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Fast Forward to the Dark Ages.

Who needs evidence based procedures when (ex) Dr Wakefield is still around?

Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 25-Feb-2019 22:25 Message #4736157
Fast Forward to the Dark Ages.

"Popularist" politicians are acting as Pied Pipers drawing millions into dangerous Far-Right regimes.
Anti-vax campaigners are leading the massive increases in the outbreaks of the killer Measles, with worse to come.
ALL medications are being presented as life-threatening products of Big Pharma's drive for profits.
Homoeopathy and acupuncture are promoted as suitable substitutes for evidence-based treatments.
Climate change and the science behind its verification are subject to daily onslaughts from those without even the basics of scientific knowledge.
A climate of "Ignorance is Knowledge" and "Knowledge is dangerous to reveal" in a PolPot Dark Age is with us.

How are you fighting back against the tide of glorification of the absurd and vilification of evidence-based policymaking?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 26-Feb-2019 11:39 Message #4736181
Where is this lack of evidence based policy making happening? I agree with you about climate change, I don't think politicians really know what to do about it and how to put the policies forward in a way that the public will find acceptable. I thought all the anti-vaxx stuff was in America? There is evidence for accupuncture working for a great many conditions, you can even do surgery with accupuncture anesthesia.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Feb-2019 12:54 Message #4736189
Dare I mention BrExit as one of the areas of policy having been made with a complete lack of fiscal/economic evidence.

Unfortunately, UK is seeing that evidence writ large as major industrial and financial centres are moving to be under the umbrella of the EU.
A couple of examples:

Financial services firms are preparing to move £800bn of assets out of Britain to Europe as part of Brexit contingency plans, a report has revealed.
EY financial services’ Brexit Tracker said 20 companies had announced plans to transfer assets – chiefly client cash and investments such as stock and bond holdings – out of London before 29 March.
The actual number could be higher: EY noted that not all City firms have publicly declared plans to shift their assets abroad.
The lobby group Frankfurt Main Finance forecast last year that up to €800bn (£72obn) of assets would be moved from London to the German financial hub.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Britain’s wealthiest man and a key Brexit backer, has decided to leave the UK and live in Monaco.
Despite his previous claims that the UK would be “perfectly successful” outside of the European Union (EU), the billionaire has chosen to leave the country of his birth and move to the principality, whose residents do not pay income tax, on the Mediterranean coast.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Feb-2019 13:17 Message #4736190
Yes, US(A) is one of the hotbeds of the Anti-Vaxx movement, probably for a number of reasons, one of the main ones being the presence of the rather rich Andrew Wakefield and his rolling road-show garnering converts and cash as it rolls over rationality.
That's aided by an actual exponential growth of anti-Vaxx propaganda on Facebook.
Anti-vaxx propaganda has gone viral on Facebook.

Measles is seen as the 'medical' equivalent of the miners' Canary as an early warning for outbreaks of vaxx preventable killers:

Measles, which once killed 2.6m people a year before a vaccine developed in the 1960s began to make a difference, is again on the rise. The number of global cases reported by the WHO doubled to 229,068 last year, 82,596 of them in Europe, largely because vaccination levels have stalled, experts say.

Japan battles worst measles outbreak in a decade
Japan is battling its worst measles outbreak in a decade, amid World Health Organisation (WHO) warnings that global efforts to halt the spread of the disease were failing, in part due to vaccine-skepticism.

A measles outbreak has killed nearly 1,000 children in Madagascar, providing a chilling glimpse of how rapidly the disease can tear through a country when too few of its population are vaccinated against it.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Feb-2019 13:34 Message #4736192
wonderoushen Gwynedd 26-Feb-2019 11:39
I agree with you about climate change, I don't think politicians really know what to do about it and how to put the policies forward in a way that the public will find acceptable.
In UK, apart from a few outliers like Lord Lamont, politicians and a majority of voters have accepted the reality of Climate Change. Grudgingly as is the way in Britain.
Popularists and those with 'interests' in the Oil business, especially in US(A) are doing what politicians rather than Stateswo/men do. That's playing to where they think the votes are to get them back into power at the next election.
Meanwhile, the Nordic & Scandinavian countries are forging ahead in developing and marketing CO2 reducing electricity generating systems.
Initiatives which have been advocated and demonstrated for decades by our own

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) Canolfan y Dechnoleg Amgen in Machynlleth (The REAL Capital of Wales)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 26-Feb-2019 18:51 Message #4736210
Is it? I'm sure a lot of Welsh people would be very surprised to hear that.

And don't slag off the dark ages either, they were never as dark popularly believed, it was mostly a lie put round by classicists moaning about the fall of Rome.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Feb-2019 21:42 Message #4736215
Oh, dear. That's depressing news as its establishment gained designation as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
CAT was formed, officially, on 01/01/1973 and I started taking Undergrads from West Yorks there, Trawsfynydd and the Pump storage scheme at Ffestiniog in the late 1970s. What contrasts.
CAT has also established the Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE)

I tend to agree with you about the term Dark Ages referring to the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renascence. Propaganda generated by certain 'interested' parties?
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 28-Feb-2019 11:06 Message #4736296
I think few will disagree with the importance of CAT and its work, but capital of Wales it is not.

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