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There is more that divides us

Than brings us together

terry  Male  West Yorkshire 20-Feb-2019 02:35 Message #4735582
What do you think?
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 20-Feb-2019 08:10 Message #4735586
Wouldn't that depend on which side you want to concentrate on and how you weight the factors?
RAACH84  Female  Buckinghamshire 20-Feb-2019 08:27 Message #4735589
I disagree. I think we all have much more in common than the media reports or the extremists want us to believe. I do believe most of us are "in this together" and that the rich and poor mostly understand the situation of the other. I believe that most people want the same thing in life and wish no harm to others.
The extremists will point fingers at Labour, Conservative, rich or poor and attempt to turn others to do the same but this is for their political and ideological aims and sadly the media thrives on this. Some so-called papers only exist for this purpose.
I'm not looking through rose tinted glasses and I see the evil and the wrong just like everyone else but it is far outweighed by the vast majority of people who see no divide and want no divide.
Nigel_In_Devon  Male  Devon 20-Feb-2019 09:42 Message #4735595
Exactly Raach84 :-)
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 20-Feb-2019 12:45 Message #4735613
I see many divisions, but I don't want any, I think many of the divisions we face are created by people who want power over us, politicians are experts at divide and rule and do little or nothing to build any sort of consensus because they're to busy empire building. We have poor industrial relations because of an us and them mentality which gives massive bonuses to bosses and the people that earn that wealth are on minimum wage. I think we're given false choices by politicians and the like, people arn't stupid they know that theres not an infinite amount of money for public services etc, but somehow we always seem to end up having to choose between bad and bad, whilst those who are saying these are the only choices we have never seem to have to suffer the consequenses. I agree with Raach that there are sections of the media who only seem to exist to create division. I too think most people want the same things from life and its interesting when you bring people from different communities together, they nearly always get along and start to see each other as human beings.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 20-Feb-2019 12:50 Message #4735614
Sorry, W/hen - cant agree with this statement. There are so many people ( inc some politicians) who think we have money trees. here in the UK
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 20-Feb-2019 13:07 Message #4735619
Thing is V, is that we get told there no money trees, until the government of the day wants to do something like give a £1bn bung to the DUP, or pump millions into Leave voting areas with Labour MP's in the hope that those MP's will vote for May's deal. Now theres no doubt that many of those areas need massive investment, but its incredibly cynical and I think wrong, its also very divisive and self serving.
Otb  Male  Dorset 25-Feb-2019 23:22 Message #4736161
Well, being lazy though not having to go further than this site’s series of rooms devoted to conversation, I’d say that we could easily use the following list as a very simple device to ponder if such subjects, generally, bring us nearer together or divide us.

So just look. (Below)

Entertainment (2904)
Birthday Greetings (2323)
Dating and Relationships (3746)
Health and Wellbeing (1104)
Help and Advice (2839)
Members' Meetups (1123)
Men Only (310)
My Life Family and Friends (2870)
New friends start here (190)
Quizzes and Competitions (133)
Religion and Spirituality (135)
Singles Only (199)
Site Matters (1247)
Society, News and Sport (3006)
The Common Room (6564)
The Forum (2141)
The Laughter Room (2124)
Travel Holidays and Meetups (322)

With rare exception, it is clear and easy to see that even by just using the topics or themes of a site like our own, the natural gravity of interaction or conversation quite clearly leads us all to a sense of engaging positively.

I’d be very distressed to experience or even believe that the premise laid out in the O.P’s post could have a shred of evidence to support it.
terry  Male  West Yorkshire 26-Feb-2019 04:15 Message #4736168
It's heartening to see some still feel we have things in common and communication is still possible, I was beginning to worry the divisions were real instead of just in my mind.
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 27-Feb-2019 12:18 Message #4736243
I think we have lots in common, we wouldnt all be here chatting, disagreeing, arguing, making new friends, even dating ( dont forget there have been some marriages, and lots of couplings)if we didnt have things in common. All these liaisons formed through chance comunications on this site.

I find it good and welcoming to be able to pick up the laptop (or whatever) and ask a few questions, make some comments and answer other's questions - all at my finger tips. Whereas here, I could go for days and not speak to a soul, other than my partner who is often over the fields/barns for hours. I dont mind really solitude but its nice to know there are others out there.

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