy music on those rare occasions these days when I can hear it, but sing !? - 'He couldn't carry a tune if you gave him a sack to put it in', is among the kinder comments about my ability in that sphere.

Similar to what's been said above, my patience feels limitless when helping people grasp a subject when they want to learn, but faced with a crowd of adolescents of whom 90% don't even want to be present is an experience that once upon a time frustrated me beyond measure - and I think I let it show.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 3-Mar-2019 12:12 Message #4736426
Dress making is engineering, measuring, constructing round awkward shapes and choosing the right materials fo the job, but then I used to make patterns, sometimes deconstructing some thing to see how it was made. I'd have to stich it all together by hand though as using a sewing machine is beyond my skills, I do have a sewing machine, but its spitefull and hates me, others can use it and its great, I sit down and use exactly the same piece of cloth, thread, bobbin and don't fiddle with any knobs and I get a nest of thread underneath.

I can't take a decent photograph either, I've been taught how to do it what lenses, type of camera, lighting etc, and it still comes out blurry, flat and odd looking, mind you, its rare that anyone can take a good photo of me either, light seems to bounce off my face and weird shadows appear that can make me look only vaguely human.

These things above lead onto the biggest mystery of all, my technoklutzness, its range is really quite incredible, I once managed to knock out an entire colleges ability to print anything and I did nothing wrong, the tutor was standing next to me telling me what to do. Its one reason I won't do internet banking, I might accidently crash the world banking system, or just lose all my money. People think that if I try to do something I will find out how to do it, or work it, whatever, all that happens is we both end up frustrated and angry and I can't do/use whatever it was. I'm told its use is intuitive, well I don't know who's intuition but its not mine.

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