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Buying a vehicle


Hantslady  Female  Hampshire 16-Feb-2019 16:07 Message #4735404
Hello I am soon looking at buying a used 4x4 have been advised to be very careful though as a lot of these vehicles have been thrashed.
I need a diesel and suitable to tow a pony trailer. Also told to avoid Nissan. Any advise please? Quite like the discovery. Budget is around £5-6,000
wonderoushen  Female  Gwynedd 16-Feb-2019 18:29 Message #4735409
Why avoid Nissan? Lots of people round here have x-trails that they use to tow horse boxes, boats etc. I used to have a Ford Explorer and I'd happily have one again, it was big squashy and comfortable and reasonably economical, I also had a Jeep Grand Cherokee and it was one of the worst cars I've ever had, it was like driving a bath tub and a full bath tub at that, I always felt that the chassis was going to go one way and the rest of it the opposite way. Its economy was appalling something like 12MPG, its computer needed a manual of its own and there was a main key and subsiduary keys, sometimes the subsiduary keys wouldn't do everything they were also programable and would automatically adjust the seat position, mirrors etc, sounds great except we didn't know how to reprograme them and it kept trapping me against the steering wheel as it insisted I'm about a foot shorter than I actually am. I would have to be desperate to drive one again as well as richer to afford the cost. Manthing has a Hyundai Terracan, thats horrid too, it just feels to big, the bonnet is huge, its plasticky and uncomfortable and the tail gate is to low and at 5'10" it nearly scalps me when I go to get my shopping out of it. Also the tail gate dosent' always shut properly, it seems to be a design thing rather than an age thing, but if its not shut it drains the battery down to nothing overnight.
Hantslady  Female  Hampshire 17-Feb-2019 15:53 Message #4735464
A mechanic friend said to avoid xtrail as some been recalled and not built well. I have decided to go with Land Rover Discovery as british and fits the bill for what I need in a vehicle, as I have a pony and may need to tow trailer. I suppose everyone has different views on what they prefer in a 4x4
HonestBob  Male  the Central region 17-Feb-2019 22:12 Message #4735484
I was looking at buying a Nissan X trail for my dad a while back, lots of people in the know, inculding a nissan mechanic told me to avoid them. They rot underneath and some other fault with injectors. The Nissan Navara seems to have chassis problems too, I've known two people who tow diggers that have had issues. Always recommended to get a Navara chassis checked by Nissan before buying one.

I hear good things about the Hyundi Santa Fe, might not be suitable for towing though. I'd say a Shogun/L200 would be what I'd pick.

My Subaru outback is 4x4... terrible on fuel!!!
Victoriana11  Female  Buckinghamshire 18-Feb-2019 09:52 Message #4735493
Ford Ranger - I think its called Style Limited edition. Great for towing Horseboxes, trailers, etc .Good for getting out of mud. Diesel comsumption is amazing 33-37mpg. Very manoevreable, comfortable - can get a lot of tack in it. Has all the built in Satnav, parking thing , cruise control etc. Go and have a look around at the car auctions (commercial vehicles) before buying anything. we have always had Rangers during years of Showing, transporting etc and never once let down. Personally, I prefer the Ford Ranger to Landrover and Range Rover, and we use all of them. Our Ranger is manual.
Good2BWith  Male  West Yorkshire 22-Feb-2019 21:22 Message #4735846
Hantslady 16-Feb-2019 16:07

On 4WDs
If you're considering a JLR - Discovery,
Don't touch a D3
Do think about a low mileage D2
Remember that D4s (Onwards) can be serviced +/ repaired only by those who can afford to run the Computerized analytics services (Main Agents).

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