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I saw something beautiful today

Aely  Female  Hampshire 28-Feb-2019 20:36 Message #4736333
I have a bird feeder outside my kitchen window and am often treated to the sight of Goldfinches. Such delicate, pretty little birds they look quite exotic, but today I had a special treat, something I have never seen before.

Two goldfinches rose from ground level, dancing together like a pair of butterflies, pirouetting in flashes of gold and black as they slowly rose through the air. It was truly beautiful to see.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 28-Feb-2019 21:10 Message #4736337
What a lovely description.

Bird foods and feeders often show pictures of goldfinches. But they hardly ever came to mine, even with niger seeds.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 1-Mar-2019 07:36 Message #4736345
we, have a lot of them here too Aely - I always grow sunflowers for the seeds - they love them thru the winter
Nemesis  Female  Dorset 9-Mar-2019 09:17 Message #4736648
I don't get any birds in my garden despite having hung a feeder.

Could it be the cat do you think?
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 9-Mar-2019 10:11 Message #4736651
Well Nemesis, you say you've hung a feeder and the very mention of 'cat' provides a good indication that where you've chosen to hang it is where you think it to be safely out of reach. However, it has in the past quite astonished me to witness the heights to which some cats can leap. For that reason, some 'anti-leap' obstruction may well be worthy of consideration.
The feeders in view from where I often sit, hang from the branches of a hawthorn tree, cultivated to take the place of an increasingly ugly metal frame (gone now). As can probably be imagined, while I have to reach fairly high to put feeders in their place, avoiding the lower branches (cat deterrent) does require some care.

Aley has mentioned in other threads that larger birds such as pigeons may deter the smaller (and usually desirable) birds. I sometimes observe magpies perching nearby, but they and the local pigeons do not venture amongst my hawthorn.

And as for goldfinches - tried putting out niger seed a couple of years ago - optimist - but then, I had no reason to suspect there were any nearby.
Ah well - the gatherings of mobs of sparrows, the cautious incursions of tits and the nonchalant robin every now and again seems to be my lot and I'm quite satisfied with what I've got.
Jeff  Male  East Sussex 9-Mar-2019 11:44 Message #4736652
I doubt that you would make the mistake of hanging the cat instead of a feeder,
warmundeft  Male  Wrexham 9-Mar-2019 23:24 Message #4736695
Well spotted Jeff - but then there's nothing like a bit of ambiguity.
And hanging cat ? Pour encourager les autres.
jennifer  Female  Gloucestershire 10-Mar-2019 10:25 Message #4736704
How lovely, Aely, and what an amazing description.

I enjoy feeding the birds that come into my garden. Two hanging bird feeders and a bird table, still don't see any unusual birds come into my garden to feed, but love watching them, especially "my" robin.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 10-Mar-2019 11:28 Message #4736709
When I was out with Monty yesterday walking on the cliff near Holyhead I saw a kestral hovering almost within touching distance as it was watching something on the ground. I marvelled at its control of the air, to be able to stay so still on a very blustery day, I could see it making minute movements of it wing and tail feathers so as it could stay still.
Eljer  Male  North London 10-Mar-2019 15:06 Message #4736721
I saw something beautiful today

And then the sun came out which filled my heart with such joy, the birds were singing and the butterflies were dancing in my heart as i looked at this beautiful bird with curly hair and glasses ;)
barney  Male  Surrey 11-Mar-2019 16:28 Message #4736758
Some days its a job to move in my garden with the amount of birds feeding.

Right now there are 7 Indian Ring Parakeets on the bird feeders jockeying for position amongst the others.
Aely  Female  Hampshire 12-Mar-2019 13:11 Message #4736781
A few years ago we had those hanging about the trees bordering the local cemetery, Barney. I wondered where they had gone. Hopped over the border into surrey it seems.
barney  Male  Surrey 12-Mar-2019 14:31 Message #4736783
In Woking, Staines and surrounding areas there are hundreds of Parakeets and now they are spreading this way.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 12-Mar-2019 19:02 Message #4736801
Are they a nuisance Barney? They look pretty, but I guess they're noisy and possibly a bit destructive.

barney  Male  Surrey 13-Mar-2019 11:37 Message #4736822
They are not a nuisance or destructive at the moment, they feed and leave normally. Sometimes I can hear them chirping in the dark when I am on my way home from the pub.
I know some residents in Woking etc complain there are so many roosting in the trees in the streets that they crap all over their cars.
I should imagine that if they go on multiplying like they are then they will have to do something about them.
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 13-Mar-2019 18:41 Message #4736833
If you get large numbers of any roosting birds then they crap all over the place.

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