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Women's Day

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 28-Feb-2019 10:06 Message #4736288
At the risk of invoking the wrath of various different factions, thought I'd post this to ask if any of the ladies (or men perhaps?) are supporting this event?
We're at a local community centre where there will be women from many different countries and many different religions, it'll be interesting.

Though many will no doubt, and possibly with fair reason, roll their eyes and say "another blummin somebody day", I thought it worth mentioning in case anyone does want to become involved with anything near them...a bit of a reminder.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 28-Feb-2019 10:09 Message #4736289
Sorry, forgot to put the date (silly man) it's Friday 8th March
Beach  Male  Somerset 28-Feb-2019 10:27 Message #4736290
Is that a shopping event similar to Amazon’s Black Friday, Terry?

I could do with a new woman because mine, already recycled from the original marriage, is starting to show serious signs of wear and tear. (I currently have to share her with others so it would be more sensible and hygienic to have one of my own again).

Do I have to wait till 8th March and keep my eye on my local Community Centre or will I be able to order immediately online?
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 28-Feb-2019 10:33 Message #4736291
Damn...wish I'd have thought of that one beach :-)...(supposed to be a smiley there if it comes out)
Thinks to self 'I really do need to get out more'
Beach  Male  Somerset 28-Feb-2019 10:40 Message #4736292
Ha ha. :-)
Hierophant  Male  East Anglia 28-Feb-2019 13:31 Message #4736306
Well I'm a cynical old sod so I will roll me eyes.
I know International Women's day and the Men's equivalent (In November I think) have been going for a few years, so perhaps they have more meaning.
However, I suspect most people do nothing with days such as this, other than add their tuppence worth on twitter about how great it is. To me it's a bit like a man proclaiming he's a staunch feminist, it sounds great, but nobody really knows what it actually means and what he has to do to claim such a prized label, apart from saying it, that is.
Raising awareness is the default answer when you question anyone banging on about these "days" ( today on twitter it's RareDiseaseDay, just in case anybody is interested).
All harmless enough (pardon the pun) but I do think it's how we assuage our need to convince ourselves and others we are doing something good and constructive, when in reality we haven't really done anything, tomorrow will be another day and it will be forgotten.

The recent climate change strike by schoolkids is a case in point - all generated by social media, one afternoon of action and now everybody has moved on.
Told you I am cynical...
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 28-Feb-2019 14:09 Message #4736312
Goodness me, I have never heard of it before... doesnt really do anything for me anyway.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 28-Feb-2019 15:59 Message #4736314
You, cynical, Heirophant?, I couldn't possibly say :-)...(see the smiley again)
I think you're right to a point about such days and campaigns, the media and general public do forget about them very quickly, and yes, there probably are too many of them now - I think the Mental Health Day is coming up a week or two after this one. I can't disprove any of the points you've raised, they're generally valid, however...
some people do feel better for such days because they feel someone is actually listening and trying to help, so I'm ok with that, if it helps, go for it. There are certain 'world' days in my diary for various reasons, this just happened to be one of them.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 28-Feb-2019 18:13 Message #4736319
Since I work at an all girls school I had better include this in my tutor group notices ;-)
JustLyn  Female  Cheshire 28-Feb-2019 22:22 Message #4736343
I was unusually listening to Woman's Hour as I drove to work today.
Just as I was pondering on why can we have a specific gender hour I was captured by some music.
They were playing a excerpt from one Grace Williams, a Welsh composer who in her era, would have struggled because she was a female composer. She has an interesting history.
TheSarcasticOne  Male  Essex 9-Mar-2019 04:20 Message #4736642
"International mens day" . . . 19/11/19

In the future will we have more special days for all sexes, not sure how many their is now?
fosy  Male  Leicestershire 9-Mar-2019 15:50 Message #4736675
Today is International Women's Day. !!!

It was supposed to be yesterday, but they took longer than expected to get ready... ;¬)

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